25 Glamorous Birthday Nails To Wear On Your Special Day

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Get ready to celebrate in style with these stunning birthday nails! From chrome finishes to sparkling French tips, there’s a design for any birthday girl.

Turning a year older is always a cause for celebration, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a stunning set of birthday nails?

While any nail design can technically be a birthday manicure, there’s something special about opting for dazzling nail art that signals to the world that it’s your day to shine.

Whether you’re planning a glamorous soirée or a low-key gathering with loved ones, one of these 25 glamorous nails below can be the perfect finishing touch to your birthday look.

25 Chic Birthday Nails For Your Special Day

1. Short and Sweet

Birthday nails don’t mean you have to go far out of your comfort zone, nor do you need to go for super long crazy nails. This short, baby pink chrome manicure is perfect for all the girly girls.

2. Glitter bomb

If you like to look like a birthday girl, nothing says it like a full glitter manicure. This mix of chunky glitter is perfect if you’re having an evening party or dinner to celebrate.

3. French glitter

Using glitter or chrome to create the effect of a French manicure is perfect if you don’t want to commit to the glam fully, but still want to spice up your birthday look.

4. night luxe

One for all the night luxe Pinterest girlies (if you know you know).

5. uncut gems

Blue nails are really underrated. They aren’t as chic as a classic French manicure, or cherry red nails, but go for it if it reflects your personal style – today is all about celebrating YOU!

6. The crossover

This crossover manicure is easy to DIY at home (given you have a steady-ish hand). Simply swipe one color over the corner of your nail, and once it’s dry, repeat on the other side.

7. Starry night

This starry night chrome manicure is one for the statement fashionistas. The orange reflection of the chrome warms up the frosty manicure.

8. Gold and mirrors

A mirror, but GOLD. If you love the reflective silver manicure, but are more of a gold girly, this should be your next birthday set.

9. Barely there

This slight French manicure works for any occasion, and is a great option if getting a manicure is usually a birthday treat!

10. A pink pinky

This half & half-pink and white manicure is great for a summer birthday manicure or vacation nails – or if you’re lucky, both!

11. A birthday star

On your birthday, you should feel like the star of the night, why not have your nails reflect the same sentiment?

12. Peachy keen

If you’re planning to go on vacation around your birthday, these peach ombré nails are the perfect accompaniment to your vacay-birthday.

13. The Coffee girl

Birthdays are a day of your favorite things and people. If you’re a die-hard coffee girl, these coffee-colored nails are super on-trend, but still glam enough for a day of celebrating you!

14. Wish upon a star

On your birthday, it is customary to make a wish as you blow out your candle, but they also say you can wish upon a shooting star! Even if there’s none to see in the sky, you can always put them on your nails.

15. Bedazzled bday

More than any other time of year, you can go all out on your birthday. You don’t need to worry about being overdressed, so it’s the perfect time to amp up the glam!

16. wine and dine

If you like to be wined and dined, this stunning pink and burgundy manicure should be your next birthday go-to!

17. hundreds and thousands

If you don’t like sprinkles on your cake, try them on your nails instead with this fun minimal manicure.

18. maximalist maxi

Minimal doesn’t mean boring, and this mauve manicure proves that. Adding some sparkles to a statement nail can take it to ‘birthday nails’ level.

19. it’s my birthday, and I’ll wear black if I want to

Birthday nails don’t always mean pink and sparkles. If your personal style is better reflected with black nails, this is a great alternative.

20. A French birthday

A French manicure could be a boring birthday nail, but add some glitter and cuticle nail art and it might just be your best set yet.

21. Taupelly happy

Chocolate nails are a big trend this season, and though it likely isn’t your first idea of birthday nails, these are too cute not to try.

22. Sprinkle of glitter

A block glitter nail can be a lot to get used to, particularly if you’re a minimal manicure girlie. Instead, this set with a sprinkle of glitter does the trick!

23. Space alien

This futuristic, iridescent manicure is what birthday nails are made of. It is bold, and statement, but when else can you do it if not for your birthday?

24. oil spill

Bold nail art is slowly making its way back into trending designs. This is a great DIY manicure to do at home over your favorite color. The dark tones of the black actually emphasize the beauty of the base color.

25. Pearl of the ocean

Crystals and glitter are common nail art components, but why not try something a little different and go for a pearl instead of a diamond?

We hope you found the perfect set to steal the spotlight!

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