10 Jelly Nails For An Ultra-Glossy Manicure

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Discover endless possibilities in the translucent hues and playful designs of these 10 jelly nails.

In case you’re not familiar with jelly nails, you’re missing out. This ultra-glossy nail finish is like lip gloss for your fingertips, creating an understated, yet playful touch to your manicure.

The jelly-like effect of the manicure lies in the finish of the nail polish – it’s incredibly sheer with just the right amount of color. Thanks to this, jelly polishes lend themselves to subtle ombre manicures – perfect if you’re a beginner.

For more jelly nail ideas to DIY at home or at the salon, take a look at these 10 trending designs.

10 Cute Jelly Nails To Recreate

1. Sunset Hour

This blend of pink and orange looks exactly like a sunset on vacation, and makes the perfect set for your next trip!

2. Flyin’ High

Motifs like butterflies and bows are going to be very popular during spring/summer 2024; get ahead of the trend with this manicure.

3. Dusk to dawn

The glossy texture of jelly nails lends itself beautifully to glitter and chrome motifs like this assortment of stars.

4. Blue jeans

Blue is an underrated color for nails, but when it comes to vacation manicures – you can’t get much better. Light shades of blue look great on all skin tones, and look great with a tan too!

5. Blueberry Accent

In the same way that blue is not appreciated in the nail art world, fruit nails have the same problem. Rather than doing a full blueberry manicure, an accent nail is the way to go.

6. Birthday suit

Nude nails are always a safe bet, but they can be boring. Rather than going for a plain glossy manicure, go for glitter on top like this stunning set.

7. Cherry Green tea

This super light shade of green works perfectly when paired with the statement bright cherry red design. The slight ombre means the manicure still looks clean and sophisticated while being fun.

8. Ripples of gold

This wine and gold manicure is perfect for the festive and holiday season. The jelly texture keeps the manicure looking fresh and bright, while the accents of gold add opulence.

9. Cherry Blossom

Pretty pastel pink jelly nails with cherry blossoms

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Florals are perfect nails for anyone into the coquette micro-trend which is a trend playing into an Uber-feminine aesthetic. 

10. Boba

The unique pattern and bright colors of this manicure are reminiscent of bubble tea. This would make the perfect manicure for anyone obsessed with the drink!

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