50 Cute Couples Halloween Costumes You’ll Want To Recreate

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Looking for cute and unique couples Halloween costumes for you and your beau?

If so, we have gathered 50 amazingly creative ideas that you can copy this year! Some of these are very easy to replicate, whereas others require special props.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the cute and fun couple costumes that we found!

The Best Cute & Unique Couple Halloween Costumes:

1. Cruella De Vil & Dalmatian

Disney's Cruella De Vil & Dalmatian Halloween couples costume

Get these costumes on Yandy: Cruella | Dalmatian | Image via Yandy/ @barnettisblind

Cruella De Vil is a classic Halloween costume that always looks amazing, and now you can include your partner to dress up as one of the Dalmatians from the film! These costumes are both available via the link below, making it easy to recreate this striking look.

2. Shego & Drakken

Go for a retro vibe by taking inspiration from Kim Possible with these Shego and Drakken costumes – so much fun! There are plenty of costumes online for these Kim Possible nemeses too.

3. Ring Masters

Couples costumes 2020, unique couples halloween costumes

Image via @grlwithbangs

We love a circus look for Halloween, particularly these Ring Master looks. Grab an all-black outfit and add a red coat over the top and then you can play around with hats and makeup to finish this stunning couple’s costume.

4. Nun & Priest

Nun & Priest Halloween couples costume

Get these costumes: For Him | For Her

This nun and priest costume looks incredible and is perfect for you and your partner! These costumes are available online and then you can play around with makeup to make your nun and priest a little darker and spookier!

5. Miss Piggy & Kermit The Frog

This Kermit and Miss Piggy couple costume is just so adorable and easy to recreate at home too! Pick up a pig ears and a frog headband and then finish with an all-pink or all-green look to recreate Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

6. Titanic

Couples costumes 2020, couples halloween costumes, Titanic Halloween costume

Image via @tesschristine

Take a favorite film as inspiration for your Halloween costume, like this Titanic look! Grab your partner and recreate the impressive Jack and Rose costumes, complete with a Heart of the Ocean necklace and a notebook for Jack’s drawings.

7. Top Gun

Top Gun Paratroopers couple Halloween costumes

Get these costumes on Yandy: For her | For him | Image via Yandy/ @atypicalamber

These Top Gun costumes are quick and easy Halloween costume that always looks great and that you and your partner will love! You can pick up these costumes online or grab a couple of green boilersuit, just make sure to add aviator sunglasses for that true Tom Cruise look.

8. Jasmine & Aladdin

Disney's Jasmine And Aladdin couples Halloween costume

Get these costumes on Yandy: For him | For her

A Jasmine and Aladdin couples costume is a fantastic option for you and your partner that guarantees an instantly recognizable look for your Halloween party. There are plenty of different Jasmine and Aladdin costumes available online, like these striking costumes from Yandy.

9. Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland costume

Image via @tesschristine

Alice in Wonderland makes an excellent Halloween costume, with a cute blue dress and blonde wig, but why not rope in your partner to dress up as the Mad Hatter? This costume is easy to recreate at home, with just a top hat, patterned shirt, and a scarf around the neck.

10. Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice Halloween couples costume

Get these costumes on Yandy: For him | For her

Beetlejuice is a beloved Halloween film and there are plenty of characters you and your partner can dress up from this movie! We love this stripy Beetlejuice suit and Lydia’s red wedding dress.

11. Barbie & Ken

If you loved the recent Barbie film, then why not grab your partner and dress up as Barbie and Ken for Halloween? There are so many different Barbie looks you could recreate, like this swimsuit outfit or a cute pink dress, while for Ken you just need a pair of shorts and a summery shirt!

12. Britney & Astronaut

Britney Spears and astronaut couples Halloween costume

Recreate the iconic Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again music video with this Britney and astronaut costume! You will need a red catsuit for the Britney costume and then there are plenty of astronaut costumes online for your partner.

13. Deer & Hunter

This Deer and Hunter couple costume is so much fun and unique! This Halloween costume is ideal if your partner loves going hunting, so they can just dress in their usual hunting attire, while for the deer you need a brown dress and boots and then a cute ears and antlers headband.

14. Buds

Grab some brown paper to wrap yourself up in and then lots of fake leaves and a green skirt to create this couple costume that will look incredible at your next Halloween party!

15. Plastic Surgeon & Patient

We love this dark and eerie plastic surgeon and patient couple’s Halloween costume! You will need a white coat, a blue jacket, an eyeliner for the plastic surgery marks, and then lots of fake blood to recreate this look.

16. Ash & Pikachu

Any Pokemon fans will absolutely love this Ash and Pikachu couple costume – plus it’s easy to create for yourself at home! For Pikachu, you need a yellow t-shirt, skirt, and some Pikachu ears, while for Ash you will just need a white t-shirt, a cap, and a sleeveless blue jacket.

