50 Cute College Halloween Costumes That Won’t Go Unnoticed

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Are you looking for the hottest college Halloween costumes that are perfect for parties? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best Halloween costumes for college girls that are sure to make heads turn and get conversations flowing.

Whether you’re looking for something a bit revealing, or you want to cover up and still look sexy, we have exactly the costume inspo that you need.

We’ve added links to all costumes that we could find, but in case you want to browse the selections further, have a look at the retailers below for the best costumes.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the costumes!

The Best Halloween Costumes

1. Princess Peach

This Princess Peach costume is so cute and perfect for any upcoming Halloween costume. There are plenty of pink ballgown-style dresses online, then you just need a gold crown, white gloves, knee-high white socks, and sneakers, so you’re comfy all night long.

2. Kendall & Kylie

Grab your bestie and recreate this iconic Kendall and Kylie look from the Met Gala! There are costumes available online or just go for a purple or orange minidress and a matching feather boa. You can even go one step further with feather hair accessories for Kendall and a purple wig for Kylie.

3. DC Heroes & Villains

Superhero costumes are always a good idea, including these DC heroes and villains costumes, each member of your friend group can choose which character they want to be. You can choose from characters such as Wonder Woman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman, and the Flash and create your own interpretation of the character.

4. Cereal

We love fun and playful costume ideas, like these cereal Halloween costumes! You can have fun and recreate your favorite cereal by picking out the colors or characters on the box – just make sure to have your cereal of choice on hand as a prop.

5. Chucky

If you love horror films, then why not dress as the iconic Chucky for Halloween this year? There are many different ways to create a Chucky costume, including this method with a striped roll-neck top, knee-high socks, and a dungaree-style bodysuit!

6. Greek Life Barbies

Pull out all the pink clothes in your wardrobe and channel Barbie for your Halloween look! These Barbie costumes are easy to recreate at home if you are short on time, and you can include your sorority sisters in the look too. Don’t forget pink makeup and hair accessories too!

7. Thing 1 & 2

This Thing 1 and Thing 2 best friend costume is so much fun and looks great too! Channel your inner Dr Suess by pairing a red mini dress with a blue wig and then make sure to wear a Thing 1 and Thing 2 sign so your friends can distinguish between the pair of you.

8. Medusa

This Medusa costume is just stunning and really makes a statement. Opt for an all-black outfit to create your own Medusa outfit, but it is the hair that is the most important part of this costume. There are plenty of snake hair accessories available online, so just curl your hair to complete the look. Finish with green makeup and snake jewelry.

9. Little Red Riding Hoods

Put a twist on your favorite characters for your next Halloween look, like this dark Red Riding Hood costume. Instead of a little white dress and apron, go for black corsets, mini skirts or shorts, and knee-high boots. Just make sure to finish with a red cape and a little basket to get that Little Red Riding Hood look.

10. Daphne

A Daphne costume is always a fantastic option that not only looks amazing but is easy to create with items you probably already own. You just need a purple mini dress and a green scarf, then finish off with knee-high boots and a purple headband.

11. Space Cowgirls

Cute group Halloween costume college ideas: cowgirl college costume

Image via @Margot.Lee

Have a little fun and combine two favorite Halloween costumes to create this Space Cowgirl look! You just need a silver skirt, a cowboy hat, and a sequined top to create this playful and unique costume. Grab a few friends so there is a group of Space Cowgirls at your next Halloween party.

12. Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is a classic Halloween costume and we love his cute, college take on the iconic character. Start with a black and red striped top, a black mini skirt, and knee-high socks, then add a hat, Freddy Krueger claw glove, and a few red scratches to your face to finish off the look.

13. Disney Princesses

A Disney Princess is a classic Halloween costume that is always a great option for you and your friends! There are lots of different ways to create a Disney princess look too – you can order a costume online or pick a light blue, pink, or yellow mini dress and add a tiara to recreate a Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Belle look.

14. Tinkerbell

If you are running short on time, this cute Tinkerbell costume is easy and quick to recreate! You just need a sparkly green dress and green wings – then you can add sparkly eyeshadow, highlighter, and hair accessories to finish off this famous fairy look

15. Dwight & Michael From The Office

Seek inspiration from your favorite TV show, like this The Office-inspired Halloween look. You could recreate any of the characters from the show, but Dwight and Michael are two of our favorites! Grab a mustard yellow button-up shirt and glasses for Dwight and a grey blazer and patterned tie for Michael.

16. The Little Mermaid

If you also loved the recent Little Mermaid film, why not dress up as Ariel herself for Halloween this year? You need a shell top and a sequined skirt that resembles a mermaid tail for the costume and then curl your hair to complete the look.

