35 Minimalist Scandinavian & Nordic Christmas Decor Ideas

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Not a fan of loud holiday decor? We got you covered! We found you the best minimalist Scandinavian and Nordic Christmas decor that we think you’ll love.

We all know that the holidays are usually associated with loud, bright colors, as well as ostentatious (and often super extra) decor. Christmas is all about being festive, which means that red, green, and white is often used to brighten up your home or establishment.

But if you’re someone who appreciates clean, sleek home decor that will instantly brighten up your space with simplicity, then you should check out Scandinavian minimalism.

We are a fan of Scandinavian minimalism for a variety of reasons: it is mainly focused on having a clean, clutter-free space, while still retaining its beauty. Think of sleek lines, wooden elements, ceramic decor, neutral color palettes, burlap fabric, and more. The Scandinavian lifestyle is often so simple, making use of light by having pale-colored walls and flooring, as well as decor.

Loud holiday colors are not for everyone, and it’s totally fine! So if you still want to feel festive without all the extra elements, we suggest going for minimalist Scandinavian Christmas decor. Instead of having a big green Christmas tree, try going for a wooden version where you can hang up minimal ornaments and Christmas lights. 

Have we piqued your curiosity? If so, we found the best minimalist Scandinavian Christmas decor that you should definitely check out! The images and products featured below are all shoppable, so if you want to go for a simple holiday aesthetic this season, just click on the image and it will take you right on the website to purchase.

Let’s get started!


The Best Nordic & Scandinavian Christmas Decor

1. Ceramic Mini Trees


Ceramic Mini Christmas Trees For Scandinavian And Nordic Decor

Get these on West Elm


2. Green Christmas Tree Candles


Chic Scandinavian Christmas tree decorations for the kitchen

Get these candles at Crate & Barrel


3. Brass Reindeer


Metallic minimalist brass reindeer Christmas decorations

Get these on CB2

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4. Wooden Stars


Scandinavian and nordic style wooden star Christmas decor

Get these on Etsy


5. Silver Hurricanes


Silver Christmas Hurricanes

Get these on West Elm


6. Antler Wreath


Nordic style antler Christmas wreath

Get this on Pottery Barn


7. Antique Brass Bells


Scandinavian Antique Brass Bells for Christmas decor

Get these on Pottery Barn


8. Faux Poinsettias


Faux Poinsettia Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Get these on Pottery Barn


9. Star Fairy Lights


Scandinavian Christmas decor ideas with fairy lights

Get the lights at The White Company


10. Gold Deer


Gold deer Christmas mantle decor

Get them on Etsy (other colors also available!)


11. Wooden Christmas Village


Wooden Christmas Village

Get this set on Etsy


12. Metallic Paper Christmas Ornaments


Scandinavian and nordic style Christmas paper ornaments

Get these on Crate And Barrel


13. Holiday Mantle Decor


Chic Scandinavian Christmas mantle decor

Get this decor set at Crate & Barrel


14. Glitter Snowflake


Minimalist Scandinavian and Nordic Christmas snowflake ornaments

Get these at The White Company


15. Scandinavian Christmas Tablecloth


Scandinavian Christmas Tablecloth

Get this on Etsy


16. Nordic Star


Metallic Nordic Christmas star ornament

Get this at The White Company


17. Beaded Christmas Tree Skirt


Chic white and gold beaded Christmas tree skirt

Get this at Neiman Marcus


18. Red & Green


Traditional pine Christmas garland for mantle decor

Get this garland on Etsy


19. Icicle Ornaments


Scandinavian and nordic style minimalist icicle Christmas ornaments

Get these at Walmart (affordable!)


20. Koselig Star


Koselig Star

Get this on Etsy


21. Red Berry Stems


Minimalist Red Berry Stems

Get these on West Elm


22. Cranberry Hurricanes


Scandinavian and Nordic style cranberry hurricanes

Get this on Crate & Barrel


23. Wooden Silhouette Houses


Wooden Silhouette Houses Nordic Christmas Decor

Get these on Etsy


24. Rustic Tree Ornaments


Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

Get these on Etsy


25. Scandi Style Stars


Get these ornaments on Etsy


26. Pre-Lit Beaded Glass Trees


White Scandinavian and Nordic style Pre-Lit Beaded Glass Trees

Get these on Pottery Barn


27. Marble Trees


Dark green Christmas tree decorations

Get these on Crate & Barrel


28. Candy Cane Striped Stockings


Nordic and Scandinavian style Christmas stockings

Get these on West Elm


29. Felt Dala Horse Ornaments


Red Felt Dala Horse Christmas tree ornaments

Get this on Etsy


30. Metallic Lanterns


Chic and minimalist Scandinavian style Christmas lanterns

Get this at The White Company


31. Scandinavian Style Cottage 


Scandinavian Style Cottage Christmas Living Room

Get these on Pottery Barn


32. Scandi Style Candle Holders


Modern wooden candle holders

Get these on Etsy


33. Holiday Gnomes


Scandinavian style Christmas gnome decorations

Get these on Etsy


34. Wood Bead Garland


Wood Bead Christmas Garland

Get this on Etsy


35. Domed Glass Candle Holder


Minimalist Scandinavian-style Domed Glass Candle Holder

Get this at The White Company


Have you found your next Christmas decor from this list? We hope you did! Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more Christmas inspiration, check the posts down below.


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