25 Chrome Nails To Add Metallic Flair To Your Fingertips

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Get the ultimate shine with these stunning chrome nails! This mirror-like metallic nail trend is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your look.

Chrome nails are the metallic nail trend that we want to stay around as long as possible. This gorgeous nail finish gives any old manicure an elevated finish with a touch of chrome powder, and it’s relatively easy to DIY at home if you’re opting for an understated design.

Whether you’re looking to dazzle with a blinding birthday mani, or you’re looking to add a hint of glamour to your everyday outfits, these 25 chrome nail designs are the perfect place to start!

The Most Dazzling Chrome Nails To Copy

1. I’m a Barbie girl

Though chrome is a nail art technique in its own right, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon adding more to the design if you wish. This pink French tip is a great example of how to do it tastefully.

2. Oyster white

Oyster white is a beautiful pearly shade of white with yellow undertones. It’s a perfect, chic alternative to a stark white manicure during the winter months.

3. cosmic chromatic

This cobalt manicure is the perfect example of using chrome in your nail art as opposed to as your nail art.

4. unicorn tears

Unicorns are majestic, like the dreamy iridescent tones of this manicure. Using chrome over pastel-colored nails is a great way to tie in a multi-color manicure like this.

5. bronze bombshell

Bronze is an underrated manicure shade, and though it can be overpowering, using it in small doses creates a big impact.

6. mirror Mirror

Who’s the fairest of them all? The jury is still out on that question, but these nails are the hottest of them all!

7. The end of the rainbow

Chrome over bright colors works just as well as over the subdued tones we’re used to seeing. This is a great rainbow-colored festival manicure for the summer months.

8. glossed

One for all the clean girl aesthetic lovers. This chrome effect over a French manicure creates the illusion of a wet nail and is fit for all occasions.

9. Going for gold

No color can WOW quite like gold. There’s a misconception that a statement nail should be full of intricate nail art, but doing a solid metallic way is an alternative way to honor this trend.

10. Dripping in diamonds

Maybe not dripping in diamonds, but with this manicure, you’ll be dripping in chrome! This technique of carving out a French manicure with chrome is a fun way to do nail art, whilst not going overboard.

11. barbie by night

If you’re a Barbie girl but pastels aren’t your thing, nothing can do what a bit of hot pink does. This non-statement, statement nail proves our theory that sometimes less is more.

12. Life on Mars

Aura nails are still trending, and nail techs are finding ways to incorporate them with other nail art, like chrome!

13. shades of the sea

Using chrome over different shades of the same color takes some of the stress out of finding colors with the same undertone. This is because the undertones will be covered with the iridescent effect of the chrome!

14. Confetti cannon

An ombre French manicure looks a lot more intricate than it is. It’s a perfect manicure to go for to ensure you’re always on trend!

15. Sunrise, sunset

This manicure pays homage to the orangey-pink tones of sunrise and sunset in the warmer months. Though the colors are starkly different, they are brought together harmoniously by the chrome.

16. purple rain

Purple doesn’t get enough credit as a color, but from this stunning bright purple chrome, we can’t understand why.

17. leave a tip

French tips aren’t only for long nails. This pink chrome French tip is even more effective on short nails and looks super funky.

18. mind the cuticle

Cuticle nail art is the next big thing in the nail world. Fair warning to anyone who tries this out, you’ll never go back to a normal manicure again!

19. bronze medal

Bronze is a beautiful color on warm, deep skin tones as the orange undertones bring out the golden undertones of the skin.

20. She’s like a star

If you’re going to do a star nail look, why not fully commit to it and go for chrome too?

21. Seafoam

Seafoam is the space between blue and green, not dissimilar to this manicure.

22. Party in the back

This is the nail version of a “business in the front, party in the back” haircut, and is a nod to the trending cuticle nail art.

23. Golden girl

A gold French tip is perfect for all the girls who have a “night luxe” Pinterest board. This is perfect year-round, particularly if you prefer gold jewelry.

24. Pink party

When one shade of pink isn’t enough, go for all of them!

25. New Moon

Cuticle nail art is dainty enough to still be chic, whilst still being fun and on-trend. This olive green nail look is perfect for the fall months.

Ready to dazzle with your new chrome nails? We hope you are!

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