17. Cosmo & Wanda

Go for more of a retro vibe for your next Halloween look, like this Cosmo and Wanda costume from the Nickelodeon show, Fairly Odd Parents! Grab a friend and pick out a black skirt, white shirt, and black tie for Cosmo and a black skirt and yellow top for Wanda. Don’t forget your pink and green wigs, crowns, and wands too!

18. Ringmaster

We love circus-inspired Halloween looks, just like this striking Ring Master costume. There are plenty of costumes you can order online with a corset-inspired top, a tulle skirt, and gold fringing, and then finish off the look with over-the-knee boots.

19. Referee

Cute and hot referee Halloween costume for women

Get this costume on Yandy

This referee costume is perfect for any sports fan and looks amazing too! This costume is available from Yandy, making Halloween stress-free this year, which means you only need to finish off with a pair of sneakers to make sure you can dance all night long.

20. Winx Club

These Winx Club costumes are just perfect! They look fantastic, are a great reference to the 2000s TV show, and are easy to create too. You just need sparkly mini dresses, or a mini skirt and crop top, in orange, blue, and pink, then complete the look with wings and matching boots. You could even pick up wigs to match the different fairies.

21. Hot Sheriff

Hot black sheriff Halloween costume for women

Get this on Yandy

Halloween is the perfect time for a super sexy costume, like this hot sheriff look. This costume is available from the link below, then you will need black boots and a cowboy hat to complete this striking outfit. Add a pair of black fishnet tights to the look for a little more coverage.

22. Pirates

There are so many different ways to create an incredible pirate costume for Halloween this year – the image above shows three different variations. A white top, gold jewelry, and knee-high boots are a must, but after that, you can add your own layered skirt and maybe even a corset.

23. Devil & Angel

This Angel and Devil look is one of our favorite best friend costumes that you really need to recreate. Go for a red mini dress for the Devil look and a white or silver skirt and corset top for the Angel look, then add the right hair accessories and have fun with your makeup to finish each look.

24. Lara Croft

Lara Croft Halloween costume
via @ltnda

Lara Croft is the ultimate tough but sexy character who makes the perfect Halloween look that is easy to create at home. Start with a grey cropped tank top, black hot pants, and black over-the-knee boots, then finish with fake guns and holsters and a long French braid.

25. Space Rangers

This Space Rangers costume is so much fun and the perfect look to include your friends in as well. Grab a white, zip-front leotard or body suit and add silver harnesses that wrap around the legs and waist, then complete the look with white boots and space-age glasses.

26. Selena

Easy Selena Halloween costume for college girls

Get this jumpsuit on Etsy

The American Tejano singer, Selena, wore so many incredible, iconic outfits, so why not recreate one of these for your next Halloween costume? This red halterneck jumpsuit is one of our favorites, and you can pick up the jumpsuit online, but there are plenty more looks that you can recreate from items in your wardrobe or that you may find in a thrift store.

27. Wonder Woman

Wonder woman Halloween costume
via @courtney_swider | Get a similar costume on Windsor

Wonder Woman is a classic Halloween costume idea that is a fail-safe option that always looks fantastic. There are plenty of Wonder Woman costumes available online, including one available from the link below, making it super easy to dress up for your next Halloween party.

28. Girl Scouts

We love a throwback Halloween look, like this Girl Scouts costume! If you were a Girl Scout in your childhood, then you may still have some of the items you used to wear. To create the costume, you need a khaki skirt, a yellow crop top, a sash, and a little beret – so cute.

29. Sleeping Beauty

You can never go wrong with a Disney Princess costume, like this stunning Sleeping Beauty look. There are lots of costumes you can pick up online, or go for a pink corset and mini skirt, then add a tiara and lots of gold jewelry to finish the look.

30. Disco Ball

Fun 70s disco Halloween costume for college girls

Get this jacket on Etsy

Have a little more fun with your Halloween costume this year and go as a disco ball! This sparkling silver fringed jacket is the most important element – and luckily it’s available on Etsy! Then you just need more silver elements, including a skirt and boots, and plenty of silver jewelry.

31. Three Blind Mice

This Three Blind Mice costume is so fun and easy to recreate at home too! You need two of your friends to make sure you have three mice, and then an all-black outfit, black sunglasses, mice ears, and a cane – just perfect.

32. Austin Powers’ Girls

Austin Powers is always an excellent source for Halloween costumes, and we think these Austin Powers girls looks are a great idea. The costume includes a pink, faux fur trimmed mini dress, holographic pink gloves, and white knee-high boots – just stunning! Add pink hair accessories to complete the costume.

33. Xtina

Christina Aguilera Dirty Halloween costume

Get this costume on Etsy

You can never go wrong with a pop star costume for Halloween, and this Xtina look is one of our favorites. Over the years, Christina Aguilera has worn many iconic costumes, including this striped bikini, hot pants, and chaps look worn in the Dirrty music video. This costume has been previously worn by Kylie Jenner and Maura Higgins too!

