28 Patriotic 4th Of July Nails To Complete Your Party Look

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Get your nails ready to sparkle this 4th of July with these stunning patriotic nail art ideas! From flag-inspired designs to glittery fireworks, there’s something for everyone.

Though the 4th Of July may seem a long way away, it’s never too early to start planning your party looks, especially when it comes to parties that you’ll definitely attend. Independence Day is one of those, and while you might have your red, white, and blue outfit ready, don’t forget to pay attention to the details that can make your ensemble truly pop.

So, if you’re looking for the final finishes that will tie your look together, here are 28 fun nail designs to try on the holiday.

The Best 4th Of July Nails

1. Stars + Stripes

This 4th of July manicure has a classic and patriotic look, with the red, white, and blue color palette and stars and stripes patterns. All the nails start with a sheer nude base, then one hand is decorated with stars, while the other hand features red, white, and blue stripes to create a stunning manicure.

2. Red, White + Blue French tips

Pair your patterned nails with French tips for a chic and sophisticated touch. These red, white, and blue French tip nails sit alongside a middle finger decorated with stars and polka dots and a ring finger featuring red, white, and blue waves.

3. Mix + Match

If you can’t decide on just one pattern or design, why not mix and match with lots of different patterns? Begin with a nude base and then decorate the nails with polka dots, flowers, cherries, and check prints to create this gorgeous 4th of July manicure. You can also play around with which designs and patterns you choose to make this funky summer manicure your own.

4. Sparkling Stars

Add a touch of glamour to your star-studded nails with these sparkling rhinestones. Each of the nails has a sheer pink base then is decorated with statement red, white, and blue stars and embellished with silvery rhinestones for an eye-catching finish.

5. Cherries + checks

We love this detailed nail design that not only includes a red and white check print and glossy cherries, but also smiley faces, popsicles, and stars to create a striking, patriotic manicure! You can play around with the designs to create a unique manicure just make sure to stick to a red, white, and blue color palette.

6. Picnic vibes

This gorgeous manicure reminds us of a picnic, with the blue and white check print like a picnic blanket on the ring finger and sweet strawberries on the middle finger. The manicure is finished with glossy red nails and a blue and white star print on the ring finger of the other hand.

7. Red + White florals

Summer is the perfect time of year for floral nails but opt for a red, white, and blue color scheme to add that patriotic touch. Start with a glossy nude base then add red French tips decorated with white flowers with blue centers – so pretty!

8. Pastel tones

For a softer, more muted look, why not go for pastel shades for your 4th of July manicure? These glossy red nails sit alongside nails decorated with stars and stripes in muted blue and reds to create a more paired back, pastel look that always looks beautiful.

9. Glittery stripes

The 4th of July is the perfect time of year to add a little sparkle to your nails, which is why we love this sparkling striped design! The nails have a natural base with navy stars at the bottom of the nail and gold and red glitter stripes at the tip of the nail to create an eye-catching, sparkling manicure!

10. Patriotic flowers

Go for a cute and classic look with this patriotic flower manicure. Three fingers have been painted with an elegant pink and white French tip design, while the index and ring fingers are decorated with cute little red, white, and blue flowers. This design works perfectly for the summer months as well as the 4th of July.

11. Gold stars

This gold star manicure has a more subtle 4th of July look, which is ideal if you want something that will look stunning before and after Independence Day. All of the nails have a white base then are decorated with little gold stars to add a glam touch.

12. Stars + French tips

Add some stars to your French tip manicure for an all-American look! Most of the nails have a nude base and a red French tip, except for the ring fingers which are decorated with small red, white, and blue stars to add a patriotic element to your manicure. The matte top coat is a fun alternative to the usual glossy finishes.

13. Pastel patterns

These gorgeous nails include a range of designs in pastel blue, white, and red shades for a softer look. Start with a layer of sheer nude polish on each nail then add checked, floral, stars, stripes, and cherry designs in red, white, and blue shades to create this striking and incredibly detailed nail design.

