30 Easter Wreaths That Will Transform Your Home

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These Easter wreaths and door hangers are sure to give your home a festive feel. From simple designs to more intricate ones, there’s something for every household!

It’s that time of year again! Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start decorating your home. Why not start with your front door?

Adding a beautiful Easter wreath or door hanger can really transform your home for the holiday and welcome spring to your home. Of course, adding any Easter decorations to your abode will lift your spirits around this time of year, but we have a special soft spot for wreaths because everyone in your neighborhood will also be able to enjoy them!

From traditional wreaths made from evergreen branches to creative designs made from eggs and bunnies, we’ve got you covered with these 30 gorgeous wreaths. To shop, simply click on the image to be taken to the retailer to learn more.

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

The Best Easter Wreaths For Front Door

1. Three Little Bunnies

Cute white Easter door hanger with bunnies

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The cutest classic Easter motif is of course the bunny rabbit, and this wreath is the cutest way to adorn your front door. 

2. Carrot Party

Easter Carrot Wreath

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Wreaths are fast becoming a popular way to decorate your home according to the seasons, and this is a great way to stay true to the season, whilst still being chic!

3. Easter Elegance

Christian Easter wreath with a cross and lilies.

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It’s important to remember that though Easter is pretty commercial, and a chance to eat your favorite candies, its purpose is as a religious event, and this is what it should be celebrated for

4. Pink Punch

Cute white Easter bunny door hanger

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This Easter bunny-shaped board is not only adorable but can be customized with your favorite color and foliage. This decor can also be used for your interiors if you can’t put a wreath on your front door

5. Mini Egg, Big Door

Cute grapevine wreath with pastel Easter eggs and bunny

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This wreath takes its inspiration from the classic British “Mini Eggs” candy which is available only around the Easter season. Though these aren’t edible, the pastel ones and speckled texture make them perfect for adorning a wreath on your front door.

6. Foliage Foraging

Easter carrot wreath.

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Florals are one of the most versatile, and sustainable ways to seasonally decorate your home. The natural colors and shapes mean you can find something suitable to create arrangements for every season – like this cute carrot-shaped one!

7. The Bold and The Beautiful

Cute wooden Easter door hanger with ribbon

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If you just want to say “Happy Easter” this bold wreath can be brought out annually to greet your guests, and passers by too!

8. Monogram Madness

Pretty farmhouse spring wreath for Easter.

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This initial-embellished wreath is a wonderful for Easter-celebrators who have perhaps just gotten married, or just moved into a new house.

9. With a Bow On Top

Elegant bunny wreath with ribbon

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This foliage and floral-covered bunny is almost too cute for words. The colors here work perfectly again natural wooden doorframes or a county cottage aesthetic home.

10. Tulip Taster

Pretty tulip bucket wreath for Easter and spring

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Spring time not only means Easter is approaching, but also means florals will begin to bloom in every color under the sun. This multitude of tulips in sunset colors is perfect for brightening up a neutral exterior. 

11. Candy Land

Peeps Easter door hanger and wreath

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Your house may not be made of candy but you can certainly adorn it with candy. Peeps are a marshmallow-y candy shaped as bunnies, which used to only be sold during Easter.

Now, however, this candy is available year-round, to eat or to use as inspiration for your Easter wreath.

12. Traditions

He Is Risen door hanger for Easter

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As we’ve previously mentioned, Easter is a religious holiday, and a wreath that reflects this makes a wonderful gift for those who celebrate for this reason.

13. Pretty in Pink

Pretty white and pink deco mesh Easter bunny wreath

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This fun wreath is made almost completely of ribbons in varying shades of pink which makes for a great welcoming wreath for those who aren’t ready to let go of the Barbie-core trend.

14. Hide and Seek

Luxury Easter wreath with bunny

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From far, the naked eye won’t spot this cute bunny playing a game of hide and seek amongst the flower arrangement. This also makes a great piece of decor on the wall of your entryway.

15. Over the Hedge

Boxwood Easter bunny wreath

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This bunny is shaped from a hedge-like material, topped off with an adorable jute bow and bunny ears. Natural textures like this work against any door texture and color.

16. Berries and Cream

Pretty lambs ear and tulip wreath for spring and Easter

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This traditional eucalyptus wreath is wonderful against lighter and cool-toned doors, and is a fragrant aroma to enter your home with.

17. Cross My Heart

Religious Christian cross Easter wreath with tulips

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This foliage cross is made light-hearted with the tulips and bow, as this is otherwise a serious motif of the Christian religion and Easter period.

18. Round & Round

Farmhouse spring wreath.

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This round wooden natural wreath is perfect against wooden doorframes as the raw materials complement each other. The foliage used to embellish this can be made fuller if you have a bigger doorframe.

19. Baby Bunny

Cute bunny-shaped Easter wreath

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This fun bunny motif made from hedge-like foliage has been cutely embellished with a ribbon necktie, which could be switched out to your favorite color.

20. The Easter Blues

White wooden Easter door sign.

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This wooden board is the perfect entrance to an Easter party or egg hunt. You can change the bow here depending on your chosen theme – yellow would be a super cute option!

21. Pop Art

Colorful Easter deco mesh wreath with eggs and bunnies

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Easter is the perfect way to introduce some color into your life, whether it’s through fashion or interiors. This wreath made from multicoloured ribbons can be brought out year after year.

22. Come on In

White spring door hanger

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Why not say welcome, literally, with this stunning tulip wooden board? These can be used for the whole spring season, not only Easter making it the more sustainable option.

23. Grey Velvet

Pretty farmhouse Easter wreath with bunnies and lambs ear

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Grey and crushed velvet is a classic homeware aesthetic, and if it’s yours, this grey and white wreath is the perfect option to decorate your front door during the Easter season.

24. Two Is Better Than One

Elegant spring farmhouse swag for the front door.

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If you have double front doors, it means twice the fun when it comes to decorating with wreaths. To keep it looking elevated, however, we recommend using two of the same wreaths.

25. Pinks and Greens

Pretty pink and green deco mesh Easter wreath

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Pink and green is a classic color combination for a country aesthetic. The gingham and vintage flower designs make this perfect if your interior vibe is cozy.

26. The Golden Rabbit

Cute golden bunny Easter wreath

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This bold golden rabbit is perfect for decorating the inside or outside of your home. This also works beautifully if you have gold accents in your home and want your seasonal decor to tie in with this.

27. God is Love

Minimalist religious Easter cross wreath.

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If you prefer your Easter decor to veer on a more religious side, this wreath with god-related quotes is perfect, and also makes a great gift for those who would appreciate it.

28. egg Hunt

Grey burlap Easter wreaths with eggs

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The bold colors of these mini eggs are similar to those which would be used in a good ol’ fashioned Easter egg hunt. The grey background means these stand out beautifully, and could even be changed out depending on your own favorite color.

29. Rainbow wreath

Elegant berry wreath for Easter

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This rainbow wreath is reminiscent of the baby’s breath flower which looks like hundreds of tiny snowflakes settled onto the stems of the flower. These pastel multicolors are perfect for entering spring through your home design.

30. Spots and Stripes

Cute wooden Easter door hanger with bunnies

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Stripes are a classic pattern to be used in a more traditional home. This handpainted design is perfect if you have a rustic aesthetic, or if you like a vintage, “worn-in” vibe.

Which of these Easter wreaths are you going to get for your home? Do you prefer cute wreaths with bunnies, something a little elegant or perhaps a colorful wreath with eggs? Let us know in the comments!

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