34. Belle

How can you resist this adorable Belle costume? This outfit is instantly recognizable and perfect for any Halloween parties you have coming up. You will need a yellow mini dress, sparkly, strappy heels, a tiara, and a red rose to recreate Belle’s famous ballgown.

35. Queen Of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland-inspired costumes always look amazing, just like this Queen of Hearts look. You can go all out and order a costume online or go for something a little more simple and minimalist with a red corset, check skirt, and playing card headband.

36. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil Halloween costume for college girls

Get this costume on Yandy

Channel your inner Disney villain with this Cruella De Vil costume! This is an iconic evil character that makes the perfect Halloween costume – the costume above is actually available from Yandy, to make Halloween stress-free, so all you need to finish the look is boots, fishnet tights, and a black and white wig.

37. Hit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears Halloween costume for college girls

Image via @ChantyMarie_

Everyone always knows and loves a Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time costume – a college Halloween classic! This is another great costume that you can recreate with the items you already own, which is ideal if you are short on time, just pick up a white shirt, a grey cardigan, a black mini skirt, and black knee-high socks.

38. Star Wars

Take inspiration from your favorite Star Wars characters for your next Halloween look! Start off with a white mini dress and boots, then choose your accessories carefully, perhaps wrapping a scarf or cape around you to look like Rey and of course you need a lightsaber too!

39. Top Gun

Who says Tom Cruise gets to have all the fun?! Tap into your inner pilot with this Top Gun costume! Just grab a khaki top and skirt, or go for a boilersuit for a true Maverick look, and make sure you don’t forget your aviator sunglasses.

40. Misbehaving Nun

Hot nun Halloween costume for college girls

Get this costume on Yandy

This naughty Nun costume is bound to make a statement at your next Halloween party! The nun costume, includes a black vinyl romper, a dog collar-inspired choker, and a nun habit. Complete the look with fishnet tights and knee-high boots.

41. Bo Beep

Go super sweet with this adorable Bo Peep costume! Order a Bo Peep costume online or grab a gingham dress and white knee-high socks to recreate this look, then tie your hair in pigtails and add a little sheep as your prop for the evening.

42. Gold Diggers

We love a funny costume like this playful Gold Digger look! Enlist a couple of friends to dress as gold diggers too, with a gold mini skirt, black top, and accessories decorated with a Dollar sign – this Halloween is just perfect for your next Halloween party.

43. Swat Team Member

Hot SWAT Team Halloween costume for college girls

Get this costume on Yandy

This Swat team costume looks stunning and sexy, and it is available to buy from Yandy, which makes finding a costume super quick and easy! This costume includes the romper, hat, fingerless gloves, and leg straps, so you just need fishnet stockings and combat boots to finish off this striking look.

44. Care Bears

If you and your friends are looking for something super cute, this Care Bear costume is a great idea! You just need comfy rompers or mini dresses in pastel shades, namely pink, blue, yellow, and green, and little bear ears too. You can make the little circle signs that feature on each bear’s tummy and even bring your matching Care Bear with you to any party!

45. Racing Girl

Hot racing girl Halloween costume

Get this costume on Yandy

If you are looking for something a little sexier, this racing driver look would be perfect for you! The costume is instantly recognizable and looks incredible – you can pick up this costume from the link below and just finish with high heels.

46. Powerpuff Girls

Go retro with these Powerpuff Girls costumes! If you remember watching the Powerpuff Girls on TV growing up, then you know they make the perfect Halloween costumes if you are in college. You and two friends need to decide who is who out of Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom, and then grab green, pink, and blue mini dresses to create each character.

47. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes

Image via@Syd.Hoff

Hocus Pocus is one of the best Halloween films, and the Sanderson witches make excellent Halloween costume ideas for you and your friends. There are lots of Hocus Pocus costumes available online, complete with extravagant wigs!

48. Mario & Luigi

Mario and Luigi are pretty iconic characters and therefore make the best Halloween costumes. You just need a red and a green top and blue dungarees to create each plumber, or just order your costumes online, then finish with brown boots and even M and L hats.

49. Firefighter

A Firefighter Halloween costume always looks incredible and is ideal for any upcoming Halloween activities. You need an all-red outfit and a high-vis jacket, then complete your look with a fireman hat – just perfect!

50. Teletubbies

We love old-school Halloween costumes, like these super fun Teletubbies costumes for you and your three friends. You need to nominate a friend to dress as Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po, in their respective purple, green, yellow, and red outfits. Finish the costumes with the different shape antennae each Teletubby wears.

Which of these hot college Halloween costumes are you going to try this year? Let us know in the comments!

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