50 Cute Halloween Costumes For Teenage Girls That You’ll Love

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Are you looking for the best Halloween costumes for teenage girls that you can wear to school or after hours? If so, these teen Halloween costumes are for you!

These 40 surprisingly cute and easy Halloween costumes are perfect if you’re looking for an affordable costume idea that will impress everyone you know. You can team up with your best friends to create a duo or trio costume, or simply copy one of these looks yourself.

The Best Halloween Costumes For Teenage Girls:

1. Strawberry Shortcake

These Strawberry Shortcake costumes are so cute and perfect for you and your bestie for school! There are plenty of Strawberry Shortcake t-shirts online, then just finish off with a pastel-colored skirt and sandals – just perfect!

2. Teletubbies

Teletubbies Halloween costumes for 4

Get these costumes on Etsy

If you are looking for a comfy costume to wear all day long, this Teletubbies look is exactly what you need! Grab a few friends and pick up these onesie costumes from Etsy so you can easily dress as a different Teletubby.

3. Starbucks Drinks


Duo Starbucks Halloween costumes for teenage girls

Get these costumes on Etsy

Every teen loves a Starbucks, so why not recreate these sweet Starbucks costumes for Halloween this year? These costumes are available in lots of different colors from Etsy, to make Halloween stress-free, you just need to finish off the look with a white t-shirt and white leggings.

4. Emily In Paris

Dressing up as your favorite character from a TV show is always a great idea for Halloween, just like this super stylish Emily in Paris look! Lily Collins wears so many different outfits throughout the show so there are lots of different looks you can recreate, just finish with a beret for that true Parisian finish.

5. Stereotypical Barbie

If, like us, you loved the Barbie film, then you need to dress up as Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie for Halloween this year. You will need a pink vest and high-waisted flared pink jeans, then accessorize with a pink scarf and a white cowboy hat. Or you could opt for the Barbieland outfit, with a pink gingham dress.

6. Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries is a cult classic film and Mia Thermopolis and Lilly Moscovitz are two excellent characters to dress up as for Halloween. We love their school looks, including a plaid skirt, blue button-up shirt, and navy knee-high socks – so cute!

7. Princess Aurora & Maleficent

We love a matching best friend look, like these Princess Aurora and Maleficent costumes! You will need a pink dress for Aurora, this could be from your wardrobe or order a Princess Aurora dress online, and an all-black outfit for Maleficent, finished off with the famous Maleficent horns headband.

8. Belle From Beauty & The Beast

Any big Disney fans will absolutely love dressing up in this Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume for any upcoming Halloween activities! You can order a costume online or pair a white shirt with a blue corset top and layers of blue and white skirts to become Belle!

9. Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty Halloween costume for teen girls

Get this on Etsy

This Sleeping Beauty look is so sweet and perfect for school or any Halloween party. The costume is available from Etsy, making it really easy to create your Halloween look this year, you will just need a blonde wig, or curl your blonde hair to finish off the costume.

10. Powerpuff Girls

Cute powerpuff Halloween costumes for 3 teens

Get these t-shirts on Etsy

Retro-inspired costumes are always so much fun, just like these Powerpuff Girls costumes! You and two friends each need a mini dress or one of these T-shirts in blue, pink, and green, a black belt at the waist, and black shoes. Just like the image above, you could also print out some of the big, round Powerpuff Girl eyes!

11. Tennis Players

Go chic and stylish with these Tennis Players costumes – this look is a great idea for just one person or a group of friends. Tennis skirts are super fashionable at the moment, so there are plenty available for you to choose from, then just add a sporty crop top and white sneakers – make sure you also have a tennis racket to finish the look.

12. Peacock

Peacock teen Halloween costume for girls and boys

Get this on Etsy

This gorgeous peacock costume is a stunning and quirky costume that will really make a statement. Pair this incredible peacock feather print cape with an all-blue outfit and then finish with blue and green shimmering makeup – so pretty!