14. Flag nails

Cute short patriotic nails with stripes and stars

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Why not recreate the iconic American flag on your nails for the 4th of July this year? The middle and little fingers are decorated with red and white stripes, while the thumb and ring finger feature white stars on a royal blue base. Finish the manicure with a glittery red index finger.

15. 4th of July French tips

We love this manicure which includes a different all-American or 4th of July on the tip of each nail. Begin with glossy nude polish and then add red and white French tips decorated with cherries, a check pattern, stripes, and flowers. Polka dots add a fun touch to the thumb and little finger.

16. Navy stars

Go for a more minimalist look with this navy star design. All of the nails have a sheer nude base and are decorated with navy stars and silvery-toned rhinestones to add a little extra sparkle to this polished and refined 4th of July manicure.

17. Abstract waves

This abstract wave design has a unique and artistic look and is bound to catch people’s attention at any 4th of July celebration. The index finger is painted in red and the little finger in blue, while the rest of the nails are decorated with blue and red waves, with a touch of blue glitter at the base of each nail for a little extra sparkle.

18. Neutral stars + stripes

If you prefer neutral nails to bright colors, then this paired-back manicure is perfect for you! These nails have a patriotic look, with the stars and stripes design, but the color palette is kept to neutral pink, white, and beige tones for a chic and minimalist aesthetic.

19. Rainbows + Stars

These rainbows and star nails are just irresistible and so much fun for the 4th of July! The glossy red nails sit alongside nude nails decorated with rainbows, featuring stars, or blue nails decorated with white stars for that all-American look.  

20. Patriotic polka dots

Keep it simple with a patriotic polka dot design. Start with a nude base and add a matte top coat for a unique finish that contrasts with the glossy red, white, and blue polka dots that decorate the top corner of each nail – just gorgeous!

21. Blue on blue

This blue-on-blue design looks incredible and works perfectly for both long and short nails. All of the nails start with a dark blue base and are decorated with lighter, sky-blue stars in different sizes to create a striking and bold 4th of July manicure.

22. Glossy cherries

Cherries are closely associated with summertime and the 4th of July, so why not add some glossy cherries to your nails for the Independence Day celebrations this year? The nails start with a classic nude base and a white French tip, and then have been decorated with glossy red cherries, with their little green stalks – so cute!

23. Flags + stars

We love this stunning manicure that includes a range of patriotic designs and a touch of glitter to add a little extra sparkle to your look. The index finger is decorated with the American flag, while the rest of the nails feature firework-like designs, stars, and a lightning bolt too!

24. Cowboy faces

This manicure includes a range of different designs, but our favorite has to be the cute little smiley faces with a red cowboy hat. These cowboy nails sit along nails decorated with white and blue checks, flowers, and red, white, and blue polka dots – just perfect for the 4th of July.

25. Waves + stars

Pretty short 4th Of July nails with stars

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These waves and star nails have sleek and simple designs and are actually available as nail wraps on Etsy, making decorating your nails for the 4th of July super easy. Most of the nails are decorated with stars, apart from the ring finger which features red, white, and blue waves alongside a little white star.

26. Red, white + blue florals

Go bold with this red, white, and blue floral manicure! Each nail starts with a pale pink base, then features blue French tips, and is decorated with red and white oversized flowers that bloom out from the edges of the nail to create this striking and eye-catching look.

27. Minimalist grey

If you like muted shades on your nails, then this minimalist grey manicure is just perfect for you! The nails are painted with a muted steel blue-grey polish and then decorated with a sparkling silver star in the center of each nail to add a little glamour and a patriotic touch.

28. Patriotic patterns

We love this fun and playful manicure, filled with lots of pretty, patriotic designs! The nail designs include smiley face cowboys, flowers, an American flag, checks, and stars, and you can mix and match the designs you choose to make this manicure your own!

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