15 Pink & Blue Nails For A Cotton Candy Look

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Whether you’re after a cotton candy look or a set of gender-reveal nails, these 15 pink and blue nails have got you covered.

Pink and blue, often associated with gender stereotypes, don’t have to be separately in your nail art. In fact, combining these two pretty shades can give you the perfect cotton candy look, perfect for a spring manicure. On the other hand, when done using bold colors, they give off a trendy vacation vibe.

With this said, as we’ve already alluded to, pink and blue nails can also be a fun way to go the extra mile if you’re hosting or attending a gender reveal party. They match the theme perfectly!

So, if you’re looking for new ways to incorporate these whimsical colors into your manicure, these 15 nail designs are the perfect place to start.

15 Playful Pink & Blue Nails

1. Cosmic Sunset

Pink and blue are reminiscent of a summertime sunset and even if it’s winter, your can cast back to the warmer nights for this stunning manicure.

2. Pink aura

Aura manicures are a base color with a second color spilling from the center, fading out at the edges. Contrasting colors pack a punch for aura manicures, like pink and blue.

3. Strawberry Rainbow

Who says a rainbow has to be in the standard colors? This dreamy combo of shades of pink and blue is perfect for a baby shower or gender reveal.

4. Cloudy forecast

A milky or pink jelly base behind any nail art is a great way to get a super clean look whilst being fashionable.

5. Barely There

A manicure for the minimal girlies. If you can’t decide between one color, there’s no reason you can’t go for a half & half manicure like this.

6. A gradient

Another great baby shower or gender reveal option. To add some fun, you could make the majority of nails the color you think the gender might be!

7. Half & Half

For the indecisive ones, this nail design is great if you can’t decide on a nail color but don’t necessarily want to do any intricate nail art.

8. Hawaiian Vacay

Dainty designs like this Hawaiian shirt-inspired design are perfect for vacations as they feel fresh, but are still more fun than an everyday basic nail.

9. Handpainted Tiles

Hand-painted tiles like these are famous traditional crafts around the Mediterranean. If you’re going on a vacation close by, why not nod to those traditions with your nails?

10. Cream Dream

This dreamy pastel nail art is perfect for the cozy season. Though pink and blue aren’t necessarily complementary colors, doing both in pastel creates a common theme, and works very well.

11. Neon Snake

Snakeskin print nails like these are pretty popular, and while being dainty can create a statement look in the right colors.

12. Spicy Marg

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” quite like a spicy margarita. For the perfect girls trip manicure, reflect your favorite drink in your nail art.

13. Pastel Waves

If you don’t like a bold manicure, go for your favorite colors in a dainty design against a jelly pink base coat.

14. Only Negatives

This manicure isn’t one for the faint-hearted but might be the coolest on our list.

15. French Daisies

An accent nail is still a huge nail trend and is unlikely to be going anywhere. Florals lend themselves to girly manicures like this, and make a great wedding nail too!

Which of these designs were your favorites? Do you prefer pastel versions of this color combination, or are you more into bold pairings of the hues? Let us know in the comments below!

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