15 Trendy Abstract Nails You’ll Want To Try This Year

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Abstract nails are the latest trend in the nail art scene. We’re talking swirls, lines, abstract faces, splatters, and all sorts of patterns. This avant-garde approach to nail design is a fun way to try unconventional designs and let your creativity run wild.

Depending on the design, abstract nails can be relatively easy to do at home as long as you have a couple of nail art brushes. However, if you’re not confident in your artistic skills, or you don’t have an array of different colored nail polishes at your disposal, your safest bet is to take your favorite design to your trusted local nail tech.

With this in mind, let’s jump into 15 trending abstract nail designs to inspire your next manicure.

15 Cool Abstract Nail Designs To Recreate

1. Mozaic Tiles

If you are someone who sticks to a neutral manicure, this is your sign to try something new and abstract. We love this fun design which starts off with a clear base and then plays around with bold hues. Combine dark blue, light blue, pastel orange and gold detailing to achieve this incredibly cute abstract nail design. Thank us later! 

2. Monochrome

Looking to DIY your next abstract manicure? Try these cute short nails at home. Start with a clear base and then, using black and white nail polish, draw your favorite designs. Get creative and feel free to mix and match to achieve this fun manicure.

3. khaki Swirls

We love this earthy manicure featuring khaki green and brown hues with gold detailing. The gold outlining really elevates this nail design. Such a cute abstract nail to add to your fall manicure wishlist.

4. Aztec-Inspired

These nails are giving us simple Aztec print vibes. We love these minimalist pastel lines on a clear base, perfect for a chic spring manicure.

5. Cow Print Abstract

Looking to create a statement with your next manicure? This cow print-inspired manicure will have you turning heads. Start off with your classic French nails and then add black and orange circle detailing to achieve this udderly chic effect.

6. Art Deco

How cute are these art-deco-inspired nails? We love the black ombre effect combined with the gold detailing, creating a beautiful contrast. These nails will have you Gatsby ready for your next event!

7. gold Chrome

If you want to jump on the abstract nail trend, but without using bold colors, this is the manicure for you. Sometimes a nude base with gold detailing is enough to create a simple and elegant abstract look.

Start off with your nude base, draw patterns with a nail polish of your choosing (black works great), and then dust some gold chrome powder over the area to create the metallic, mirror-like effect.

8. Fall Florals

These matte abstract nails are perfect for the fall. Using deep red, orange and greens together really gives the manicure that quintessential fall look. We love the combination of floral and fruity designs. Enlist the help of a nail tech expert for these fall nails.  

9. color pop

Go for a quintessential bold abstract nail look with this colorful manicure. Start out with a nude base, then opt for orange, purple, blue and pink hues to paint on. Have fun and just apply the different colors at random on your nail bed.

10. Mustard Yellow x Royal Blue

This manicure features quite an unusual color in the nail art world – mustard yellow! While it’s not for everyone, we love the quirky combination of royal blue with the muted tones of mustard yellow, complete with abstract motifs and detailing.

11. milky-gold

We love this simple, easy-to-recreate abstract manicure. Paint your nails a simple milky-white shade, and add gold chrome detailing such as French gold tips and gold squiggles. Super chic and elegant!

12. Summer Vibes

If you are looking for bold summer nail art, this design is for you. We love this fun abstract idea which features abstract outlines of various summer fruits, like coconut and lemon.

13. barbiecore

Still not over Barbiecore? Neither are we. This pink and purple swirl nail design is a great choice for warmer weather and colorful outfits.

14. cloud blue

Dreaming of cloud blue nails this summer? Try this simple abstract manicure at home! Choose your perfect shade of blue, and paint your middle and ring finger using this color. Then, opt for a clear base on the rest of your nails, and finish the look by adding blue abstract squiggles on your nude nails.

15. Rainbow Sunset

This manicure instantly reminds us of a beautiful sunset sky. Recreate this rainbow look by starting with a nude base, and from there, use red, orange, and blue hues for your sunset strokes.

So, there you have it! Let us know which of these designs and patterns were your favorites below – do you prefer neutral nails with swirls, or are you more into colorful abstract nails?

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