13. Butterfly

Butterfly Halloween costume for teen grils

Get these costumes on Etsy

This Butterfly look is just beautiful and super easy for you to recreate at home. Order one of these butterfly capes from Etsy, and there are lots of colors for you to choose from, and then finish the look with an all-black outfit. You can have lots of fun with your makeup too, drawing on the colors in your butterfly wings.

14. Goddess 

Goddess Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this costume on Etsy

To recreate this gorgeous Goddess costume for Halloween this year, you will just need a floaty, floor-length dress, this gold headband from Etsy, and lots of gold jewelry for a glamorous look. Complete with gold eye makeup and a red lip.

15. Candy Corn

Cute candy corn Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this costume on Etsy

This Candy Corn costume is a classic Halloween look that is just so sweet! You can pick up this costume from Etsy, ensuring a stress-free Halloween, then you could finish off with knee-high socks and sneakers – just perfect!

16. Holographic Aliens

Cute Halloween costumes for teenage girl, teen Halloween costumes, duo Halloween costumes

Get this costume on Etsy

You can have so much fun with these alien Halloween looks, for you or you and your friends! These costumes are available on Etsy, or just pull all the silver, sequined, and holographic clothing from your wardrobe. Finish with an alien antennae headband and lots of sparkly, silver makeup.

17. Boho Goddess

Boho festival Goddess Halloween costume for teens

Get this crown on Etsy

You can create your own, individual Goddess look with this gold headband from Etsy and any maxi dress! This boho Goddess look is stunning, with layers of chiffon floating in the wind, but you could interpret this Goddess costume in any way you like and really make it your own.

18. Unicorns

How can you resist these adorable Unicorn Halloween costumes?! This costume is perfect for school or any Halloween activities and is easy to recreate at home. You just need a pink top, a sparkly tutu, this could also be pink or multicolored, and a unicorn horn headband. Add lots of pastel-coloured jewelry and shimmery pink makeup to complete the costume.

19. Toy Story

We just adore any Toy Story Halloween costumes – they always look amazing and are instantly recognizable. You could order a Woody, Buzz, or Jessie costume online, or create your own from items you already have in your wardrobe. For example, a green top and purple skirt for Buzz and a flannel shirt, vest, and jean shorts of Woody.

20. Cousin It

Addams Family Cousin It Halloween costume for teenagers

Get this costume on Etsy

If you are looking for something a little more spooky and fun, this Cousin It costume is exactly what you need! Everyone loves the Halloween classic, The Addams Family, and Cousin It is always one of our favorite characters. This costume is available from Etsy so you don’t have to worry about recreating this hairy look at home.

21. The Purge

The Purge group Halloween costume for 4 teens with LED masks

Get these masks on Etsy

For a scarier, Halloween look, go for this The Purge costume and include your friends too! To recreate this look, you just need these neon masks, which are available to order from Etsy, and an oversized white t-shirt, splattered with fake blood.

22. Country Music Lover

Country girl Halloween costume for teens

Get this on Whiskey Darling

Grab your favorite Country music t-shirt and recreate this cute and stylish Halloween costume! All you need is a Country music graphic t-shirt and a pair of cowboy boots – then you can style this outfit in any way you like.

23. Pirate

A pirate is a classic Halloween costume that always looks amazing. There are plenty of pirate costumes you can order online, or just order some accessories, like a pirate hat and an eye patch, and stylish with a white shirt, black skirt, and a vest for a simple, DIY pirate look.

24. Loki

Dressing up as a Disney villain for Halloween is always a great idea, which is why we love this Loki costume. As long as you have the famous gold Loki horns, you can then wear and green outfit – like this green dress and belt – to create the Loki look. Add a long black cape for a dramatic finish.

25. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

Get this costume on Etsy (matching sister costumes are available too!)