17. The Incredibles

The Incredible makes an excellent Halloween costume for you and your partner, or you can rope in your whole family to add more superheroes to the look. There are plenty of Incredibles costumes online to recreate Mr and Mrs Incredible!

18. Dentist & Tooth Fairy

This Dentist and Tooth Fairy costume is so cute and so much fun too! This costume is easy to create at home, with lots of dentist costumes available online, and then a pink dress, a wand, and some wings are needed for the Tooth Fairy look.

19. Frankensteins

Frankenstein Halloween couple costume

Get these costumes: For her | For him

These matching Frankenstein costumes for you and your partner are exactly what you need for your next Halloween costume! You can then play around with your makeup, adding lots of scars and stitches to finish the Frankenstein look.

20. Alien & NASA Astronaut

This Alien and Astronaut costume is a look that both you and your partner will love. There are lots of astronaut costumes online and then you can really play around with the alien look, with green and iridescent layers and finish the look with alien-inspired hair and makeup.

21. Batman & Catwoman

This superhero pairing is just perfect and makes for a striking Halloween couples costume. These Catwoman and Batman looks are incredible, and there are plenty of costumes you can order online to recreate these stunning looks.

22. Festival Babes

Matching festival costumes for couples

Get the men’s outfit on Etsy

If you’re not ready to let go of the summer festival vibes yet, then go for this Festival Babes look! You can really play around with this costume and make it your own, pulling items from your own wardrobe and layering jewelry to achieve that festival aesthetic.

23. Scoops Ahoy (Stranger Things)

Any couple that loves Stranger Things will adore this Scoops Ahoy Halloween costume! These nautical-inspired outfits are available online, complete with the must-have Ahoy hat, just finish with your own sneakers for a super comfy Halloween look.

24. Morticia &Gomez Addams

Any character from The Addams Family makes an excellent costume at Halloween, so why not grab your partner and dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams for Halloween this year? Pick up a long black wig and lacy dress to recreate the Morticia look, and then a shirt, black pants, a bow tie, and an extra hand for the Gomez costume.

25. Cowboy & Saloon Girl

Cowboy Halloween costumes for couple

Get these costumes on Yandy: For him | For her

This matching Cowboy and Saloon Girl costume is so much fun and really makes a statement at your next Halloween party. These incredible costumes are available online to make picking up your Halloween costume easy and stress-free!

26. Stitch & Angel

Pink and blue Stitch and Angel Halloween couple costumes

Get these costumes on Etsy: Stitch | Angel

Stitch is already a favorite Halloween costume and so why not grab your partner and dress up as Stitch and Angel, a fellow genetic experiment like Stitch? These costumes are super cute and comfy too – what more could you want?!

27. Dwight & Angela From The Office

Funny Halloween costume for couples featuring Dwight and Angela

Image Source: @kingdewey_thepersian

Everyone loves The Office, which is why this couple’s Angela and Dwight costume is just perfect! These costumes are so fun and easy to create at home, with lots of mustard and brown tones for your Dwight look and a black turtleneck and smart pants for Angela. Don’t forget a cat and some beets as your must-have props!

28. Boo & Scully

You may have seen Monsters Inc-inspired family Halloween costumes, but you can create a couple’s version too! There are plenty of Sully costumes online, then you will just need a pink dress and pink leggings for the Boo costume.

29. Woody & Jessie

Toy Story Woody & Jessie Couples Halloween costume

Get Jessie’s wig on Etsy

We love this adorable Woody and Jessie couple costume that looks amazing! You can pick up costumes online or DIY at home with some fabric paints, a white shirt and blue jeans for Jessie, and a yellow plaid shirt, cow-print vest, and jeans. Don’t forget your cowboy and cowgirl hats too!

30. Fred & Wilma

Fred & Wilma Flinstone couples Halloween costume

Get these costumes on Etsy: Fred | Wilma

Go for a vintage-inspired Halloween look with these Fred and Wilma from The Flintstones costumes! These costumes look fantastic and are just what you need for your next Halloween party.

31. Instagram Vs. Reality

If you are looking for a fun and quirky Halloween costume for you and your partner, then this Instagram vs Reality costume is exactly what you need! Make sure to pick up two of the same outfits and a wig that matches your hair, then print out these Instagram and Reality boards to finish off the look.

32. Soap & Loofah

Bath essentials Halloween costumes are always a great idea, like these playful soap and loofah costumes! This will definitely make everyone laugh at your next Halloween party and there are lots of soap and loofah costumes online for you to choose from.

33. Daphne & Velma

Seek inspiration from Scooby-Doo for your next Halloween look – like this Daphne and Velma costume! You just need a purple dress and green scarf for Daphne, and an orange jumper and red skirt for Velma – super easy to create at home! Or you could pick any of the Scooby Doo characters to dress up as for Halloween.

