40 Best Group Halloween Costumes You’ll Want To Copy In 2024

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Are you looking for cool group Halloween costumes that you can copy with your friends this year? If so, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking for spooky costumes that will haunt your friends for days, or you’d rather go with an easy costume that won’t cost much money, we have all the best inspo for you!

Some of these costumes are most effective if you get a group of four or more together, but you can also recreate them with just a friend or two – the choice is yours!

The Best Group Halloween Costumes:

1. Teletubbies

This Teletubbies costume is so much fun and easy to recreate too! You just need matching skirts and crop tops in red, purple, yellow, and green and then antennae headbands in different shapes – you can order these online or DIY them at home.

2. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge group Halloween costume for women
via @kelir

Go a little French this Halloween with these Moulin Rouge-inspired costumes! Each costume includes a bustier style corset, a mini skirt, and fishnet tights in black and red tones, except for one all-white outfit. Add lace gloves and little hats, and make sure to practice your dance moves too!

3. Limited Edition Barbies

Cute best friend Barbie group Halloween costume
via @ltnda

If you and your friends loved the Barbie film as much as we did, then why not dress as Barbie this Halloween? You could all go in matching outfits with white Barbie crop tops and pink mini skirts, or dress up as a range of Barbies in different pink outfits – there are so many different options for you and your friends to choose from!

4. Neon Lights

The Purge group Halloween costume with masks

Get these masks on Etsy

Pair your creepy neon masks with a bloodied top to create a spooky Halloween look that works for everyone in your friendship group. These incredible neon masks are available from Etsy, then just finish the look with a white oversized t-shirt covered in fake blood.

5. Army Girls

Go all out on camo with this Army girl group Halloween costume. You could pick a camouflage dress, romper, or top and shorts, then style with combat boots and fishnet tights and finish with army accessories. Add some bandages and dark and dusty makeup for a true army look.

6. The Sims

Cool Sims group Halloween costume

Get these headbands on Etsy

These Sims costumes are so much fun and perfect for any number of friends! You could opt for these pixelated style dresses, or choose an outfit your Sim might actually wear in the game – either option, these The Sims plumbob diamond headbands are a must for that authentic Sims look.

7. Power Puff Girls

Hot Powerpuff girls Halloween costume for group of 3

Get these costumes on Etsy

For smaller friendship groups, why not go as the Powerpuff Girls this Halloween? These retro characters make the perfect Halloween costumes for you and two friends, and all you need is mini dresses in pink, blue, and green, knee-high socks, and Mary Jane heels – so cute.

8. Wizard Of Oz

Seek inspiration for your next Halloween costume from a classic film, like The Wizard of Oz! This works best with a group of 5 so you can each dress up as a different character from the film, plus there are plenty of Wizard of Oz costumes available online to make finding a costume super easy. You can include your dog in this group look too!

9. Y2k Babes By Lulu

Y2k group Halloween costumes for 4

Image and costumes via @lulutrixabelle

We love a throwback costume like these Y2K looks! You can have so much fun with these brightly colored costumes, which are available via the link below, and then play around with vibrant makeup and curly hair to finish off these Halloween costumes.

10. Sailor Moon By Paris Cosplays

Image and costumes via @pariscosplays

If you and your friends are big fans of Manga, then this Sailor Moon costume is just perfect for you! There are plenty of characters from the series to dress up as, including Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Chibiusa, and Sailor Moon herself and there are lots of costumes available online.

11. Winx Club

This Winx Club look is another costume perfect for a group of three and looks just amazing! Grab a couple of friends and dress up as the fairies in this super cute series, with metallic blue, green, and pink mini dresses, and then finish each costume with knee-high boots and a set of wings.

12. Bunny Purge By Iris

Playboy Purge for Best Halloween Costumes for 4

Image and costume via @eyerisii

Go a little darker with these Bunny Purge costumes for you and your friends. You will each need a black leather dress or corset top and skirt, a black bunny mask, and a range of fake weapon props to give this costume a true Halloween edge.

13. Scooby-Doo Gang By Marin Olivia

Scooby Doo group Halloween costumes for 5

Image Source: @MarinOlivia

Scooby Do is the perfect group costume that is instantly recognizable for any Halloween party. You and four friends can easily recreate the costume for Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby from items you probably already own in your wardrobe – ideal if you a running short on time.

