25 Stunning Daisy Nails To Wear This Spring & Summer

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Get your nails blooming with these adorable daisy nail art ideas! Whether you’re into delicate daisy accents or bold floral designs, we’ve got you covered.

Floral nails are like the little black dress of the nail world – timeless, versatile, and they never go out of style. Whilst there are so many ways to incorporate florals into your latest manicure, daisy nails just might be our favorite petal-powered nail art.

Whether you’re going for classic, subtle daisies or abstract ones, these 25 whimsical designs are the perfect way to embrace your inner flower child without going over the top.

The 25 Prettiest Daisy Nails

1. Touch Of Gold

Milky white nails always look elegant on any skin tone. To take your manicure up a notch, add cute nail art like dainty daisies and gold lines that don’t distract from the overall minimalist vibe of the nails. Style your look with gold rings and bracelets to bring out the gold accents even more.

2. Statement Daisy

Clear daisy nails

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We love this daisy set from Etsy. If you are looking for an easy way to DIY your manicure, press-on nails are always a good shout as you can switch up your look easily.

3. Monochrome

Halloween but make it floral? These are the perfect black and white nails with a spooky twist. Alternatively, if you’re just after a retro vibe, you can rock this look whatever season it is.

4. Blue and Nude

We love this simple daisy nail art with a touch of blue. Instead of going for a fully minimalist look with a clear, nude base, add a shade of ocean blue under your nail art for a summer-inspired manicure.

5. Lavender Haze

This manicure proves yet again that gold details are always a good idea. Instead of straight lines, opt for wavy golden lines and finish your accent nails with bigger daisy detailing. For an opulent finish, add golden dots in the middle of your daisies.

6. Daisy Dots

White daisy nails.

via @overglowedit

If you are looking to freshen a nude manicure, these simple and small daisy motifs will lighten up your fingernails. For a whimsical look, concentrate your nail art at the edges of your nails.

7. mixed florals

Who said you can’t mix and match? Just like a bouquet of flowers, blending different floral prints can create a beautiful finish.

8. Sage green Fields

Cute sage green daisy nails

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While pastels are the typical go-to hues for spring, earthy colors like sage green are quickly becoming more and more popular. To recreate this look, play around with different spring greens, and use them as your main nail color and as part of your nail art in your floral designs, as seen above.

9. Neon Sunshine

We love this original take on a French manicure, where you swap out the white for bright yellow and add pretty flower art to the cuticles. It’s the perfect design if you’re looking to mix bright neons with pretty florals. And if yellow isn’t your color, why not swap it for a different hue?

10. bubblegum pink

Bubblegum pink is such a fun nail color for spring! This nail design is yet another example of how using two nails on your hand as the accent nail can create a beautiful finish. Again, use the same shade of pink that you have on your thumb, ring, and little finger to paint the centers of the daisies to tie the look together.

11. glazed bees and daisies

Glazed donut nails but with spring vibes? Yes, please! To copy this look, start by using opaque iridescent nail polish, and add your favorite yellow spring motifs, whether that’s daisies, bees, or sunshine rays.

12. Dark & Matte

Navy blue daisy nails.

via @nolas.nails

These dark matte nails are a great idea for the fall and winter seasons! The stark contrast between the white flowers and your navy base will make anyone do a double take on your new manicure.

13. bee’s Knees

Save the bees! If you’re not into the glazed version of the manicure we featured above, try this design instead. While the nail art sits on top of a neutral, clear nail, the nail art is much busies this time, really bringing out the yellow and white details of the bees and daisies.

14. Retro Pink

Still loving the Barbiecore aesthetic? We don’t blame you. Add a bit of retro flair with this bubblegum pink manicure that features retro daisies in a monochrome color scheme.

15. French Illusion

We love this colorful take on a French manicure. Instead of opting for a regular French tip, create a more abstract version of the design by adding colorful splatters around the sides of your nails. Plus, don’t forget your daisy details!

16. Peekaboo

This is another stunning nude nail with subtle floral nail art. It’s the perfect set for minimalist girlies who love a quiet luxury aesthetic.

17. Neon Party

Neon daisy nails

via @nolas.nails

These nails scream summer festival vibes! As these nails are incredibly intricate, it’s best that you save this design for your favorite nail artist to recreate.

18. Baby blue

If you want to try a simple, short nail look with a quintessential spring color, try this design. As the look only requires a few daisies, you can easily recreate this at home by using a bobby pin or a safety pin to draw out the petals and dots of the daisies.

19. Green ombre

Ombre nails have never really left the beauty scene, and this design proves why. To achieve a clean girl look, opt for a pale green color that is only slightly different from the base color that you’re using.

20. Bright Pink With Gold

This nail design is yet another take on the gold x daisy nail art that we’ve featured above. Can you tell that we love the combo?

21. Black French

Black French tip nails with daisy nail art

via @nailsbymv

Tired of the classic white French manicure and looking for something that’s truly unique? This design is a must-try! Instead of a white tip, go for a black French, and add daisy nail art around the tip to make it spring-appropriate.

22. Fairy Tips

This whimsical design is yet another take on a colorful French mani with daisy nail art. Instead of going all over your colored tips with a floral print, this manicure shows that adding daisy nail art anywhere on the nail will also create a coherent look.

23. Blue Accents

This manicure is perfect for those in-between months between winter and spring when you want to embrace the new season but the air is still frosty. Pair your manicure with silver rings to make the blue pop!

24. Multicolored Daisies

Multicolor peach daisy nails

via @nolas.nails

Bright and fun nails like these are perfect for the summer when you finally have an amazing tan to flaunt. While orange nails in any design are a great idea to go for, why not make your manicure more intricate by adding two accent nails with colorful daisy nail art?

25. Fall Hues

The base color of this design sits somewhere between a red and a burnt orange, perfect for the fall season. If you’re tired of opting for quintessential fall nail art motifs like pumpkins, this is a great alternative.

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