18 Zesty Lime & Neon Green Nails For A Pop Of Color

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Get ready to turn heads with these vibrant neon green nails! Perfect for adding a pop of color to your look.

Summer calls for brightly colored fingertips and both neon and lime green nails are here to steal the spotlight. Say goodbye to subtle pastels and muted tones, and try something daring with your summer mani.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails on a sunny rooftop, or just want to embrace some color on your fingertips, neon green nails are the perfect accessory to complement both understated summer outfits, as well as bold and brightly colored looks. To get you started, here are 18 designs worth recreating for your next manicure.

18 Fun Lime & Neon Green Nails

1. Half + Half

These neon green half-and-half nails really make a statement, and we love how the colors lighten over the nails! Each nail begins with a clear glossy base then half the nail is painted in bright green, with a darker shade on the thumb and a pale lime green on the little finger for a faded look – so stunning!

2. Wavy Tips

This wavy tip design looks incredible and is such a fun manicure for the summer months. The base has been left natural, then the tip of each nail is painted in lime green and a darker, neon green wavey line is added over the top to create a striking look.

3. Mix + match

Stick to a minimal color palette and then play around with lots of different designs to create a unique and individual manicure. This neon green and white manicure includes plenty of designs, such as swirls, hearts, flowers, smiley faces, and waves – you can mix and match these designs to create your own, distinctive manicure.

4. A touch of silver

A touch of silver adds a glamorous element to this bold, neon green nail design. The thumb and index finger are painted with neon green polish, then the middle and ring fingers are decorated with a wave of green polish along the side of the nail and embellished with a touch of silver glitter. The little finger is just painted with a sheer nude polish.

5. Blue + green swirls

We love swirly designs in a manicure, just like these blue and green swirls! Three of the nails are covered entirely in this sky blue and neon green swirly pattern, while the index and middle fingers have a nude base and then a blue and green swirled French tip, to create an eye-catching manicure.

6. Embellished lime green

Go for a glam look with this embellished lime green nail design! Three nails are painted with glossy lime green polish, while the middle finger has a sheer white base and a lime green French tip, and the ring finger is decorated with a wave of iridescent sparkling rhinestones through the center of the nail.

7. Green + pink florals

Neon colors and florals are one of our favorite combinations for the summer months, which is why we just adore this green and pink floral design! Nude nails with green French tips sit alongside glossy nude nails decorated with green and pink flowers, that have a striking, contrasting look since green and pink are opposite on the colour wheel.

8. Abstract waves

This abstract wave design has a more artistic and unique look, with curves and waves in white, green, and silver polish that meander and twist over the nude base of the nail. These wave designs sit alongside glossy neon green nails, for a chic and stunning look.

9. Lime Green ombre

An ombre design is a great option if you just want to add a touch of lime green to your nails. This manicure starts with a sheer nude base which then fades into lime green at the tip of the nail. This design would be perfect for the summer month and any vacations you have planned.

10. Waves + French tips

If you are looking for a more sophisticated take on neon nails, then this waves and French tip design is exactly what you need. The thumb and middle finger are painted with neon green polish, while the index and little finger have a nude base and a sleek neon green French tip, then the ring finger is decorated with waves of neon green polish.

11. Hearts + stars

This bright green manicure is just incredible and so unique! Each nail has a neon green base then is decorated with white swirly lines, rhinestones, little hearts, stars, and bows which are surrounded by a white, misty outline, with the neon green design sitting in the center – such a striking design!

12. Cheetah print

Go for a bold look with this neon green cheetah print manicure. Three nails have been painted with glossy neon green polish, then the index and ring fingers have a sheer white base, with a neon green stripe down the center, decorated with black spots to create the cheetah print design.

13. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell patterns are one of the hottest nail trends at the moment, so why not create a gorgeous manicure by combining tortoiseshell patterns with neon green? The nails are painted with a warm amber tortoiseshell design, and then waves of green are added, peeking out from the sides of the nail, adding an eye-catching touch.

14. Green edges

Short square nails with lime green French tips

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For a more subtle lime green, go for this green edges nail design. Start with a coat of sheer white polish then add a touch of lime green polish along the tip of the nail and then down the side to add a pop of colour to your manicure.

15. Hearts + glitter

These hearts and glitter nails are just gorgeous and totally irresistible! Three nails are painted with glossy lime green polish, the middle finger has a white base, decorated with a green heart, then the ring finger is covered entirely in green glitter to add extra sparkle to this stunning nail design.

16. Two-tone tips

We love the striking look of this two-tone tip nail design. Each nail starts with a sheer nude base then the thumb, index, and middle finger have a dark green wavy tip framed by lime green, while the ring and little finger have a lime green tip, framed with dark green to create a contrasting look.

17. Neon green flecks

This green-flecked design is the perfect summertime manicure that will really accentuate your tan. The thumb and index finger are painted in neon green, then the rest of the nails have a pale pink base and are decorated with flecks of neon green and gold foil to add a glam finishing touch.

18. Diagonal stripes

Add a diagonal striped accent nail to your neon green French tips to create a stunning summer manicure! Most of the nails have a sheer pink base with a neon green French tip, except for the ring finger which features a wide stripe of green polish cutting across the center of the nail, embellished with gold foil for a little extra sparkle.

Which of these designs were your favorites? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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