25 Light Blue Nails That Are Too Pretty Not To Try

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Need a playful nail color to wear on your fingertips? Here are the chicest light blue nails perfect for a feminine look.

If you’re an avid TikTok user, you’ve probably heard of blueberry nails, i.e. the viral nail hue made popular by it-girl Sofia Richie Grainge. While the massive popularity of this hue has somewhat subdued since its peak last summer, light blue will always remain a great color to include in your manicure, no matter the season.

If you’re looking for the perfect pale blue design that makes your manicure a bit more interesting than plain polish, keep scrolling to see 25 pretty nail ideas that caught our eyes on Instagram. For ease, pin or screenshot your favorites for your next mani appointment!

25 Chic Light & Baby Blue Nails

1. ocean blues

Nothing says summer more than this baby blue manicure. Instead of going for your classic French manicure try these ocean blue-inspired nails. We love the pale blue backdrop with the baby blue tips.

2. mermaid Magic

Discover your inner mermaid with these shimmery baby-blue nails. Mix it up with smooth blues, and sparkly blue nails to create this gorgeous ocean-like vibe.

3. Baby Blue Glaze

We love the glazed donut trend and even more when it’s combined with baby blue hues.

4. Cheetah Tips

Cue the Cheetah Girls! If you are looking to spice up your baby blue nails, try this feline design featuring alternating cheetah print tips with gold detailing.

5. Daisy Touch

Short light blue gel nails with white flowers

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This nail design combines two gorgeous nail trends, solid baby blues, and daisies. This fresh manicure is perfect for the spring/summer months.

6. Gold Flecks

We love this eye-catching nail design. The baby blues combined with the pale backdrop and gold flakes will definitely keep the eyes busy.

7. sunset Blues

Imagine being able to see the sunset at all times on the tip of your fingers. Well, look no further this nail design! Show your nail tech expert these nails next time and thank us later.

8. Star-Studded

When in doubt add stars to your manicure. Be sure to try this nail design next time you want to add a little fun to your solid baby blue mani. We love the pale French design with the star detailing. So cute!

9. Ying-Yang

Can’t decide whether to go for solid baby blue or solid bright blue nails? Try both! Create this gorgeous contrasting yin-yang-inspired nail with blue hues. This versatile manicure will look good on both short or long nails!

10. Modern French

Another great take on the French manicure featuring baby blue and electric blue hues. The solid baby blue base, combined with electric blue on the tips, makes for a fabulous contrast.

11. mix and match

Can’t decide which nail design you want? Choose them all! This idea is so unique and we love it. Use this manicure as your template and get creative with your baby blues for each nail.

12. Pale Blue dreams

We love this soft and feminine take on alternating solid, French tip and floral nails. While this design is great for everyday wear any time of the year, you could also wear it as part of a bridal manicure – no one said “something blue” couldn’t be on your nails!

13. French florals

We are here for this summery nail trend combination. French manicure, baby blue detailing, and floral decals? This manicure has it all. Do yourself a favor and try this mani next time you are going on holiday!

14. Easy Gradient

When you can’t choose which blue to get for your next manicure, try this cute gradient nail idea. It’s incredibly easy to do at home, too! All you need is 3 to 5 varying shades of blue nail polish.

15. Subtle Ombre

Short white and light blue nails

via @merlinnails

White and baby blue ombre nails are another great idea when you want to combine different shades of blue. We love the light blue combo, with milk whites and gold detailing. So chic!

16. blue florals

Dress up your solid blue manicure with two fingers featuring blue floral nail art. This manicure will have you feeling spring-ready in no time!

17. porcelain blues

Short white and light blue almond nails with flower nail art

via @zhannanails

This manicure is giving us major tea party vibes. We love the porcelain white nails with touches of baby blue in the gorgeous floral design on the middle finger. Such a creative way to combine these hues and make your nails look like real-life porcelain tea cups!

18. Pinks and baby blues

We love the combination of baby blue and light pink for this manicure. The dainty blue dots with the pink base make for an adorable combination. Try these nails if you are going to a baby shower or a gender reveal party any time soon!

19. Neon Squares

This manicure creates a fun twist on the baby blue trend. The neon squares are a great addition and create quite a pop of color!

20. Blue Swirls

Want to change up your classic French manicure? Try this fun nail design, featuring baby blue swirls with dark blue outlining instead of the standard white tips. Another great nail idea to try this summer!

21. Celestial Blues

Cover your baby blue French nails in these celestial-inspired decals. Add blue rhinestones to the center of the star decals to create a three-dimensional look.

22. Double French

Why choose one nail design when you can easily combine two? This manicure features soft blue solids and baby blue French nails. Play around with the colors, in this case using the solid nail color to outline the baby blue French tips.

23. Pink & Blue Aura

Aura nails are all the rage right now. To easily DIY this look at home, paint your nails with a pale blue shade, let them dry, and add pink eyeshadow to the middle of your nails, concentrating the pigment in the center. So easy!

24. Abstract blues

Short light blue nails with lines.

via @nailsbypaulin

These nails are so chic and a great choice for a demure winter nail look. Paint three of your nails light blue, and combine white and baby blue swirls on a nude base on the middle and index fingers.

25. 3D Elements

Cute short pastel blue nails.

via @nails_harbor

These powder blue nails are pure magic. We love the idea of combining a solid pale blue base with dainty gold decals to create an elegant touch to this soft nail design.

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