30 Best New Year’s Nails To Ring In 2024 In Style

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Ring in the New Year with a sparkle! These gleaming New Year’s nail designs are the perfect way to celebrate.

As the clock ticks down to the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve, you might be thinking about ways to dazzle and shine when the ball drops. While a chic New Year’s outfit is crucial, why not add some drama to your look with your nails?

This year, it’s all about bold metallics, festive colors, glitter, and creative art that reflect the joy of a fresh start. From classic gold and silver sparkles that mirror the excitement of fireworks to intricate designs with stars and confetti, these 30 New Year’s nail art ideas can match any outfit.

The Best New Year’s Eve Nails To Wear

1. Snowflakes & gold glitter

This manicure is perfect for the holiday season, with snowflakes for a wintery touch and gold glitter for a glam finish. Three nails are covered in gold glitter, while the middle and ring fingers have a nude base and are decorated with delicate white snowflakes and gold studs – just stunning!

2. Silver sparkles

Go for a more subtle touch of glitter with these silver sparkling French tips! Each nail has a nude base, then three nails have silver French tips while the ring and little finger are decorated with black sparkles and silver studs for extra shimmer.

3. Star-studded

This simple star design looks incredible and would work for the whole holiday season. Begin with glossy sheer nude nails then add shiny stars all over your nails in different sizes to create a gorgeous look. You could opt for silver, gold, bronze, or rose gold for these stars to make this design your own.  

4. Black & Silver

Short New Years Eve nails with black and silver crystal.

via @thehangedit

Black and silver is the perfect color palette for a New Year’s Eve manicure! These natural clear base nails have been decorated with a crescent sweep of black at the base of the nails and silver sequins creating a French tip for a sparkling finish.

5. gold stars

We love the dainty and delicate look of this gold star New Year’s Eve nail design. Each of the nails has a glossy neutral base, then the middle and ring fingers are decorated with mini gold stars, while the rest of the nails feature a sweep of gold glitter along the tip and down the side of the nail, framed by white polish.  

6. Multicolored Glitter

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to go for something eye-catching and bold, like this multicolored glitter manicure. The nails start with silvery iridescent glitter at the tip that fades out as you reach the nude base of the nail, this glitter is then topped with multicolored sequins that also fade out down the nail to add even more color!

7. Glittery Green

This glittery teal design is beautiful and the perfect way to add some sparkle to your nails for New Year’s Eve. The glossy natural nails feature a teal glitter French tip and half moon at the base of the nail. We love this teal shade but you could really choose any colour to recreate this design.

8. Shimmering silver

Go all out with this gleaming silver manicure this New Year’s Eve! This striking manicure includes two nails covered in shimmering silver glitter, while the index, middle, and little fingers have a pale pink base and are decorated with a V-shaped French tip, with one white polish side and one silver side.

9. Sequined Tips

If you are looking for a more subtle yet still glam nail design, then this sequined tip design is just perfect for you! These nails start with a neutral base and then feature a multicolored glittery sequined tip to add just a little sparkle.

10. Gold & black

This gold and black manicure has a unique and abstract look that we just adore! The index finger is painted with gold glitter, while the little finger has a glittery black base, then the middle and ring fingers have a nude base with drops of gold polish and stripes of black for an artistic look.

11. Black sparkles

These sleek and minimalist nails are chic and perfect for any New Year’s Eve activities. Each nail has a sheer pink base, then the thumb, index, and middle fingers feature a black French tip with a gold stripe, and the ring and little fingers are decorated with black sparkles and gold spots – so stunning!

12. All out glitter

Glitter is a must-have at New Year’s, which is why this all-out glitter manicure is exactly what you need for any upcoming parties! All of the nails have been covered in rosy pink glitter that sparkles in a wide range of colors under the lights for an attention-grabbing look.

13. Shining Stars

Cute short silver New Years nails with star nail art.

via @betina_goldstein

This gorgeous shiny star design is perfect for anyone with shorter nails who is looking for a glam manicure. The nails have been painted with a metallic blue shade and then decorated with shiny gold stars for a stunning New Year’s Eve look. You could even choose a darker shade of blue for a night sky aesthetic.

14. Black & grey

If you are looking for a manicure that is glamorous but not too bright and colorful, this nail design is just what you need. Each nail has been painted with a coat of sheer gold-grey glitter polish to give a wash of color and a little shimmer, then decorated with a black stripe down the middle – so sleek and sophisticated.