Hocus Pocus is one of the best Halloween films, and the witches are excellent inspirations for this year’s Halloween costume – you could include two friends to complete the trio of Sanderson witches. This Etsy costume is available online, to make creating this Hocus Pocus look super easy.

26. Minnie Mouse

This adorable Minnie Mouse costume is just irresistible and instantly recognizable too! For this Minnie Mouse look, you need a polka dot top, a black mini skirt, a pearl necklace, and Minnie ears. You can then also order some of these squishy Minnie Mouse hands online.

27. Sunflower

Cute sunflower Halloween costume for teens

Get this on Etsy

This sunflower costume looks so cute and is so much fun too! Style this yellow sunflower head, which you can order from Etsy with an all-green outfit to look exactly like a bright and vibrant sunflower.

28. Tinkerbell

Cute Tinkerbell Halloween costume for teens

Get this costume on Etsy

Who doesn’t want to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween? This costume looks stunning and is available to order from Etsy, or you and wear a green mini dress you already own and pair it with fairy wings and tie your hair up in a bun – just gorgeous.

29. Gold Fairy

Gold fairy Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this costume on Etsy

If you are looking for something a little more striking and dramatic, this gold fairy costume is just perfect for you! We love the bold, glittering look of the costume that will look incredible at any Halloween party this year. You can easily order this costume from Etsy, then finish with gold makeup and jewelry.

30. Mario & Luigi

@rybkatwinsofficial The woah at the end… 👀🤣 Who remembers this trend!?! 💚❤️ Alsoooo what are you dressing up for Halloween this year!? 🤔 #mario #mariokart #halloween #costumes #couplecostumes #sisters #twins ♬ original sound – The Rybka Twins

Grab your best friend and recreate this fun Mario and Luigi costume for Halloween this year! These are iconic characters and there are plenty of Mario and Luigi costumes online, complete with the red and green t-shirts, blue dungarees, and M and L hats – so cute!

31. Eddie Munson From Stranger Things

Any big Stranger Things fans will love to dress up in this Eddie Munson costume for Halloween this year. You just need black jeans, a graphic tee, a blue denim jacket, and a black 80s-style wig. Make sure to bring an inflatable guitar with you as well!

32. Daphne & Velma

We love any Scooby Doo-themed costumes, just like these Velma and Daphne outfits. These outfits are pretty easy to recreate at home too, you just need an orange jumper and red skirt for Velma, then a purple dress and green scarf at your neck for Daphne. Pull on your knee-high socks and some Mary Jane heels and you’re ready to start solving mysteries.

33. Cute Pennywise

Who says Pennywise the Clown has to be scary? If you want a true Halloween look, but don’t want to go too scary, opt for this cute Pennywise costume. The look is easy to create at home, with a white sweater and red ribbons in your hair, but it all comes down to the makeup and face paint to properly create a Pennywise look.

34. Squirrel

Squirrel Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this on Etsy

This squirrel costume is so much fun and a great choice for any Halloween activities you have coming up. The tail and headband are available to order from Etsy in grey or brown, then just finish with an all-grey or all-brown outfit to create an adorable squirrel look.

35. Best Buds

Cute teen Halloween costumes for best friends

Get The Outfit On Corey & Paige

This Best Buds costume would be ideal for any Halloween party, and you can order the crop top and leggings online which makes recreating the looks super easy and stress-free.

36. Carebears

Care bear Halloween costumes for teenage girls

Get these t-shirts on Etsy

There are so many different Care Bears out there, making this costume idea perfect for you and your friendship group. You can order these Care Bear t-shirts online, or just pick a dress in a pastel shade and create the sign of this corresponding Care Bear at home and finish with little bear ears.

37. Shego From Kim Possible

Shego Kim Possible Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this on Etsy

Go retro with this Shego from Kim Possible costume! Shego is an iconic cartoon villain who makes an incredible Halloween look. The striking black and green outfit she wears is available via the link below from Etsy, you just need to finish with a dark lip – just like Shego wears in the series.

