40+ Best Family Halloween Costumes With Kids That You’ll Love

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If you’re looking for fun and creative family Halloween costumes to recreate this year, you’ve come to the right place!

With kids, Halloween is always a fun time, but a lot of preparation usually also goes into costumes, decorations and of course – getting those buckets of candy ready for all the trick or treaters!

So, now is the perfect time to start getting your costumes ready to stay on top of the game. Below you can find some of the best unique family Halloween costumes & ideas that you can easily copy and recreate with your family. Some of them are DIY costumes, but the majority are available to be purchased fromHalloween Costumes.com, Target, Walmart or Etsy.

I’ve provided links for as many costumes as possible for your convenience and I hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the costumes!


The Best Family Halloween Costumes:

1. Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters family costume - best family Halloween costumes

Get the adults’ costume here / Get the kids’ costume here / Image Via @Little Ducks Four


2. Harry Potter Gang


Harry Potter family costumes with baby

Mens Costume / Womens Costume / Dobby Costume / Image Via @Jasmine H Ridley


3. Toy Story


Toy Story family costume

Buzz Lightyear Costume / Kids Woody Costume / Image Via @CaraLoren


4. The Grinch


Grinch family costumes, Tte Grinch And Cindy Lou Who costumes

Cindy Lou Who Costume / Similar Grinch Costume / Image Via @MrsGrube


5. Scary Family Costume


Scary family Halloween costumes

Image Via Kristy By The Sea


6. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory


Charlie and the chocolate factory family costume with toddler

Image Via @Angela Scheiderich


7. Monsters Inc


Monsters inc family costume with toddler

 Image Via Pinterest


8. Grease 


Grease family costume

Image Via @Cara Loren


9. Superhero Squad


Superhero family costume with Batman, Catwoman, Spiderman and Wonderwoman. Best family Halloween costumes

Spiderman / Wonder WomanBatman Costume / Similar Cat Woman / Image Via The Girl In The Yellow Dress


10. The Wizard Of Oz


Wizard of Oz family costumes

Image Via Costume Works


11. Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins family costumes with baby and dog

Image Via @KJP


12.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory


Charlie and the chocolate factory family costume with Willy Wonka

Image Via @Erica Schulz686 / Pinterest


13. Ariel & Her Friends


Best family Halloween costumes with Ariel from the Little Mermaid

Ariel Costume & Ariel’s Wig /  Image Via Pinterest


14. The Incredibles


The incredibles family costume

Mr Incredible / Mrs. Incredible / Kids Costumes / Image Via Cute & Little


15. Mario Kart


Mario family costumes

Mario Costume / Luigi Costume / Princess Costume / Image Via Carolina Charm


16. Welcome To The Circus


Best family Halloween costumes with baby

Infant Lion Costume / Image Via Pinterest


17. Aladdin & The Gang


Aladdin family halloween costumes

Princess Jasmine Costume / Aladdin Costume / Jafar Costume / Image Via The Mama Queen


18. Farmers


Best family Halloween costumes - farmers family costume with baby

Chicken costume / Cow costume / Image Via Xoxo Kat


19. Scooby-Doo


Scooby Doo family halloween costumes

Toddler’s Scooby Doo Costume / Image Via Pinterest


20. Starwars


Star Wars family halloween costumes

Stormtrooper Costume / Chewbacca Costume / Image Via Mint Arrow


21. Robbers


Bank robber family costume with baby

Toddler’s Police Costume / Image Via Costume Works


22. Jurassic Park


Jurassic Park family halloween costumes with baby

Image Via Cupcakes & Cashmere


23. Champion Trophies


Best family Halloween costumes - sports trophies

Image Via Reddit


24. Where’s Waldo?


Cute Where's Waldo family costumes

Image Via Happy Grey Lucky


25. Shark Attack


Best family Halloween costumes: Jaws family costume with baby

Baby’s Shark Costume / Image Via M Loves M


26. Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the pooh family halloween costumes with baby

Image Via @Stacey Chadbourne


27. Batman Fam 


Batman, Catwoman and Robin family halloween costumes

Robin’s Costume / Batman Costume / Similar Cat Woman / Image Via Pinterest


28. Tune Squad


Looney Tunes family costumes

Image Via Costume Works


29. The Addams Family


The Addams family halloween costumes with toddlers

Similar Kids Wednesday Addam’s Costume / Image Via Pinterest


30. Bunch Of Thieves


Cute bank robber family Halloween costume with toddlers

Image Via Happy Grey Lucky


31. The Peanut Gang


Best family Halloween costumes with Peanut gang, toddlers and baby

Image Via Costume Works


32. Election Time


Election Halloween costumes with babies

Image Via Savor


33. Princess Leia, Stromtrooper & Minis


Star Wars family halloween costumes with Princess Leia, Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader

Stormtrooper’s Costume (High End) / Darth Vader Costume / Image Via @CaraLoren


34. Monsters Inc


Monsters Inc family Halloween costume with dog

Image Via The Overwhelmed Mommy


35. Starbucks Brew Crew


Starbucks family costume with baby

Baby’s Starbucks Costume / Image Via Pinterest


36. Aladdin & Co


Aladdin family Halloween costumes

Aladdin’s Costume / Jasmine’s Costume / Genie’s Costume / Image Via @Veronique Vicari Barnes


37. Goldilocks & The 3 Bears


Best family Halloween costumes: Goldilocks and the thee bears

Image Via Megan Tamber


38. The Murderers


Scary family Halloween costumes - The Purge

Image Via Will Work For Fashion


39. S’mores Costume


S'mores family Halloween costume

Image Via The Smittcamp’s


40. Jessie, Buzz & Woody


Toy Story family halloween costumes with Woody, Buzz and Jessie

Jessie’s Costume / Woody’s Costume / Image Via A Beautiful Mess


41. The Little Zoo


Best family Halloween costumes wit baby - the zoo

Women’s Zookeeper Costume / Zebra Costume / Giraffe Costume / Lion Costume / Image Via Pinterest


Which of these cute family Halloween costumes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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