25 Chic Evil Eye Nails To Keep Bad Vibes At Bay

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Are you looking for a unique and trending nail design to try out this year? If so, try Evil Eye nails to scare the bad vibes away.

If you’re a social media connoisseur, then you must have come across the Evil Eye that’s been popping up on different social media platforms as an emoji, graphics, videos, etc. It has also been featured in different fashion trends such as jewelry, pendants, and even clothes and shoes.

But first: don’t let the scary name fool you; the Evil Eye is anything but that! The famous “Evil Eye” amulet comes from the belief that when someone achieves great success, there is always another person who is envious of that success, and therefore has intentions of taking that away. Here comes the amulet, which is designed to ward off bad intentions, bad vibes, and envy.

The Evil Eye comes in the form of a cobalt blue circle, a white ring, a light blue ring, and then a black circle, all of which represent an “eye”. 

In recent years, one of the most popular ways to wear the Evil Eye is in the form of jewelry. But thanks to emerging nail trends, Evil Eye nail designs have also popped up left and right, giving us a new and unique way to ward off the bad juju.

If you’re looking for an easy way to radiate good karma, check out these 25 chic evil eye nail designs that we’ve spotted on Instagram, perfect to recreate at home or at the salon!

The Best Evil Eye Nails To Copy

1. Good vibes only

Sometimes, you just want a manicure with good vibes. This manicure combines evil eye and star nail art with a milky pink base, perfect for the minimal girlies.

2. Every gold lining

A gold-lined manicure, whether that be around the nail or a French tip, is perfect paired with the blue tones of an evil eye.

3. bone China

Bone China is a classic look; the bright white paired with deep blue complements each other beautifully. Rather than the white base, go for a nude pink for a classic look.

4. Blue tips

Blue French tip nails with evil eye nail art

via @jazzynailsx

Swap out a classic French tip for a blue tip with an evil eye at the cuticle for a stunning vacation manicure.

5. Rays of gold

Cute short blue evil eye nails with gold

via @basecoatstories

This gold manicure is an intricate take on the bold evil eye motif. You can go for this on every nail, or an accent nail.

6. i see green

Rather than opting for the classic blue, you could go for the manicure in any color, or even your own eye color! This stunning forest green nail design will be perfect during the holiday season.

7. minimal mani

Who doesn’t love a classic French manicure? If you’re never seen without a white tip, add on a micro evil eye for a fun aspect.

8. mosaic manicure

This rustic mosaic-style manicure is perfect for a vacation. You could leave it plain, or go for a metallic element with gold or silver.

9. mystical midnight

Cute royal blue evil eye nails with French tips

via @missbettyrose / @rowisingh

A mystical manicure lends itself to an intricate nail art look. A dark blue tip can emulate the night sky, and the gold motifs, the stars in the sky.

10. all-seeing

This bold manicure is one for all the fashion girlies. The monochrome works perfectly for those who like wearing bright colors, as this means your manicure will never clash.

11. milky way

This milky white manicure is perfect for both summer and winter, and makes the perfect background for metallic stars and bright blue evil eyes.

12. constellations

Cute short royal blue evil eye nails

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One for all the stargazers. Include your favorite constellation on the manicure, along with other astronomy symbols.

13. real eyes

This minimal manicure is fantastic if you like an interesting manicure, but aren’t looking for anything too bold.

14. future fortune

This manicure plays off futuristic style nail art, along with gold leaf tips layered with evil eye motifs.

15. floral fingers

Florals are a great nail art motif, and against a nude pink base color is the perfect clean girl manicure.

16. mixed reality

This statement manicure features a checkerboard accent nail and gold accents, perfect for a fun vacation nail art look.

17. chrome eyes

Rather than mixing metallic in with the other nail art tones, a completely gold and nude manicure is perfect for all the minimal girlies.

18. the looker

This nail art look feels Eqyptian-inspired. Nail art is nearly always focused on the top of the nail. In this case, the motif is focused on the cuticle bed.

19. accent eyes

Accent nails aren’t super common when it comes to nail art any longer, but a dainty statement nail like this is still on-trend.

20. a sparkle in the eye

You’ve heard the term “sparkle in their eye,” so why not incorporate some sparkle with your evil-eye manicure?

21. eye See you

Rather than the minimal circle-shaped evil eye, these bold eye motifs are a great statement manicure.

22. melted mani

This style of abstract nail art is all-the-rage. It’s effortless and still chic as it looks great on short, natural nails.

23. gold leaf

Gold leaf is an aspect of nail art that is underappreciated but should be more popular. It adds a rustic, but still glam angle to your manicure.

24. Tiled talons

Moroccan tiles have patterns similar to these and are made in all kinds of beautiful bold colors. A manicure done in the same style against a nude pink color will look perfect for summer.

25. connect the dots

If you don’t know how to add glitter to your evil eye manicure, add a few different eyes on your nails and connect them with a sparkly line – like a glam game of connect the dots.

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