30 Trendy Ombre Nails Perfect For Every Season

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From subtle gradients to bold color transitions, ombre nails are a must-try trend. Find your perfect nail inspo here!

Ombre nails have been in style ever since ombre hair first made its debut, and the trend is still going strong.

If you’ve never tried to create gradient nails before, the task may seem a little intimidating but rest assured – it’s easier than you think. All you need to recreate these nails are two colors of nail polish of your choice, a makeup sponge, and a good TikTok tutorial to follow.

If you’re not one to do your nails at home (trust us, we’re not either!), simply screenshot or pin your favorite design from this article, and save it for the salon.

Pink Ombre Nails

1. Pretty in pink

Nothing screams chic like a tapered pink ombre nail, but this can look plain and if you’re looking to spice it up we have just the manicure for you. Adding glitter at the cuticle is an easy DIY to amp up a boring look.

2. In a Barbie world

In the same style, this bubblegum pink ombre paired with glitzy cuticle nail art is great for a girls trip, or for your birthday nail set. This is a great example of incorporating some glam into your manicure without going overboard.

3. Summer nights

In summer, the sunset turns the whole sky into a gradient of pink and orange, and the stars appear as small white specs breaking up the color. In the same way, this manicure is perfect for the summer months, or in winter as an ode to the warmer days.

4. Popsicle paws

The bright yellow and pink tones here remind us of a fun fruity popsicle in the summer. For this reason, it’d make the perfect summer manicure. If you’re looking for a more glamorous look, add some crystals at the cuticle.

5. Elegance is fun

Pink And White Ombre Nails With Glitter By Merlin Nails

via @merlin nails

There’s a misconception that being chic or elegant means being boring, but it’s quite the opposite. Being elegant is being confident in who and what you are, so if you’re a glitter nail person, embrace it, and you’ll always look chic.

6. White Sand

The white ombre into a bright color reminds us of a white sandy beach, and the sun setting in a bright, bold pink in complete contrast. The gold cuticle nail art warms up the cool-toned white and makes it super trendy.

7. Kawaii Landscape

Kawaii refers to a cute aesthetic from Japanese culture. This pink aura manicure is made even cuter with the addition of stars and crystals to make it unique. This is a perfect nail set for the birthday girl who is always the most fashionable in the group.

8. Make a statement

You can make a statement with a minimal manicure with this age-old tip. Adding a statement nail in a different color or style keeps it looking chic but means it’s still part of your outfit as opposed to blending into the background.

9. More is more

Sometimes, you just need to do it all. This crisp white and pink ombre is made even cooler (or icier) by this glitter statement nail over the ombre. The undertones of the glitter are cool-toned so they match perfectly with the white.

10. Pink Aura

Aura nails are the biggest trend right now. They do require an expert, but they are so worth it. This combination of bright pink and milky pink creates a balanced look for everyday wear, as well as a statement.

Blue Ombre Designs

11. Feelin’ blue

Blue nails can be difficult to get right. Blue can be overpowering, and depending on your skin tone can wash you out. If you have blonde hair, go for a cool undertoned blue like this, and for brunettes, go for the opposite.

12. Summer blues

Blue nails are usually reserved just for the winter months, but no longer. This exposed base manicure is a perfect example of how to make blue work in a minimal manicure for the summer months where we usually embrace a toned-down look.

13. The deep sea

This blue ombre manicure looks like the gradient of the ocean into the deep sea, where the water color changes into a dark, deep blue. This would work on a plain color but the addition of glossy polish looks super cute here.

14. winter pinks

For all the ski-season girlies, this is a nail art option for you. Fair warning, for all the first-time skiers, go for a short manicure. The ombre glitter almost looks like the peaks of a mountain, while the addition of pink warms up the look.

Black Ombre Designs

15. Smoke and mirrors

This manicure is somewhat of an optical illusion. The black ombre paired with a chrome overlay looks super chic and is perfect if your closet is mostly black. This also makes a chic, but spooky, Halloween manicure.

16. French, Barely

Hollow French manicures have been around for a long time, but we’re going to see this cropping up in more colors, and with other nail art techniques incorporated. This glitter, hollow French manicure with a slight ombre effect is what goth-glam dreams are made of.

17. In The Nude

Cute Black Ombre Nails Gel

via @bagabieva_nails

In the same breath, this ombre manicure from black into nude is great if you’re a minimalist but prefer colors like black and grey over white and beige. If you have a light nail bed color, fade the black into a color close to your natural tone.

Purple Ombre Designs

18. day to night

Purple is the unofficial color of disco, so what better to take you from day to night (or from night to day)? This ombre purple is a statement, but is still toned down because the base color is close to the natural nail bed tone.

19. Superstar

Stars are a popular nail art motif. Not only are they relatively easy to do, but they also fit into a manicure of any color and length.

20. perfectly purple

This ombre purple nail is slightly different from the previous one we showed. This chrome ombre is a perfect example of using nail art to create a subtle look, which is still fun and on-trend.

Brown Ombre Designs

21. Iced Coffee

This ‘iced coffee’ manicure is one for all the ladies who can’t make it through the morning without an espresso over ice. This looks particularly good on deeper skin tones and those with a darker hair color due to the darker tones of the manicure.

22. Bambi

If Bambi was a glam manicure, it would be this. Brown gets a bad rep for being an awkward nail color, but after seeing this, that statement couldn’t be more wrong.

Green Ombre Nail Designs

23. Summer fields

This manicure is reminiscent of green fields and blue skies in the summertime. The chrome over both colors ties them together to create a harmonious look despite being a mix of two bold colors.

24. The silver lining

This hollow French manicure is one for all silver-toned jewelry lovers. The pink has added warmth while the ombre statement nail ties both colors together.

Orange Ombre Designs

25. Sunset Cocktail

If you ordered a sunset-themed cocktail on vacation, it would look like this. This ombre looks seamless because there is a chrome overlay on top, which is a great hack for masking any harsh lines.

26. orangesicle

An Orangesicle is an orange ice cream bar. This manicure reminds us of the contrast between the creamy vanilla interior and tangy bright orange exterior. Though there’s no glitter in the ice cream, there’s no harm in adding it to your manicure.

27. Summer skies

This summer sky manicure is a perfect example of when it’s better to do nail art on short nails. This mix of pink, purple and orange would look very overpowering on long nails but is kept chic on a short manicure.

Gold Ombre Designs

28. Gold Ice

Winter-themed nails don’t have to mean sticking to cool tones like white, blue, and silver. This gold ombre manicure is extremely festive, and is reminiscent of the holiday classic – The Nutcracker!

Grey Ombre Nail Designs

29. Futurism

This grey and silver ombre look is perfect for all the fashion ladies who like brands like Coperni and Marine Serre who take inspiration from futuristic aesthetics.

30. Grey gradient

This manicure probably isn’t one you can do yourself, but you can also be reassured you’ll likely be the only person in the room with this design. These shades of blue and grey have the same undertones and work perfectly together.

We hope you loved these designs as much as we did! Let us know which of these trending nail designs are you going to try recreating yourself!

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