25 Chic Olive Green Nails You’ll Want To Get For Your Next Mani

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Earth-tone colors are taking over the fashion and beauty world right now. Whether you prefer a glossy finish or a matte design, these 25 gorgeous olive green nails will add an elegant touch to your look!

Cool, earthy tones are all the rage this year, and we can see why. Olive green, and its close cousin, sage green, exude sophistication and elegance while echoing the muted tones of nature.

In a world full of classic manicures, it’s easy to overlook olive green since it’s a rather nontraditional nail color. However, if you’re after a neutral shade that matches all of your outfits, transcends seasons, and is overall just a bit more special than your average nude and beige nail designs, why not try this unassuming shade of green?

If you’re looking for extra sparkle or other added details to include in your manicure, take a look at these 25 classy nail designs below. Whether you’re DIYing your manicure or visiting your favorite nail tech, there are plenty of ideas that are worth saving for later!

25 Chic Olive Green Nails To Try

1. Green + Pink

This olive green and pale pink color combination is just stunning! The pale pink nails are decorated with two little olive green spots to tie in the olive green nails on either side – just perfect!

2. Olive Green Leaves

We love the dainty and delicate leaves that feature on this beautiful manicure, while the gold specks add a glamorous touch. The clear nails decorated with olive green leaves really stand out next to the glittering green nails to create a striking look.

3. Green + Silver Swirls

This manicure features a couple of different nail art designs, that you can play around with and mix and match to really make this manicure your own. The pale pink base is decorated with gold glitter French tips, or olive green and gold swirls from the tip and base of the nails. Finish off with a glossy olive green nail on the little finger.

4. Gold sparkles

Cute olive green nails with gold flakes

via @nailsbypaulin

The dark olive green nails are contrasted with the nude nails, decorated with glittering gold sparkles for a striking and eye-catching look! The matte finish on this manicure adds a distinctive touch and softer look.

5. French Tips + Waves

This olive green manicure has a chic and sophisticated look, with olive green nails paired with glossy nude nails, green French tips and asymmetric green waves at the tip and base. This manicure would be perfect for the fall and winter months.

6. Olive Green + Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell nails are super stylish right now so why not incorporate this design into your olive green nails? The two middle nails are split in half by a green line, with a nude polish on one side and a warm, amber tortoiseshell design on the other – just gorgeous! The manicure is finished with a solid green nail and a green French tip.

7. Metallic Olive Green

Add a little shimmer to your everyday look with this striking metallic olive green manicure! These nails are kept simple, with a square shape and no nail designs, to really let the metallic green finish shine and gleam in the light.  

8. Polka Dots

If you are looking for a bold and playful design, then this polka-dot manicure is perfect for you! The pale pink base is decorated with oversized olive green polka dots to create fun and eye-catching nails.

9. White Leaves + Green Waves

This green wave manicure has a polished and refined look, with a touch of glamour, making it ideal for any spring or summer events! The olive green nails are paired with milky white nails decorated with green waves on one side, finished with a glittering gold line, while the other side features dainty white leaves – so pretty!

10. Matte Stripes

This matte nail design has a minimalist look but still adds a little extra sparkle to your look.  The middle and ring fingers feature a nude base and are decorated with a half-green half-gold stripe down the center of the nail for a stunning finish.

11. A touch of Silver

A little touch of sparkling silver at the base of the index finger adds a glamorous touch to this paired-back, simple manicure. The glossy, pale pink nails are broken up by an olive green nail in the center, while the silver ensures a sparkling finish.

12. Baby’s breath

This baby’s breath manicure is perfect for the spring months, with a soft and delicate look. The olive green looks stunning next to the pale pink nails decorated with white French tips and sprigs of baby’s breath – this is such a unique way of doing a floral manicure.

13. Olive Trees

Add a touch to the Mediterranean with this unique olive tree manicure. Pair your olive green nails with glossy nude nails decorated with olive tree branches for a summery look – perfect if you are heading off for a European summer vacation!

14. Reverse French Tips

Cute olive green nails with gold glitter

via @nailsbykatiedutra

We love a reverse French tip to add an unexpected pop of color or glitter to a manicure – just like this green and gold manicure. At the base of each olive green nail is a swipe of gleaming gold, adding a little extra sparkle to your nails, while the little finger is painted entirely in gold glitter.

15. Gold Curves + Black Leaves

This manicure combines olive green with curved lines of gold and green and then dainty black leaves. The olive green accent nail really stands out among the neutral nails decorated with delicate, sinuous curves, asymmetrically across the nail, while black leaves bloom from the tip of the nail.  

16. Blurred Out Branches

Go for a softer, more subtle look with these olive green nails. The green manicure features a milky white accent nail, decorated with a blurred-out branch and leaves – just beautiful!

17. Shades of Olive Green

We love the mix of designs and shades of green in this striking manicure! Each nail features a different colored French tip, with some nails finished with a pale pink base and others with a pale green or khaki green base. Champagne gold glitter adds a little extra sparkle to the nails.

18. Light + Dark French Tips

Olive green nails with French tips.

via @nailzzbysteph

This nail design has a sleek and sophisticated look, while light, sage green paired with olive green makes for a beautiful color palette. The nails alternate between a solid color and a green French tip for an elegant and refined finish.

19. Yellow Florals

This manicure is perfect for the spring and summer months, with vibrant colors and bright floral designs. An olive green nail sits in the center, flanked by light pink and white nails, and a ring finger decorated with white and yellow flowers and green leaves – just gorgeous!

20. Green + Gold abstract tips

Opt for something a little more unique and artistic with the abstract green and gold-tipped manicure. The pink nails have a matte finish and are decorated with serpentine tips, trimmed with a gold line that really shimmers in the light.

21. Leaf silhouetes

These nails are stunning, with beautiful leaf designs and a mix of glossy and matte finishes. The khaki green nail is paired with shimmering white and light green nails, decorated with sleek silhouettes of leaves and finished with specks of gold. The green nails have a matte finish to give the nails a softer, sketched look.

22. Green Aura Nails

Aura nails are one of our favorite trends for this season, so why not go for this stunning olive green aura nail design? The green is more concentrated in the center and then fades out towards the edge of the nails, then each nail is decorated with a metallic green abstract design.

23. Ditsy White Flowers

Add a springtime touch to your nails with this ditsy floral print nail design! The glossy olive green nails sit on either side of the nude nails, decorated with dainty white flowers, with mini green leaves for a super pretty look.

24. Swipes of silver

We love the contrast between the matte olive green nails and glossy, green, and silver nails to create an eye-catching manicure. The middle and ring fingers begin with a pale pink base and then are decorated with swipes of green, white, and silver glitter from the tip of the nail.

25. Green + Glittery Curves

These glossy nude nails are decorated with olive green and silver French tips, for the thumb and index finger, curved waves of green and glitter for the middle and ring finger, and then the manicure is finished with a bold olive green nail – just perfect!

We hope you loved these olive green nails as much as we did!

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