15. Shimmer & Stars

We love an opulent, eye-catching manicure for New Year’s, just like these pink and gold shimmer and stars nails. The base of the nails is a gold shimmery polish that really sparkles in the light; this is then decorated with vibrant fuchsia stars for a striking look.

16. Pink on Pink

Go tonal with this pink-on-pink design. The glossy pale pink nails have been decorated with a pink metallic French tip for a glam look, and then decorated with a large pink star that adds a New Year’s Party touch to this manicure.

17. Bejeweled base

Keep it simple with this minimalist, bejeweled manicure. This design is great for long or short nails, just start with a layer of sheer pink polish and then decorate with base of the nail with sparkling rhinestones for that New Year’s Eve look.

18. Silver French tips

These glitter nails have a polished and refined look, beginning with a glossy nude base and then decorated with silver glitter at the tip that fades out as you move down the nail, just to add a twinkling touch. The thumb and middle finger are decorated with white sparkles too.  

19. Half & Half

This half-and-half gold nail design looks incredible and unique too! The nails have been painted with a white sheer matte polish and then the nail is split diagonally and one half is covered in a gold chrome polish, which is so fashionable at the moment. This shiny gold chrome adds a glam touch to these chic nails.

20. Pink & Silver

Short rose gold glitter nails for New Years Eve

via @betina_goldstein

If you can’t choose just one glitter polish, why not go for two?! Each nail in this manicure has one half painted with silver glitter and the other with pink glitter for a super sparkling look and a subtle change in color – you can choose any two colors you like when creating this manicure.

21. Iridescent stars

This mini-stars manicure is so cute and ideal for the whole holiday season, not just New Year’s Eve! The nails begin with a glossy nude base and then are decorated with rows of little iridescent stars that sparkle in a whole range of colors under the light.

22. French tips & studs

Go for a glamorous French tip look with this stunning nail design. The pale pink nails are finished with a shiny, metallic silver French tip and then decorated with rhinestone studs to add even more sparkle to your New Year’s Eve look.

23. Shimmering white

Keep the color palette to a minimum and play around with different designs to create a striking manicure. These nails just feature shimmering white, nude, and pale pink polish and are decorated with French tips and star designs to create a pretty New Year’s Eve manicure.

24. Crystal polka dots

Just add a few rhinestone crystals to your classic neutral manicure to add a glam touch for New Year’s Eve parties. The nails have been painted with a sheer pink polish and then are decorated with rhinestones like little sparkling polka dots.

25. Waves & sparkles

This manicure includes a few different designs to create a beautiful, distinctive nail design. Each nail begins with a glossy nude base, then is decorated with black or gold glitter French tips, black sparkles, or black, white, and gold waves for a gorgeous, glamorous manicure that is perfect for any New Year’s Eve activities.

26. Neutral Glamour

If you often choose nude and neutral nail designs, then this manicure is exactly what you need this New Year’s. The nails have been painted with a glossy pale pink-nude polish and are decorated with a touch of gold glitter at the base or three dainty rhinestones to add extra sparkle.

27. Pink & green

We love this contrasting, pink and green glitter manicure that really sparkles under the lights. Since pink and green are opposites on the color wheel, they are the perfect colors to go for if you want an eye-catching manicure. The pink and green glitter features as a French tip and is included in the black, lilac, pink, and green glitter swirls – just incredible!

28. Stars in space

Cute minimalist New Years nails with gold stars

via @overglowedit

This manicure reminds us of stars in space, making it perfect for New Year’s Eve. The swoop of gold glitter polish looks like the Milky Way, while the gold stars decorate the nails for a starry look. Keep the base neutral to really allow the gold glitter and stars to sparkle.

29. Black French tips

For a darker, sophisticated look, go for this black French tip manicure. The thumb, middle, and ring fingers have a nude base and are finished with a black French tip, while the index and little fingers are painted in glossy black polish. The index and ring fingers are embellished with gold rhinestones for added opulence.

30. Mix & match

You don’t have to choose just one design, you can mix and match a few different designs to create a unique and distinctive manicure. These nails include a gold chrome finger, an iridescent glitter ring finger, and a shimmering pink and gold swirly design on the middle and little fingers for a glam, attention-grabbing manicure.  

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