34. Fairly Odd Parents

We love a Halloween costume inspired by an old-school TV program, just like this Fairly Odd Parents look! These costumes include a pink wig and a yellow dress for Wanda and a green wig, a white shirt, and black pants for Cosmo – don’t forget your wings, wands, and crowns too!

35. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy couples Halloween costume

Get this costume on Etsy

Poison Ivy is one of the villains that often appears in the Batman comics and makes a great Halloween costume for this year! There are lots of costumes online with green leafy dresses and red wigs, then you can rope in your partner to be one of her victims or another of the characters from the Batman comics.

36. Mean Girls

You can never go wrong dressing up as favorite characters from iconic films – like this Mean Girls-inspired costume! There are so many different characters to choose from including Damian in the grey hoodie, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Cady Heron, and Aaron Samuels, or you can go as the infamous Burn Book itself!

37. Surgeon & Nurse

A nurse is a classic Halloween costume that always looks great, but why don’t you get your partner to dress up as a surgeon to create a matching look? You can pick up nurse and surgeon costumes online, and then add a little fake blood for a true, spooky Halloween look.

38. The Puppet Master

Scary Puppet master Halloween costume

Image via @christinakirkman

If you are looking for something a little more creepy and eerie, this Puppet Master costume look is perfect for you! The costumes for the puppet and puppet master are pretty easy to recreate at home, but it is the details in the makeup that really complete this look.

39. Firefighters

A Firefighter costume is always an amazing idea that makes an excellent matching couple costume. A firefighter hat and high-vis are a must-have, but then you can really create your own firefighter looks with items you already have at home or order items online.

40. Amish

Amish Halloween costumes for couples

Get these costumes on Etsy

These Amish costumes are a unique idea for Halloween and are ideal if you are looking for something easy this year. The costumes are available on Etsy and then you just need to pull your hair back into a bun and both finish with hats!

41. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Halloween costume for couples

Get this costume on Etsy

We love the film, Pretty Woman, and Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s characters make excellent Halloween costume ideas. You just need a suit for Edward Lewis, while for Vivian you could go for her white and blue cut-out dress with a blonde wig, or the famous red dress!

42. Jafar & Red Jasmine

Disney's Jafar & Red Jasmine couples Halloween costume

Image via @natasha_verma

Add a Disney villain to your Disney Princess Halloween costume, like this Jasmine and Jafar costume. This red Jasmine costume is a nice change from the usual blue look, while the Jafar costume can be ordered online and then add thick eyebrows and a beard with some face paint.

43. The Flinstones

For a fun vintage look, grab your partner and go for a Flintstones costume! There are lots of Flintstones characters that you can seek inspiration from and you can pick one of the costumes online or create your own Flintstones look for that personal touch.

44. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Khaleesi couples Halloween costume

Image via @Carlibel

If you and your partner are big Game of Thrones fans then why not pick one of the famous couples from the show to dress up as for Halloween this year – Khal Drogo and Khaleesi is just one example! But, you have to make sure to grab a long blonde wig for Khaleesi and a dark braided wig for Khal Drogo to properly recreate these characters.

45. Freddy & Jason

Go super scary with these Freddy and Jason Halloween looks! The costumes are easy to create at home, you just need a red and green striped top for Freddy Krueger and a dark top and distressed jacket for Jason Voorhees, but it is the makeup and props that really complete these costumes and give that spooky horror look.

46. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell couples Halloween costume

Image via @amandaadams

For something a little cuter and fun, opt for this adorable Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costume! This is one of the best matching couples costumes that is instantly recognizable for any Halloween party.

47. Jack & Sally

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the best Halloween films and all of the characters make excellent inspiration for a Halloween look – especially Jack Skellington and Sally. You can order your costumes online, but make sure to pull out your makeup and face paints to recreate the pale and ghostly looks.

48. Ronald & Hamburglar

Ronald & Hamburglar couples Halloween costume

Get Ronald’s costume on Etsy

Any fast food fans will adore this Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar Halloween couples costume! There are plenty of Ronald and Hamburglar costumes to order online, then you need wigs for each character and face paints to finish the look.

49. Money Heist

This Money Heist costume is a look both you and your partner will love! You just need to pull out all the red clothing from your wardrobe to recreate the all-red outfits, then you can order the creepy masks online, and finish off with the fake money you have stolen.

50. Lola & Bugs

This Bugs and Lola costume looks adorable and ideal if you are looking for an easy and comfy Halloween look. You can pick up the Looney Tunes tank tops online and then pair them with shorts, sneakers, a sweatband, and bunny ears – just so cute!

Which of these cute couples Halloween costumes will you go for this year? Let us know in the comments!

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