Pastel Nails Are A Springtime Favorite – Here’s 30 Designs Worth Trying

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Get ready for a pop of pastel perfection with these dreamy pastel nails!

The arrival of spring means warmer weather, blooming flowers, and of course, pastel tones on our clothes and fingertips. These soft, muted hues bring a breath of fresh air to our style, replacing the deep, moody colors of winter with a light and cheerful palette.

While pastel nails are certainly not a groundbreaking trend for spring, their enduring popularity speaks volumes about their timeless appeal. From delicate lavenders and soft pinks to minty greens and powdery blues, these 30 pastel nail ideas offer a plethora of options to suit any occasion.

30 Trendy Pastel Nail Designs To Copy

1. Over the rainbow

Rainbow nails are a bold statement to make, but in pastel tones, they’re even prettier! If that’s still not enough for you, go for a chrome finish.

2. Spring florals

Florals and spring go hand-in-hand. Rather than sticking to realistic colors, you can go crazy with florals in every color and the result is always stunning.

3. spotted!

3D style nail art is super popular, and from this spotted cow-print pattern it’s easy to understand why. Multicolored nails can look surprisingly chic when the base coat is neutral or nude.

4. Cosmic sky

This Milky Way-inspired manicure is the perfect way to add pastel pinks and blues to your nails without going for a super feminine design.

5. Fun florals

Cute pastel pink and purple nails with flowers

via @nailsbyharriet

If you’re stuck on a nail art design, it’s difficult to go wrong with florals. This design incorporates multiple pastel colors and is perfect for a girly manicure.

6. Rainbombré

A minimal way to add more color to your manicure is with a pastel rainbow ombre design into a nude color.

7. Gold & bold

Adding gold to a manicure is a perfect way to amp up a design for party season or vacation. This ombre pastel French tip will work with any color – so choose your favorites!

8. Yellow Fields

Yellow isn’t often used in manicures, mainly because it’s a difficult color to match. However, in a pastel tone, this is a perfect spring manicure.

9. All the colors

If you can’t decide on a color, go for all of them! The design works as the colors are watered down, and have the same nail art design – something worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to do the same.

This multi-color manicure would look great for Easter, but you can rock it regardless of the occasion.

10. Unicorn Rainbow

An iridescent chrome looks like a multicolor nail design and works perfectly year-round. To amp up the volume, go for an ombre design underneath to shine through.

11. Pinktastic

Pink is a classic girly nail color choice. Go for tones of the same color for a super minimal design, or another pastel color like this hint of baby blue.

12. A lick of Lilac

Purple and pink pastel nails with polka dots

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Opting for a mix of lilac and baby pink nail polish is a great way to incorporate two feminine colors into your pastel manicure. Add simple nail art like these polka dots to create more visual interest.

13. Sunshine & Rainbows

We said rainbow and got RAINBOW! This adorable rainbow nail art isn’t for everyone, but if you want to make a statement, look no further.

14. Make a statement

Keeping with the statement nail theme, this ring finger, packed with florals, is a great example of using nail art but still keeping the overall manicure minimal.

15. Funfetti

This manicure reminds us of a funfetti cake, packed with multicolor sprinkles. The milky pink base color keeps it looking chic whilst still being fun.

16. Mermaid Dust

This chrome-topped manicure is the perfect nail set for a birthday girl or for the party season.

17. The tip of the rainbow

Cute pastel ombre French tip nails in almond shape

via @charsgelnails_

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – French tips work for every aesthetic and every occasion. This pastel set of French tips would work just as well with one color too!

18. Cute-icle

Cuticle nail art is fast becoming a popular nail trend. One thing to keep in mind is that as soon as your nails begin to grow out, it’ll be super visible – so this isn’t one for the low-maintenance girlies.

19. Barely there

This set of milky, sheer nails perfectly demonstrates how colorful nails can still be clean and minimal.

20. Sea & Sky

Blue and green pastels look fabulous on all skin tones and nail lengths. This mix of solid nails and nail art shows how versatile the colors are.

21. Dusk to Dawn

This manicure fading from a sunrise to a sunset shows that when it comes to nail art, anything goes.

22. Fading to gold

This ombre manicure is another example of cuticle nail art. Though the colors here aren’t coordinating, the glitter nail art ties it together.

23. Switching sides

Cute pastel blue and purple French tip almond nails

via @monika__nails

Purple and blue is a classic combination, and this nail art shows exactly why. French manicures don’t have to be completely perfect, and an irregular pattern like this looks fabulous!

24. Beach Sunset

This milky base color with beach sunset-inspired nail art is perfect for a vacation. This would be easy to DIY with an old makeup brush dipped into all the colors and swiped across the nails.

25. Flying high

Butterflies and flowers lend themselves to being used in pastel manicures because they just feel like the start of spring. This shows that you don’t need to commit to nail art on every nail for it to look cohesive.

26. French Gold

This hollow French manicure using a gold line is perfect for minimalistic girls. You can use your favorite pastel color to stick to your personal style.

27. Just a hint

Adding a little hint of color to a minimal manicure goes a long way. To keep this looking clean, keep your nails short and the same shape.

28. Barely French

Much like the hollow gold French tip, this is another perfect example of a simple, minimal manicure using multiple colors.

29. The Asymmetric

For a cute DIY manicure, look no further. Simply swipe your favorite color onto the tip of your nail, and wait for the color to dry. Once it has, leave some space and add another on top.

30. Naked underneath

The best tip when it comes to adding color to a manicure is to allow your base color to be exposed. Not only does it tone down the colors, it adds an eye-catching aspect.

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