25 Creative Rainbow Nail Designs To Brighten Up Your Day

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If your nail game has been feeling a bit ‘meh’ lately, we’ve got the remedy that’ll add a burst of color to your fingertips: rainbow nails.

Every year, June kickstarts Pride season around the globe. Suddenly, we see an influx of rainbow-themed products being launched, rainbow flags appearing on the streets and multiple organizations creating special, rainbow-colored logos in honor of Pride. If you want to be part of the celebrations, one cool idea to try is rainbow nails.

Whether you prefer a subtle rainbow ombre or a bold and vibrant rainbow stripe, there are endless ways to incorporate this trend into your nail art. Looking for just a hint of color? Try rainbow French tips. Want an eye-catching design? Go all out with a mix-and-match set or a beautiful ombre design.

No matter your style, there’s a rainbow nail design out there for you. So why not add a little color to your next manicure? Bring one of these designs to your next appointment, or if you’re crafty, DIY the manicure at home.

The Best Rainbow Nails For The Summer

1. Rainbow French Tips

Simple French tip rainbow nails

via @anouskaanastasia

This rainbow French tip design is a classic and chic manicure to go for! These natural, bare nails match perfectly with the multicolored stripes that decorate the tip of each nail – ideal for Pride Month or any other happy occasion.

2. Prints + Patterns

Short pastel rainbow nails with swirls

via @tamaminails

We love the mix of patterns and prints included in this stunning manicure. With diagonal waves, checkerboard stripes, a yin and yang symbol, and abstract forms, there are lots of different designs to mix and match for your own nail design. The color palette is diverse too, creating an eye-catching, striking look.

3. Neon Stripes

These multi-colored neon stripes are stunning and are a unique way to add a rainbow touch to your nails. These stripes fade out as you move towards the base and include a little glitter too, adding a glam finish.

The other three nails feature a neon French tip in yellow, pink, and orange.

4. Rainbow Glitter

The rainbow fades from one color to another across these nails and is then covered in glitter for an eye-catching look. Beginning with orange, the nails move from pink to purple, to blue, and green, then finish with yellow, while the glitter sparkles in the light – just perfect!

5. Pastels + Brights

Rainbows don’t have to be just bright colors, you can have a pastel-toned rainbow too – as you can see in this pretty design. The layers of curved stripes look as though each glossy nude nail is decorated with its own post-rain shower rainbow.

6. Rainbows + Daisies

Long rainbow French tip nails with daisy nail art

Get the nails on Etsy

This manicure has a joyful look, with bright stripes moving diagonally across each nail, decorated with delicate white daisies for a retro-inspired finish! These nails are so much fun and are ideal for the summer months.

7. Happy Days

Short pastel rainbow nails with smiley faces

via @nailsby.hannahlouise

How can you resist the happy aesthetic of these nails?! The bare glossy nails are decorated with daisies, pastel-hue happy faces, rainbow waves, polka dots, and abstract shapes – you can play around with the designs you choose to make this manicure your own.

8. Paint Drips

Colorful rainbow French tip nails with drip effect

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The paint drip motif is often seen on cakes, but we just love it on nails too! The drips begin at the tip and run down the nail, with each finger a blend of colors to create a rainbow across the nails.

9. Reverse French Tips

For something a little more unique, but still simple and sleek, opt for this rainbow reverse French tip.

The nail is painted baby pink and decorated with a curved rainbow at the base of each nail, adding a bright pop of color to your hands.

10. Rainbows + Sunshine

Chic neutral rainbow nails

via @tessa.lyn.nails

This manicure is super cute and ideal for spring and summer days! The matte nails are decorated with fluffy white clouds, bright sunshine, and cute little rainbows for an illustration-like design.

11. Sparkling Striped Rainbow

These gorgeous nails really sparkle and shine in the light with both a shimmering base and shiny stripes.

The base of the nails is a faded ombre rainbow across the nails, which is then decorated with delicate sparkling strips in a wide range of colors to give these nails an eye-catching look.

12. Multicolored Florals

This is a super chic way of doing multicolored nails! Each nail starts with a pastel-toned base in a range of different colors and then is decorated with flowers in the same shade but darker – just beautiful!

13. Rainbow Ombre

We always love an ombre nail, particularly this rainbow edition. Each nail features the colors of the rainbow, brighter at the tip and then fading out at the base to create a soft and delicate look. A subtle layer of sparkle is added for a glam finishing touch.

14. Vibrant Aura Nails

Short rainbow aurora star nails

Get the nails on Etsy

Aura nails are a big trend this year, which is why you need these bright, multicolored aura nails. The color begins denser in the center of the nail and fades out towards the edges, while each nail is decorated with gleaming gold stars.

We love the blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow color palette but you could pick your own shades!

15. Multicolored Milky Way

The vibrant blue, pink, green, and purple swirls on the tip, running down the side of each nail remind us of the Milky Way, creating a unique and abstract look. These soft, blurred colors are then contrasted with the white grid pattern that decorates the rest of the nails.

16. Mini Rainbows

If you are looking for a smaller, more dainty rainbow touch to your nails, go for this gorgeous mini rainbow design. Add a touch of color to your neutral nails with these little rainbows at the base of each nail.

17. Pastel Love Hearts

Cute pastel rainbow French tip nails with hearts

via @bycheznails

These French tips are so much fun! With a different pastel shade on each nail and a darker heart decorating the French tips, this cute design is bound to bring a little joy every day!

18. Rainbow Polka Dots

These rainbow polka dots, that run down the center of each nail, are an easy and quick way to add a pop of color to your usual natural nails. We love the simplicity and minimalist nature of the design.

19. Neon Playboy Bunnies

Rainbow playboy bunny nails

via @anouskaanastasia

Go for something a little more playful and eye-catching with this neon Playboy bunnies design!

Three different designs of the Playboy bunny feature on the nails in neon, rainbow tones, while the ring finger is decorated with the Playboy name in an ombre rainbow design.

20. A Flower at the end of the rainbow

Rainbow French tip nails.
via @__nailsbynatalie__ | Found on Zoella.co.uk

This beautiful design reminded us of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this time it is a little white flower at the end of each rainbow-striped French tip! This design works best with a bare or neutral pink base.

21. Hippy love

We love the hippy vibe of these cute rainbow nails! The natural nails have been decorated with concentric love hearts, bright florals, butterflies, multicolored waves, and mini rainbows to create a fun and joyous design.

22. A faded rainbow

This manicure features a pastel, faded ombre rainbow that moves across the nails, while each finger is decorated with little white stars and delicate white clouds. This design is perfect for bringing a little color to spring days.

23. Lucky motifs

Bring a little more luck to your life with this stunning manicure. The lucky motifs sit atop a glossy bare nail, and include four-leaf clovers, little rainbows, and glittering gold French tips – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

24. Sparkling rainbows

This sparkling rainbow design is just irresistible! The rainbow begins with red on the little finger and then each nail features two or three shades, before ending with pink on the thumb. The shimmer on each nail means this manicure sparkles in the light.

25. Clouds + Rainbows

Like the sky on a rainy day, these nails feature a little rainbow bursting out from a fluffy white cloud, straight to the tip of the nail, while below the cloud fall little sparkly silver raindrops – just gorgeous!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of rainbow nail designs and that you’re feeling inspired to try out some of these colorful looks!

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