14. Sea Crew By Erin McLeod Glazier

If you have a big group of friends, then this sea-themed look is exactly what you need for Halloween! Picking a theme means you and all your friends can interpret it in different ways and dress as lots of different people, characters, and animals. For example, this sea theme includes a range of sea animals, a diver, a sailor, a shell, and a mermaid.

15. Schitt’s Creek By Adrienne Elliott

Schitt's Creek group Halloween costume for 4

Image & costumes via @adrienneelliott___

Schitt’s Creek is one of our favorite TV series and the Rose family makes incredible characters to dress up as for Halloween. Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis each have distinctive looks, making it easy to find clothes and accessories to recreate these beloved characters.

16. Carebear Gang

Go a little retro with these super cute Care Bear costumes! There is a wide range of Care Bears, each with their own signature color and circular sign on their tummy, that you can recreate within your costume. Just make sure to include some faux fur in your costume for a cozy teddy bear look.

17. Mean Girls By Courtney Escapes

Mean Girls group Halloween costume

Image & costumes by @courtneyescapes

Mean Girls is an iconic film, so why not grab a couple of friends and dress as the characters in this famous film? You could dress as the Plastics, with crop tops and mini skirts, and even include Damien and Janice in the group costume too.

18. Kitty Cats By Syd Hoffman

Easy cat trio Halloweem costume

Image & outfits via @syd.hoff

A black cat is a classic Halloween character and the perfect costume for you and any number of friends. These costumes are easy to create at home too – you just need an all-black outfit, a choker necklace, and cat ear headbands to finish the look.

19. Fanta Flavors By Lya Mariella

Creative group Halloween costume for 4 college girls

Image & costumes via @lyamariella

We love a fun and quirky Halloween costume like this Fanta flavor look! Grab glossy mini dresses in a range of bright colors and pair them with white boots and gloves, then make sure to accessorize with your matching can of Fanta.

20. Disney Princesses Mug Shot

Put a twist on the classic Disney Princess Halloween looks with this princess mug shot group costume! You just need to dress in the color of your favorite princess and then create these mug shot boards with the reason why each princess has been arrested – so much fun!

21. Totally Spies By Juliana Lopez

Totally Spies group Halloween costume for 3

Image & costumes via @juligeek

These Totally Spies costumes are so much fun and the perfect throwback to favorite childhood TV shows! Grab two friends and pick up a red, green, and yellow catsuit to dress up as Clover, Sam, and Alex from the series, and finish with a blonde, red, and black wig – just perfect!

22. Heathers By Ala

If you are a musical fan, then this Heathers costume is perfect for you! Originally a film in 1988, Heathers is now best known as a Broadway and West End musical including 4 teen girls, all dressed in matching blazers, black skirts, and knee-high socks, in blue, green, yellow, and red. These costumes are easy to recreate at home, making it an excellent Halloween costume idea.

23. Victoria’s Secret

Keep it simple and dress up as Victoria’s Secret angels for Halloween this year. You just need a pink, silk robe and angel wings to create these fun costumes – you could then wear any pink clothes underneath to finish the look!

24. Rugrats

We love Halloween costumes that reference old-school children’s TV programmes, like this Rugrats group look! You can assign a different Rugrats character to each of your friends and then have fun recreating the bright and vibrant clothes worn by the kids in the show.

25. South Park

@belladose We have some more videos coming to you soon #belladose #halloween #southpark #groupcostume ♬ origineel geluid – SouthParkShortsXD

These South Park Halloween costumes are so much fun and easy to create at home with items you already own. There are lots of South Park characters to choose from so you find the character that best represents you and your friends, then easily recreate their cute costumes!

26. Toy Story By Emily Chanell

Toy Story trio Halloween costume

Image & costumes via @emilychanell

Toy Story always makes an excellent Halloween costume for your friend group, and you can go as authentic or sexy as you like. You can keep it simple with just Woody, Buzz, and an Alien, or include more friends and add Jessie, Mr Potato Head, Bo Peep, and Rex to the mix.

27. Rockabilly Girls

Retro Rockabilly group Halloween costume for women

Get these dresses on Etsy

This vintage-inspired Rockabilly Girls costume is so much fun and means you can your friends will look stunning at this year’s Halloween party! You need matching 50s style dresses, with petticoats underneath to create a voluminous skirt, and then finish with Mary Jane heels, a red lip, and retro pin curls.

