15 Dreamy Star Nails That Are Out Of This World

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Twinkle and shine with these stellar star nails!

If you’re tired of plain nails and want a manicure that sparkles and shines, look no further than these 15 celestial nail art designs to achieve a look that’s out of this world.

Starry nails are a classic mani choice for New Year’s Eve parties, birthday bashes, and of course, 4th of July nail looks, but they’re also perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your everyday style.

To get you started, take a look at these 15 fun designs that are perfect for any time of the year.

The Best Star Nails To Try

1. Gold Stars

Cute nude almond nails with star decals

via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

What better way to honor a good star manicure than with this nail idea? Choose a simple milky base to make these cute gold decals stand out.

2. Starry Evil Eye

Adding evil eye detailing to your manicure is always a chic idea. We love this nail design featuring a simple pale backdrop with golden north stars and evil eye detailing. The blue hues from the evil eye really give these gold stars a moment.

3. Lavender North Star

Run, don’t walk for this manicure! The lavender French tips combined with the gold star detailing are so chic. Add multi-colored rhinestones to the gold stars to give your manicure a little extra sparkle.

4. Rock & Roll Chic

Wonderfully witchy, this black starry manicure is perfect for the spooky season. Get into the Halloween spirit with these black star decals and rhinestones.

5. Winter Stars

These are the perfect delicate winter nails featuring powdery star detailing. There is nothing better than combining a shimmery snow effect and stars for winter nails. You will be snow-ready with this manicure!

6. Kaleidoscope Stars

Add a little fun to your star nails with this unique kaleidoscope effect. Start with a simple, pale pink backdrop, and then add glittery star decals to the tip of your nails.

7. Green Stars

Give your French manicure a bit of star magic by painting the tips of your nails chrome green, and adding silver star motifs. Such a cute celestial twist on a classic French!

8. Multi-Colored

We love this simple multi-colored star manicure with pops of pink and orange hues. Add matching multicolored gems to the nail bed for a burst of color. We love the contrast of the pale pinks with multi-colored detailing.

9. Neon Stars

This fun neon manicure gives us all of the festival vibes. Get creative and add alternating neon nail tips combined with neon stars to recreate this nail design. Make sure to try these bright starry nails for your next festival, you will certainly bring a pop of color to the party!

10. fourth of July

How unreal is this Fourth of July manicure? We are obsessed. The combination of solid red nails on the left hand combined with the pale pink base and red stars on the right hand is so unique. No one will doubt your spirit for the Fourth of July with this manicure.

11. Milky Celestial

Powder blue and white nails with gold stars

via @safinailstudio

You can never go wrong with milk-colored nails, especially if you add gold stars to them. To recreate the look. paint three nails with an opaque white polish, and two nails with a pale grey hue. Finish off the look by adding gold star stickers or decals like these from Etsy to your white nails.

12. Lunar Eclipse

Clear nails and blue wavy tips with gold decals

via @joelyoceannails

These lunar eclipse-inspired nails are definitely eye-catching. The dark blue French tips create a unique backdrop for this nail design, which is completed with opulent celestial motifs and evil eye detailing – so eccentric!

13. Celestial French

Tired of your usual French manicure? Add a celestial touch to your fresh manicure next time with tiny golden star motifs.

14. Royal Blue

These nails would be perfect for a 4th of July party, but they’re equally great to complete your Eras tour outfit, if you happen to be going!

15. Milkyway

Cute simple gold star nail art on nude nails

via @overglowedit

Gold sparkle detailing is always a good idea on a simple starry manicure. Start with a nude nail, paint on some gold glitter polish in the middle of your nails, and finish the look by adding a few subtle gold star decals along the glitter polish lines.

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