25 Sage Green Nails That Are Worth Swooning Over

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Looking for a trendy and stylish nail color that will make your hands look stunning? Look no further than sage green nails!

Admit it – green is usually not your first choice as a manicure color at the nail salon. It’s easy to overlook green when you’re surrounded by classic neutrals and fun seasonal colors… and so, we are here to change your mind and introduce you to sage green.

Sage green has quickly become a crowd favorite thanks to its comforting, earthy hue. If you want to experiment with green nails but don’t want to opt for bright hues, this muted green shade is perfect for all seasons (and outfits!).

Below, you’ll find 25 chic sage nail designs that feature everything from minimalist nail art to gold accents and boho elements, perfect for any personal style.

The Best Sage Green Nails To Recreate

1. Green Leaves

A leafy design pairs perfectly with sage green polish and is ideal for the spring and fall months! The nude nails are decorated with a simple white leaf design, while the sage green nails are finished with a glossy top coat.

2. French tips

We love the combination of the block color sage green nails with the nude nails, finished with green French tips. This simple and minimalist design perfectly suits any occasion, all year round!

3. White Foliage

Cute short sage green nails with flower nail art

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This stunning manicure features nude nails decorated with a sage green blur of color and a white, leafy branch, creating a beautiful spring aesthetic. Keep the leaves to two nails and finish off the look with sage green polish.

4. Green + Pink

Pink and green are one of our favorite color combinations, particularly this neon pink and sage green design. The green has been layered over the top of the pink polish in an abstract shape to make each nail its own little work of art!

5. Little Daisies

Pair your sage green nails with nude nails, decorated with dainty and delicate daisies for a floral manicure that is ideal for the spring and summer months. This manicure is so pretty and a great way to add a pop of color to your look.

6. Cherries

This faded sage green color is just gorgeous and looks stunning in the sunlight! Two of the nails have been decorated with sparkling mini cherry motifs, which really pop against the pale green background.

7. Green + Gold

The abstract designs in this manicure ensure a striking look, while the addition of gold adds a glamorous touch! The nude nails have been decorated with a sage green French tip and an abstract, wavy design to create a unique and playful look.

8. Gold Sparkles

Adding flecks of gold to any nail design automatically gives a glam and luxe look! This nail design is unique, with the sage green and gold sparkles framing the nail, while the center is left bare. The manicure has been finished with a matte top coat for a soft look.  

9. Plaid Pattern

Mix your block color sage green nails with a nude French tip design and fun plaids to create a striking manicure. Here you can see the glossy nude nail has been decorated with stripes of white and green to give the nail a plaid pattern – so much fun!

10. Sparkles + Sage Green

Add a little more glamour to any simple nail design by adding thin lines of glitter for a sparkling finish. This minimalist manicure with sage green French tip and waves of color at the side of the nail has been finished with a glittery touch!

11. Black Branches

The soft sage green polish is punctuated by striking black branches and leaves, blooming from the tip of the nail. The rest of the nails are painted in sage green and feature little gold specks to add a little extra sparkle.

12. Delicate Polka Dots

We love the waves of sage green that add a little touch of color to the glossy nude nails in the manicure. The edge of each wave is decorated with tiny shimmering silver polka dots, adding another eye-catching design element to this beautiful manicure.

13. White Florals

Pale pink and sage green match perfectly, as you can see from this manicure, while the painterly white flowers add a summery, feminine touch to the nails. This design is ideal for the spring and summer months and would be perfect for any special events.

14. Black, White + Green

If you are looking for a bolder design, why not go for this black, white, and green manicure? This manicure features a range of designs, including a green French tip, a white nail with black flecks, resembling a cow print, a sage green nail, and a pink nail decorated with black and green abstract shapes – so unique!

15. Shades of Green

The different shades of green used in this manicure give it a fresh, springtime look that is just so pretty! The two central nude nails have been decorated with stripes of green on one side, starting with dark green at the outer edge, light green in the middle and then finishing with white to create a faded design.

16. Simple Sage green

For a minimalist, paired-back look, just go for simple shorter square nails with a pale sage green polish, finished with a glossy top coat to create a beautiful, classic manicure that always looks stylish.

17. Green + Silver

Add a little more glitz to your manicure by pairing your sage green polish with sparkling silver that really glitters in the light! Alternating between green and silver creates a gorgeously glam look that is ideal for any special occasion.

18. Faded sage green + rose gold

This delicate manicure looks stunning and is really unique too. The sage green is more concentrated at the tip and then fades to a soft nude pink at the base of the nails, and then each nail is decorated with a shard of gleaming rose gold foil to add a glamorous finishing touch.

19. Matte Leaves

These nails look more like a beautiful floral fabric than nail art, with the striking white foliage and matte finish. The green nails are the perfect background for these bold and graphic leaves and branches, while the matte top coat ensures a softer finish.

20. Green + Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell nails have been super popular this season, and we especially love the warm brown tones of the tortoiseshell design paired with glossy sage green nails. The layered amber and brown tones of the tortoiseshell nails break up the cooler green shade and ensure an eye-catching look.

21. Leopard Print

A leopard print pattern on your nails is always a good idea, so why not add a little leopard to your sage green nails? This manicure features just a small stripe of a black and brown leopard print design down the side of two nails for a striking touch.

22. Shimmering Silver Waves

Pair your sage green nails with wave patterns to create a beautiful yet simple nail art design. Two of the nails have been left bare and then decorated with waves of green and silver polish to create a stunning manicure that looks perfect all year round!

23. White + Green

The white accents on this manicure make the sage green really pop! These green block color nails have been broken up with nude nails decorated with curving swipes of green polish, finished with a white edge for a sleek and sophisticated look.

24. Sage Green + Forest Green

Mix your shades of green, like this sage green and forest green manicure! The two central nails feature a wave of sage green on one side, and forest green on the other, while sparkling silver stripes run down the center. We love the glamorous and dazzling look of this nail design!

25. Serpentine Curves

This nail art design is so pretty, with a sleek and minimalist look that is so stylish right now. The sage green nails have been paired with pale pink nails, decorated with a white French tip and thin white curved, adding a chic design detail to these beautiful nails.

Have you found your next nail design from this post? We hope you did!

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