10 Gorgeous Butterfly Nails You’ll Want To Try This Season

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Flutter your way into the world of nail art with these whimsical butterfly nails!

Butterflies were a big trend in the 90s and early 2000s and with the rise of 2YK fashion, they’ve come back in style. Think of everything from butterfly hair clips, accessories, clothing with the butterfly emoji, and of course, butterfly nails.

As with many things, the Kar-Jenners kickstarted this trend in 2019 with Kylie Jenner sporting a cute set of pink butterfly nails. Ever since then, the trend has really taken on with many beautiful butterfly-themed nails appearing across social media.

And the best part? You can customize your butterfly nails as much as you want. Looking for a low-key look? Ask for a classic French mani with barely-there butterfly stickers. Want an eye-catching design? Opt for a full-on intricate design.

If you’ve ever looked at your nails and thought they needed a dose of winged wonder, these 10 designs are the perfect place to start.

The Best Butterfly Nails To Try

1. Blue Butterflies

Cute short butterfly nails

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The nude base allows the delicate blue butterflies to really pop on the nail, creating a beautiful finished look. We love the blue wash and watercolor effect on the butterfly wings which adds a dainty, artistic touch.

2. Iridescent Wings

Why not transform each of your nails into a stunning butterfly wing? Recreate the look with intricate black lines, white detailing, and a subtle brush of color for a transparent look. The iridescent finish on these nails looks like the wings are shimmering in the sunlight.

3. Miniature Butterflies

For a subtle butterfly look, opt for these y2k-inspired nails. The tiny blue butterflies perfectly match the abstract swirls and white sparkles, creating an ethereal aesthetic.

4. Fluttering Wings

This is such a fun way to create a butterfly design, in a way that looks as though the wings are moving. The detailed wings are spread across two nails, while the rest of the nails are decorated with a classic French tip.

5. Bold black + nude

This striking black design ensures an eye-catching look, while the tiny crystal embellishments add a glittering touch. We love the sleek and clean black lines that contrast with the glossy bare nails that peek out in the wing design.

6. Blue + Gold

These opulent gold and blue butterfly nails are just irresistible! The gleaming gold chrome base is beautiful on its own, but the dainty butterflies add an extra special touch. These nails would be perfect for any upcoming glam events or special occasions.

7. Sparkling Pink

The black lines of the butterfly wings are perfectly contrasted with the sparkling pink base to create bold and distinctive butterfly wings that really catch your attention. The glitter finish sparkles in the sunlight for an extra special finish!  

8. Butterfly French tips

Keep the butterflies just to the tip with the fun and playful French tip design. The pale green base contrasts with the pink butterflies for a bright and beautiful look! This design works best on long nails so there is plenty of space for the detailed butterflies.

9. Crystal Butterflies

These crystal butterfly nails are just breathtaking. The glossy pink nails have been decorated with iridescent studs that reflect the light, while the ring finger features exquisite 3D butterflies that look as though are just perched on the nail – just incredible!

10. Soaring Butterflies

We love these nails with a range of blue butterflies with open and closed wings that give the illusion that they are flying. To really show off the intricate details of these butterflies, the base is a glossy nude shade – just perfect.

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