25 Fun Fruit Nails To Try If You’re Ready For Summer

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Get fruity with your manicure! From juicy strawberries to zesty lemons, these fruit nail designs are the perfect way to add a playful touch to your summer style.

Fruit nails are an adorable take on the age-old adage “You are what you eat.” Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve; it’s time to wear your favorite fruits on your fingertips!

Whether you prefer zesty lemons, sweet strawberries, or juicy cherries, these 25 designs are a fun way to add a y2k touch to your fingertips.

25 Cute Fruity Nails To Copy

1. Strawberry Girl

The strawberry girl aesthetic was thrust into the spotlight by current it-girl Hailey Bieber. Though she played into the trend with a red outfit, why not literally be a strawberry girl with these nails?

2. Cherry pie

Cherries have long been a trending nail art option as they look cute in all sizes and colors and are perfect for embellishing a French manicure.

3. Berries and cream

Blueberry fruit nails

via @tessa.lyn.nails

Blueberries are a stunning-looking (and tasting) fruit. The different tones the berries come in lend themselves to being the subject of a manicure like this.

4. amalfi coast

If the Amalfi Coast makes you think of lemons, this is the manicure for you, whether you’re headed on vacation or just dreaming of one!

5. Watermelon Sugar

Watermelons are a unique combination of bold, bright colors. It’s no wonder they have been an inspiration for beauty and fashion products for decades!

6. strawberry laces

Rather than mini strawberry motifs, the bold girls can go for a whole berry manicure – literally!

7. orange slices

Any fruit looks super cute in mini form, and this is the perfect example. If your French manicure feels basic, add a motif of your favorite fruit and watch how it instantly amps up your manicure.

8. Avocado is a fruit?

This might just be the cutest manicure we’ve ever seen, and almost makes us not want to eat avocados!

9. Mini groceries

This mini fruits manicure proves our point that ordinary objects when made mini are super cute embellishments to a basic manicure.

10. berry red

Berry red is a super unique shade but looks fabulous on a manicure like this. You can add literal berry motifs or just use the tones – the choice is yours.

11. grapefruit Brunch

Grapefruits are stunning fruits, and though they are usually not favored because of their tart taste, they certainly look sweet!

12. A hint of melon

This watermelon manicure toes the line between a fruit manicure and an aura manicure, which are both super popular at the moment – this kills two birds with one stone!

13. peach Please

Peaches not only look cute, but peach is also a gorgeous color. Whichever direction you take this nail art in is sure to be a winning option!

14. Sour punch

We’ve previously shown how certain motifs can lend themselves to creating a French manicure, just through their natural shape.

15. Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio is a beautiful color in both fashion and beauty and suits all skin tones and hair colors. It works as an all-over nail color or a French manicure.

16. Girly brunch

A 3D manicure is super intricate and can be difficult to maintain, but this is the perfect example of where it’s well worth it.

17. Citronella

Short white and yellow lemon fruit nails

via @ricekittynails

Citrus colors and motifs work well on nail art because while the colors are bold, the shapes are simple and can be added to a French manicure or can take over your whole look like this.

18. Tomato sauce

Tomatoes aren’t really the first fruit you think of when it comes to nail art, but the tomato girl trend has been big on TikTok, and this is a great way to pay homage.

19. Ready to eat

Hot pink watermelon nails with fruit nail art

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This bright pink manicure looks good enough to eat! Watermelons are a perfect summer fruit, and watermelon pink is the perfect color!

20. Daisy field

When strawberries are growing, they first bloom as flowers that look like daisies, which then turn into berries. This manicure tells the story of that journey!

21. Lemonade ladies

This neutral manicure is perfect for all the minimal girlies. Adding in the miniature lemon motifs is perfect for amping up your nail art for the vacation season.

22. Orange fields

White orange fruit nails

Image via @bresheppard

White as a base color isn’t super popular because, though it’s neutral, it still appears as a bold option. Adding on bold nail art over top creates a beautiful look.

23. French Cherries

White french tips and tiny cherry fruit nails

Image via @amberjhnails

For anyone looking for a simple nail art design that looks cute, this mini cherry motif manicure is on trend, but still minimal enough to suit any style.

24. Tangerine Garnish

A chic way to add bold nail art to your manicure is to keep your base color neutral and allow for some portion of it to be exposed.

25. Countryside dream

This intricate, 3D nail art is what cottage-core dreams are made of. The beauty of this design on short nails is that it isn’t overpowering, but still makes a statement.

Which of these fruit nail art ideas was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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