10 Dreamy Cloud Nails That You’ll Want For Your Next Manicure

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This really is the year of gorgeous, quirky, and unique nail art designs – and cloud nails are no exception to the growing list.

Tired of the same old, mundane manicures? If you’re yearning for a touch of whimsy in your nail game, then it’s time to explore the world of cloud nail designs. These trendy nail designs offer a delightful escape from the mundane, creating a captivating, dreamy atmosphere at your fingertips.

As with many nail designs, cloud nails come in an array of styles, from simple white clouds on a neutral backdrop to more intricate designs with multiple colors and patterns – you could say that the sky’s the limit!

If you’re looking to recreate this trend at your local nail salon, take a look at our curated edit of 10 incredible designs below, and save your favorite for later.

The Best Cloud Nail Designs To Try

1. Pink Chrome

These pink shimmery chrome nails remind us of a sunset during the summer, with the warm, evening sky tones and fluffy white clouds. The delicate little white sparkles and starts are the perfect finishing touch to this manicure.

2. Purple Sparkles

Go a little bolder with this sparkly purple manicure that really catches the light. The purple polish has a silvery shimmer, then the nails are decorated with plush white clouds – just irresistible!

3. Iridescent Clouds

How can you resist the incredible iridescent finish on these cloudy nails? The milky white nail polish has an iridescent sheen so your nails shine in purple, blue, and teal shades, then white clouds and little sparkles are added on top for a beautiful look.

4. Muted Pastel Tones

If you love a neutral manicure, then this nude and muted pastel tone nail design is perfect for you. Beginning with a nude base, these nails feature striking white clouds, mini rainbows, and little polka dots in muted pink, blue, and coral tones.

5. Rainbow Swirls

We love the rainbow swirls that pour from the wispy white clouds that decorate these nails. The glossy bare base really makes the rainbows and clouds pop, while the gold sparkles add a glam finishing touch.

6. Shimmery Skies

This manicure has a mostly neutral color palette, except for the purple glitter little finger, with white detailing and tiny sparkling embellishments. The nude nails have a subtly shimmering base which are then decorated with pillowy white clouds or a white French tip – so pretty!

7. Barely-there Clouds

These nails have a wispy, airy aesthetic with a soft color palette and blurred cloud designs. The bare nails have a glossy top coat and are decorated with delicate white clouds, then finished with touches of gold to create a beautiful manicure.

8. Rainy Days

These rainy-day nails have a bold, graphic design, with the clouds formed from layers of blue and grey scalloped forms. Then to add a little light, the raindrops feature in gold that catch and shine in the light.

9. Blue Skies + Butterflies

This manicure reminds us of bright summer days, with pale blue skies and soft, delicate clouds, that gently fade to nude towards the base of the nail. The shiny blue butterfly motifs add a fun, extra special touch to these gorgeous nails.

10. Baby blue + pastel purple

We love the pastel tones of this manicure with the base that moves between light blue and pale pink to create a pastel evening sky look. This base is then decorated with fluffy white clouds, little white stars, and a crescent moon.

We hope we convinced you to try cloud nails at your next mani appointment!

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