38. Popcorn

Cute popcorn Halloween costume for teens

Get this costume on Etsy

We love playful and quirky costumes, like this cute popcorn look! The costume includes a crop top that looks like popcorn and a skirt that resembles the popcorn box, then you can complete the look with a movie ticket headband and a little box of popcorn.

39. Queen Of Hearts

Cute Queen of Hearts Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this costume on Etsy

Alice in Wonderland is a great place to seek inspiration for a Halloween costume, just like this stunning Queen of Hearts costume. There are lots of Queen of Hearts costumes available online, including this costume from Etsy, then you just need to finish with a red lip and red knee-high socks.

40. Bat

Cute bat Halloween costumes for teenage girls

Get the wings (and headbands) on Etsy 

This bat costume is a Halloween classic that never fails to look fantastic. This costume is ideal for school, a party, or trick or treating, and all you need is a black dress, or top and skirt, and then order these black lace bat ears and wings from Etsy to complete the look.

41. Ghost Emoji

Ghost Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get this dress on Etsy

This emoji ghost costume is a fun twist on the typical Halloween ghost costumes. This dress is available on Etsy, making Halloween shopping easy and stress-free this year, and then just finish with black knee-high socks and your favorite white sneakers.

42. The Incredibles

Cute Incredibles Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get these costumes on Etsy

The Incredible is one of the best Disney films and is filled with excellent characters to dress up as for Halloween! You could rope in your friends to create The Incredibles family, or just order these gorgeous Incredible dresses, skirts, and tops online.

43. Lilo & Stitch

If you are looking for a fun and cute bestie costume, this Lilo and Stitch look is just perfect. You can go for a red, patterned dress for Lilo and an all-blue outfit for Stitch, complete with Stitch ears, or have a little more fun with a red and a blue top and then leafy skirts – so pretty!

44. Witch

Witch Halloween costume

Get this costume on Etsy

A witch costume never fails! There are also so many different ways to create your own, individual witch looks, with a whole variety of black dresses, broomsticks, and witch hats to make this classic costume really your own.

45. Lizzie & Isabella From The Lizzie McGuire Movie

If growing up, you loved the Lizzie McGuire Movie, then this Lizzie and Isabell look is just what you and your best friend need to wear for Halloween this year. To recreate these iconic looks, you need a purple jacket and pants, with a sequined top, for Lizzie, while for Isabella you need a green dress and jacket with white boots.

46. Olivia Rodrigo

This Olivia Rodrigo look is one of our absolute favorite Halloween looks! You could recreate her look from Sour or Guts, or maybe even one of the music video outfits – there are so many different options! Just make sure to include dark nails, lots of silver rings, and a sleek winged liner.

47. Dazed & Confused Seniors

Cute group Halloween costume for teenage girls

Get these sweatshirts on Etsy

This Dazed and Confused Seniors look is perfect for your whole friendship group and each friend can style the look in their own way. Order these sweatshirts online and then pair them with shorts or a skirt, knee-high socks, and comfy sneakers.

48. Winx Club

We always love a fairy look for Halloween, like this Winx Club outfit for you and your two best friends. You each need a mini dress, or mini skirt and top, in purple, pink, and blue, then add a pair of heels and some wings to complete the Winx Club look.

49. Snow White

Snow White Halloween costume for teens and adults

Get this costume on Etsy

This Snow White costume is so cute and perfect if you need a Halloween costume for school. There are plenty of Snow White costumes available online, including this pretty dress from Etsy, and then finish off with black shoes and a red hairband.

50. Chip & Dale

Chip and dale matching Halloween costumes for 2 teenage girls

Get these costumes on Etsy

Disney-themed Halloween costumes are always a great idea, just like these sweet Chip and Dale costumes! You and your bestie could create all-brown outfits from items you already own, or order these super cute dresses from Etsy – either way, finish with brown chipmunk ears and brown sneakers.

Which of these teen Halloween costumes was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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