21 Smiley Face Nails For Happy Fingertips

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Show off your happy vibes with these adorable smiley face nails, perfect for adding a touch of positivity to your nail game!

Harry Styles, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa have all called it – smiley face nails are here to stay. In the last few years, celebrities left and right have been seen sporting the cheerful look on their nails, and Harry Styles has sent the entire smiley face nail craze into overdrive ever since he was spotted rocking this unique nail design.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of adorning your fingertips with these whimsical grins, you’re not alone. Smiley face nails are a fun and trendy way to express your individuality and embrace a touch of y2k nostalgia.

Whether you prefer a minimalistic and understated approach or opt for bold and colorful designs that scream joy, there’s a smiley face nail look in this article for every style and personality.

The Best Smiley Face Nails To Recreate

1. Love and Smiles

If you’re feeling sunshine and rainbows, why not reflect it on your nails? This is perfect for vacation season or even as your birthday nails.

2. Mix & Match

If you are an indecisive person and can never decide on a nail design, try something different on each nail. If you’re concerned about it looking messy, go for your chosen motifs in a matching color palette.

3. Irregular Colors

Unlike the mix-and-match nails, if you’re into a mismatched-looking style, which is all the rage, this is the option for you. Go for colors that are opposites on the color wheel and it’ll still look intentional.

4. [Raining] Purple Smilies

Cute purple smiley face nails

via @grommys.nails

Purple is a classic color, and looks great on all skin tones and at all times of year! This purple smiley design still looks chic as the base color is a neutral pink.

5. Rainbow Smiles

If you’re attending a festival, or a Pride event, or just want to add some color to your life, these funky rainbow nails are the perfect option. If bright colors aren’t ideal for you, go for a range of pastel rainbow colors.

6. Orange Crush

Thanks to French fashion house Hermès, orange is a super chic color, despite being very eye-catching. Go for a light pink base with orange accents to ensure it isn’t overpowering.

7. Taupely Happy

Taupe is always a hot color for fall and winter, even when the weather is cold. If you like the idea of lots of mismatched nail art, go for designs in neutral colors.

8. Dainty Daisy

Soft pink polihs and smiley face daisy design.

via  @krystalsmanis

This manicure is as ‘fresh as a daisy’. Rather than going for a regular daisy or floral manicure, why not replace the center bud with a smiley face to brighten up your day?

9. Opposites Attract

Multicolor smiley face nails

via @thehangedit

As we’ve previously mentioned, the trick to getting mismatched nail art to look intentional is to go for colors that are opposites on the color scale. Though they are opposites, the colors do in fact complement each other.

10. A Barbie world

Barbie-core is well and truly lasting the test of time. Embrace the pinktastic trend with fully pink nails, or go for a smiley face nail art in pink tones.

11. ‘Flash’ a grin

Flash motifs like these are a super easy, at-home, way to amp up your nail art. Use a bobby pin to create a dot with white nail polish, and drag out the lines with a light touch.

12. cool & chrome

Silver holographic smiley face nails

via @glosshouse

Chrome is a great way to create nail art at home, and though messy, creates a fun, eye-catching look. You can create a classic nail art design on top, which results in a funky look.

13. Sweet like chocolate

Chocolate brown is an underrated nail color, but will be the hottest for the fall-winter season, so if you want to stay on-trend but still true to your personal style, go for a nail art design in this stunning warm tone.

14. Psychedelic Smiles

Almond nails with pastel smiley nail art

via @umanailartist

This is one of the few designs you’ll probably have to get done by your favorite nail tech, but it’s so worth it! This is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s when this style was all the rage. If you love retro fashion, go for this!

15. Pop of personality

Short colorful mix and match nails with smiley face nail art

via @queencontenails

Adding an element of personality into your nail look is a great way to do so every day, especially if you work in a corporate environment where bright colors or ‘out there’ aesthetics aren’t the norm.

16. French Fancy

Smiley faces and other dainty nail art designs are great for topping off a French manicure when you want something between a classic and funky look.

17. Nude and Smiling

Short and easy smiley face nails

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A basic nude base coat can be topped off with a smiley face at home in a matter of minutes. Take your favorite colors and use a bobby pin to create a wide circle (the wider, the easier to create the features). Once this dries, add features with a bobby pin or safety pin.

18. The artists nails

This is a great design before a girls trip as it’s super fun and on-trend. Motifs like evil eyes, flowers, and smiley faces are super easy to do at home. Doing your girlfriend’s nails can even be a great night-in idea before your trip!

19. A Monochromatic Moment

Colorful rainbow smiley face nails

via @indiekid.o

If you have a few colors to work with, mixing white with your existing colors creates a great subtle tone to paint over your nails for a fantastic look.

20. Ombre Only

Pastel rainbow ombre nails with smiley nail art

via @springwithfriends

Pastel ombre is super funky, and will be great for a special occasion! Amp up your design with matching embellishments like crystals and sequins!

21. Strawberry shortcake

Shades of pink are a wonderful way to add a touch of girliness to your look, particularly if you don’t like to dress in a lot of color. Go for a nude or light pink base coat if fully pink nails aren’t for you – this is also great for masking growth!

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