28. Alice In Wonderland


i wish i could dress up as alice in wonderland every weekend

♬ original sound – Ⓜ️🫀.

Alice in Wonderland is the perfect place to seek inspiration for your and your friend’s Halloween costumes! Make sure you have a Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat, and Alice herself for the costume, then you can make the looks at home or order the costume online.  

29. Bratz

@sim__money It’s giving spooky for halloween.. 👻 #bratzdolls #halloweencostumeideas #halloween ♬ original sound – Bunny_boo98

Buy several Bratz t-shirts and rope in your group of friends to dress up as Bratz dolls for Halloween this year! Once you have the t-shirt, you can each style the rest of the outfit however you like – just make sure to finish the outfits with a pair of heels, like the Bratz dolls themselves.

30. Spongebob Gang

SpongeBob SquarePants is an iconic TV program that is filled with great Halloween costume ideas for you and your friends. You can include SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr Krabs, Squidward, and Plankton in the group costume and there are plenty of SpongeBob costumes online if you are looking for a stress-free Halloween look.

31. Spice Girls

Spice Girls group Halloween costumes for 5 girls

  Image source: @Courtney Jesberg

Create your own girl band with this Spice Girls look! This group costume is so much fun and is bound to be a hit at any Halloween party. You can recreate any of the Spice Girls iconic costumes, including this famous 1997 Brit Awards look, which included the famous Union Jack dress!

32. American Girl Dolls

Channel your favorite childhood toys with this American Girl Dolls Halloween costume. This costume idea is perfect for any number of friends, and you can each pick your favorite American Girl doll and go on a little group shopping trip to recreate their super cute outfits, or pull from items you already own!

33. Where’s Waldo

Everyone loves a Where’s Waldo costume and it’s so easy for you and your friends to recreate at home! You could even include a Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, and the villain Odlaw costume into the group look too.

34. Devil & Angels By Syd Hoffman

Cute devil and angel Halloween costume for 3

 Image & costumes via @syd.hoff

Split your friend group in half and dress up as either an Angel or a Devil for this year’s Halloween parties! There are so many different ways to create these Angel and Devil looks, so each person can make it their own, just finish with wings and a halo for the Angel and horns and a tail for the Devil.  

35. Kiss Girls By Lauren

Kiss group Halloween costume for 4

Image and costume via @laurenrodycheberle

Go crazy with the face paints in this striking KISS Halloween costume. You and three of your friends can recreate the incredible costumes from each of the members of the KISS band, then add a black wig and black and white face paint to finish off the bold looks.

36. Mermaids By Paris Cosplays

Group mermaid Halloween costumes for 3

Image & costumes via @pariscosplays

Who doesn’t want to fulfill their childhood dreams and dress up as a Mermaid for Halloween?! These costumes are available via the link below, then just finish off with shell props and hair accessories and add lots of sparkles and glitter to your makeup.

37. Gold Diggers

These Gold Digger costumes are so much fun and will definitely be a hit at any Halloween activity! The costumes are easy for you and your friends to create at home too – you just need a glittering gold skirt, a black top, and lots of dollar sign accessories! Then go all out with gold jewelry to properly finish this Gold Digger look.

38. We’re All Mad Here By Erin White

Alice in Wonderland for Best Halloween Costumes for 4

Image and costume via @erinjbwhite

Grab your friends and create your own crazy, Alice in Wonderland-inspired world, with these mad costumes. These incredibly detailed costumes are available via the link below so you too can dress up as these favorite Alice in Wonderland characters.

39. Great Gatsby By jackie Giardina

Great Gatsby group Halloween costume

Image and costume via @jackiegiardina

We love a fun, vintage Halloween costume, like these Great Gatsby-inspired costumes! These flapper dresses and smart suits are bound to make a statement at this year’s Halloween parties, and each of your friends can play around a little to make their 1920s looks their own.

40. Cereal

If you are looking for something a little easier if you are short on time, then these cereal costumes are exactly what you need! Each of your friends can pick your favorite cereals and then interpret them into outfits in your own way – just don’t forget to bring a box of your cereal along with you too!

Which of these group Halloween costumes are you going to copy this year? Let us know in the comments!

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