About Chic Pursuit

Chic Pursuit is your source for daily inspiration from fashion and beauty to home decor and better living. Our goal is to inspire you to live a better, more elevated chic life, by offering detailed in-depth features, the latest fashion and beauty trends, how-to-guides and more. 

We reach around 400,000 people monthly through the blog and an additional 56 million through social media, mainly Pinterest

Who are we?

Chic Pursuit is run by Maria Julia (@chicpursuitx) and a team of freelance writers, both of whose work you can see across the website. Maria is based in London, UK, and has been working on the Chic Pursuit since graduating King’s College London with MSci in Chemistry With Biomedicine in 2017.

Please feel free to drop a note with any questions, comments, or just a simple hello by emailing maria (at) chicpursuit (dot) com.