10 Candy Cane Nails To Get You Into The Festive Mood

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Looking for a festive way to spruce up your nails this holiday season? Look no further than candy cane nails! Just like the iconic holiday treat they’re named after, candy cane nails are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to your everyday look.

Whether you prefer classic red and white stripes, bold festive greens, or subdued colors for a wearable everyday winter manicure, there’s a candy cane nail design out there for everyone. So why not give your nails a sweet treat this holiday season with one of these 10 candy cane nail designs?

10 Festive Candy Cane Nails

1. Snowflakes & Glitter

There is nothing like a classic festive manicure to get you into the holiday spirit. First up on our list are these gorgeous mismatched nails. Paint one of your nails in a candy cane design, and save the others for a mixture of red and white snowflake-inspired designs. You will definitely turn heads this holiday season with this manicure!

2. Icy Glitter

This manicure is giving us major Snow Queen vibes. You can easily recreate these glitter nails at home with a little bit of patience and a steady hand.

Use your favorite nude polish, combined with champagne gold sparkles to paint 3 of your nails with solid glitter, and your middle nail with a glitter ombre effect. For your ring finger, use a small brush to paint a candy cane effect with alternating white and gold glitter polishes.

3. Candy Cane French

Channel your inner Mariah Carey with these trendy candy cane French nails. This manicure is so simple yet festive that it will no doubt get you into the holiday spirit.

4. Christmas Tree Inspired

This glittering forest green manicure gives us major Christmas tree vibes. This pine green hue combined with glitter is such a great idea for the festive season. Mix-and-match designs, such as green candy cane detailing, gift-wrapping-inspired nail art, French tips, and solid glitter greens.

5. Gold Candy Cane

This design is the perfect choice for your next NYE or holiday party manicure. Featuring gorgeous festive detailing, these nails will definitely turn some heads. Mix and match dainty white snowflakes on a nude backdrop, with candy cane-inspired details. Use gold glitter polish to elevate this manicure.

6. Minimalist Tips

We love this simple, minimalist nail art for those who do not wish to go bold for the holidays. Opt for your usual nudes and from there add a little white and red dots to achieve this candy cane-inspired nail design. You can easily recreate these nails at home.

7. Snowy Candy Canes

These snowflake and candy cane-inspired nails are the way to go. Channel your inner Mrs. Claus for your next holiday party, and opt for white and sparkly silver detailing for this nail design. While it’s best to go to your local nail salon to get this look, you can order snowflake nail stickers from Etsy if you’re more into DIYing your manicure.

8. Peppermint Paradise

We are obsessed with these candy cane nails. It features solid red glitter on the little finger, red glitter French tips of the thumb and index finger, and two nails with candy cane French-inspired nails – so cute and subtle!

9. Gingerbread Nails

Opt for a red Christmas-inspired French combined with gingerbread and candy cane nail art. Who wouldn’t want little gingerbreads on their nails for Christmas?

10. Mauve Candy Cane

If you are in the holiday spirit, but don’t want to opt for the classic Christmas hues, this mauve manicure has got you covered. Mauve is such a gorgeous wintery color, and combined with these fun designs, it makes for the perfect wintery nails. Mix and match using candy cane detailing, combined with dainty snowflakes and a bit of glitter to get your sparkle on!

Which of these festive designs was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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