10 Mardi Gras Nails Perfect For The Festivities

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Get ready to party in style with these dazzling Mardi Gras nails! Explore vibrant designs, glittery accents, and festive colors to make your nails stand out this carnival season.

While Mardi Gras has religious roots, it’s now mostly known for its extravagant celebrations, filled with vibrant parades, colorful costumes, and lively music. As the outfits are so elaborate, it’s only fitting that your nails get in on the festive action too!

While you can go for any manicure that features the prominent colors of Mardi Gras (purple, green or gold/yellow), why not go the extra mile and opt for a design that combines them, or otherwise exudes fun festival vibes? To help you out, we’ve done the hard work and found 10 chic designs for the perfect party look.

10 Festive Mardi Gras Nails For The Carnival

1. Stars + Spots

Mardi Gras is the perfect time to go all out with the glitter, sequins, stars, and spots on your nails! This beautiful manicure begins with a sheer nude base and then each nail is decorated with star and polka dot sequins in a range of colors that really sparkle in the light – just gorgeous!

2. Green, Gold + Purple

Keep it simple with a classic green, purple, and gold Mardi Gras color palette. This manicure includes two glittery purple nails, a teal green nail sitting in the center, and two sparkling gold nails for a glamorous look! This manicure is also ideal for both long and short nails.

3. Purple Patterns

This purple patterned nail design is so much fun and unique too! Each nail starts with a glossy purple base and then is decorated with wavy, glittery purple lines and patterns, with a different design on each nail to create a stunning manicure that is perfect for Mardi Gras.

4. Green Glitter

Go for an opulent look with this green glitter, bejeweled manicure! Three nails have been painted with sparkling green glitter for a quintessentially Mardi Gras look, while the ring and litter fingers are painted with rosy pink polish, and the ring finger is decorated with silver and green rhinestones to add even more bling to your nails.

5. Diagonal Stripes

These diagonal striped nails are so eye-catching, while the color palette has been expertly chosen to suit the Mardi Gras celebrations. The nails have a glossy base and then a diagonal stripe of polish cuts across one side of the nail, in glittery gold and purple, as well as green and yellow. The gold studs that sit at the base of the nails are a flawless finishing touch.

6. Glittery Tips

If you want to add a Mardi Gras touch to your classic and elegant minimalist nails, why not go for this glittery tips manicure? These nails have a glossy nude base and then the tip of each nail is decorated with a touch of multicolor glitter that sparkles in the light and adds a touch of glamour to your look.

7. Half + Half

This half-and-half design is just stunning, while the glittery polishes are ideal for Mardi Gras! Each nail has been split in half and painted with two different colors of glittery polish, including yellow, purple, and green, creating a striking and sparkling manicure.

8. Sparkling Purple

Glitter Mardi Gras inspired nails

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Mardi Gras is the perfect time of year to opt for both bright, vibrant colors and glittery embellishments! In this manicure, the thumb and index fingers have been painted with bright purple polish, while the middle finger has a purple base and half the nail is covered in multicolored glitter and sequins, then the ring and little fingers are covered entirely in sequins – so much fun!

9. Multicolored Embellishments

Play around with fun colors and patterns for your Mardi Gras manicure this year. In this nail design, each nail starts with a nude base and then is decorated with sparkling sequins and rhinestones in yellow, pink, purple, blue, and silver tones, creating circles, waves, and curves on the nails for an attention-grabbing manicure.

10. Purple + Teal

This purple and teal manicure looks gorgeous and is just perfect for a chic and stylish Mardi Gras look. Stick to a classic Mardi Gras color palette of purple and teal, with a touch of yellow, then add a fun polka dot pattern on your accent finger to add an eye-catching touch to this manicure.

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