10 Chic Tortoiseshell Nails You’ll Want To Wear This Season

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Discover the perfect blend of warm browns and creamy neutrals in these 10 timeless tortoiseshell nails.

In the ever-evolving world of nail art, trends come and go with the seasons, but some remain favorites that pop back on our Instagram feeds year after year. Think sage green nails for spring, emerald green designs for Christmas, and of course, tortoiseshell nails for fall.

This chic design echoes a retro vibe, giving your fingertips a playful touch that’s undoubtedly more intricate than a regular solid-colored brown manicure. So, if you’re looking to change things up this season, why not try one of these fun tortie designs?

10 Chic Tortoiseshell Nails

1. Blue Waves

Go for an eye-catching look by mixing blue waves with the tortoiseshell design! Each nail is decorated with this brown tortoiseshell design and then finished with a wave of blue, at the base, tip, or along the side of the nail – so striking!

2. A Gold Touch

We love the touch of gold foil that has been added to this tortoiseshell manicure for a glamorous look. The nails have a sheer white base and then the tortoiseshell pattern features in a wave shape through the center of the nail, while touches of gold add a luxe finishing touch.

3. Green + Gold

The dark pine green and gold details really complement the warm brown tones of the tortoiseshell pattern. These nails start with a glossy nude base coat and then are finished off with a tortoiseshell French tip, framed with a stripe of green polish or gold glitter. The thumb and ring finger stand out with their Kelly green French tips.  

4. Tortoiseshell + Olive Green

This stunning tortoiseshell and olive green manicure includes a range of designs to create an eye-catching look. For example, the middle and ring fingers have a green line down the center and half the nail is decorated with a tortoiseshell pattern, the thumb and index finger feature green and tortoiseshell French tips, while the little finger is painted with olive green polish.

5. French Tips

If you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated tortoiseshell look, why not go for this French tip design? Each nail has a sheer pink base then is decorated with an orange and brown tortoiseshell design with a white stripe, except for the ring finger which has a classic white French tip, creating an elegant and irresistible manicure.

6. Amber Tortoiseshell

Keep it classic with this simple amber tortoiseshell design. If you really love the tortoiseshell pattern, then just decorate all your nails with this design – we love the sheer finish on these warm amber tortoiseshell nails that guarantee a polished and refined look.

7. Shimmery Blue

Contrast the amber and brown tones of the tortoiseshell with shimmery light blue nails to create a striking design. The thumb and middle fingers feature the tortoiseshell pattern, while the index and ring fingers are just decorated with a French tip and the little finger is covered entirely in blue shimmery polish.

8. Fall tones

These dark brown nails with a subtle tortie design are just perfect for the fall and winter months! Within the manicure, some of the nails are decorated with rich dark brown and amber tortoiseshell patterns, while the rest of the nails are painted with a glossy cocoa brown polish for a chic fall aesthetic!

9. Pink + white

The tortoiseshell touches add an eye-catching touch to this pink and white manicure. The tortoiseshell design just features on the index finger and a little on the middle finger, while the rest of the nails are painted with white polish or have a classic pink and white French tip design. We love the touch of gold on the middle finger for a glam finish!

10. Gold tips

Gold and tortoiseshell are the perfect combination! This stunning manicure includes three nails decorated with the layered brown tortoiseshell design, while the index and little finger have a sheer nude base and feature a gleaming gold French tip for a touch of opulence!

And there you have it! Did you find your next nail design from this list? We hope you did!

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