40 Boho Christmas Decor Ideas For A Chic Holiday Vibe

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Craving a bohemian yet chic Christmas? If so, you’ll love these whimsical boho Christmas decor finds that you can use to create your own peaceful haven at home.

We love all things boho: fashion, home decor, even the lifestyle itself! If you’re a free-spirited person who wants to incorporate the bohemian aesthetic into your life even during the holiday season, we got you!

Bohemian Christmas decor is simply gorgeous: it is minimalistic, contemporary, and at the same time, pretty understated (at least when it comes to the color palette!). Like the bohemian lifestyle itself, boho decor is carefree, hippy, and natural. Boho decor makes use of wooden beads or wooden shapes, macrame (which is a form of textile using knotting techniques), fabric tassels, dried flowers and grass, feathers, and more. 

However, you don’t have to be a bohemian enthusiast to have your own boho-themed Christmas! If you’re looking to switch it up this holiday season, we suggest giving this aesthetic a try. It’s always fun to have different Christmas themes or aesthetics every year, and it’s even better especially if it’s something out of your comfort zone. And who knows? You might end up falling in love with it!

We’ve already fallen in love with the whimsical boho Christmas decor we found online, so we’re sharing them with you! Below are the best boho Christmas decor ideas that you should definitely check out. All of the products and items below are entirely shoppable, so if a thing (or two) has caught your eye, just click on the picture and it will take you right to the website to order!

Let’s get started!

The Best Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Macrame Garland

Macrame Christmas Tree Garland

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If you prefer an au-natural aesthetic, this garland takes its materials and inspiration from the great outdoors. This is perfect for decorating a fireplace or front porch.

2. Macrame Ornaments

Macrame Christmas Ornaments

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Macrame is big in the decor world for any occasion and season, including the holidays. This is perfect if you have a minimal interior aesthetic where the classic red and green decor doesn’t fit.

3. Tassel Tree Posters

Boho tassel Christmas Tree posters

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For all the art lovers, or just those who want to elevate their Halloween decor, these tassel Christmas trees are wonderful to amp up a hallway or staircase if simple tinsel isn’t your vibe.

4. Soft Boho Wreath

Beautiful boho Christmas wreath

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Wreaths are all the rage during Christmas, but the classic green and red wreaths don’t fit every door color. For muted colors like beige and white doors, opt for a wreath in toned-down pastels like these.

5. Minimalist Boho Prints

Minimalist Boho Christmas Prints With Gnome Gonk

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If you don’t want your decor to scream “CHRISTMAS” but still want to get in the holiday spirit, these prints only have a suggestion of the festive season.

6. Boho Stockings

Boho Christmas Stockings

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Though what goes inside a stocking is still up for debate, the stockings themselves haven’t changed much over the years. Some people prefer to make them themselves, however, for a fuss-free aesthetic solution, these white knitted stockings are perfect.

7. Macrame Christmas Trees

Bohemian Macrame Christmas Trees

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Macrame Christmas Trees are wonderful for decorating a bare wall. For any college students who don’t have the option of getting a whole Christmas tree in their dorm, this is a wonderful alternative to the real thing.

8. Dried Flower Ornament

Bohemian Dried Strawflower Filled Glass Globe Ornament

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Christmas tree ornaments really serve as a purpose to express yourself. Only a couple of decades ago were they only available in the spherical shape we are used to, and now you can find truly anything as a tree ornament.

9. Birch Tree Ornaments

Rustic birch tree Christmas decorations

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These tree-shaped ornaments are perfect for decorating a sideboard or fireplace. The added fairy lights mean they’ll add that extra magic of sparkle – and could even be used as a table centrepiece.

10. Wooden & Gold Beaded Ornaments

Wooden & Gold Beaded Christmas Ornaments

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If sparkly and bright isn’t your Christmas decor memo – don’t fret. This subtle wooden ornament still has accents of gold to look inviting and elevated.

11. Santa Ornaments

Boho macrame Santa Christmas ornament

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Christmas doesn’t have to mean garish decorations in shares of bright green and red, but also doesn’t mean abandoning the classic Christmas motifs.

This gorgeous macrame decorations will fit the aesthetic of any minimal home

12. Yarn Christmas Tree

Small white yarn Christmas tree decoration

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This yarn Christmas tree isn’t dissimilar to a roll of yarn, and can easily be created at home from your favourite colors.

Use these to decorate a fireplace mantle or as a table centrepiece

13. Macrame Snowflake Ornaments

Macrame Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

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These ornaments are perfect for those who have a through-and-through bohemian style. The shades of cream and beige will compliment a stark white tree, as well as a real tree.

14. Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Art

Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Art

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Macrame wall art is particularly popular among younger generations who like a bohemian, natural aesthetic.

This is wonderful to embellish your entryway and living area walls.

15. Dried Orange Slice Ornaments

Dried Orange Christmas ornaments

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Orange slices and other warm, rich flavours are popular during the Christmas months – think of everything you’re used to seeing in mulled wine.

These are perfect when paired with other natural ornaments, like the classic pinecone!

16. Pom Pom Snowflake Tree Topper

Pom Pom Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper

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The reason this fun Pom Pom snowflake works so well is that the fluffiness depicts real snow! Even though your tree is likely indoors, this means you’ll have a white Christmas – no matter what the weather is!

17. Paper Ornaments

Bohemian paper Christmas ornaments

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Paper ornaments are increasingly popular due to their natural aesthetic but availability in bright colors and fun shapes.

You can use these to decorate a bigger tree or hang them from any free archways in your home.

18. Boho Christmas Prints

Boho Christmas Prints

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Prints are somewhat overrated when it comes to seasonal decor, but it’s an easy and cheap way to ensure you’re always on trend during holidays.

You can print these at home and change out the frames for every holiday.

19. Colorful Boho Tree Ornaments

Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments

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If you want a grown-up aesthetic for Christmas, nothing serves better than macrame.

It’s simple, minimal and looks chic in any home. Macrame doesn’t need to be white, so go for any color you like.

20. Boho Christmas Village

Ceramic Boho Christmas Village

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Those who were lucky enough to grow up with a full Christmas village decor will appreciate this minimal take.

Traditional Christmas villages usually come with many pieces and in bright colors with glitter embellishments. This new take is wonderful if you’d prefer a minimal look.

21. Boho Farmhouse Ornaments

Boho Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

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More bohemian ornaments because you can never have too many.

These will complement any of the others we’ve shown as they are all made from the same materials and so create a fun but still cohesive look.

22. Knit Wool Skirt

Knit Wool Christmas tree Skirt

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A tree skirt is wonderful for a few reasons. If you like to put out Christmas presents as you buy them, it’s a great way you can ensure they aren’t just sitting on the floor.

If you have a real tree which is likely to shed, this is a great way to minimise cleanup.

23. Boho Wooden Floral Ornament

Boho Wooden Floral Christmas Ornaments

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Who doesn’t love a personalized ornament? This is a great one for all the members of your household, as well as for holiday gifts for your friends or family.

24. Merry Christmas Sign

Wooden Red Merry Christmas Sign

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Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like this sign. This works well on a porch, or even in your entryway either for the whole season or just for a holiday party.

25. Velvet Sherpa Tree Pillow Cover

Boho Christmas pillow

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Like wall art, pillows are a wonderful way to incorporate the holidays into your interiors in a low-cost way.

You can match these colors to your aesthetic to ensure your interiors work together.

26. Bell-Shaped Candles

Bell-shaped Christmas candles for decoration

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These fun Pottery Barn candles make the perfect decor or gift for the holiday season.

You can use these as a centerpiece by themselves, or arrange with flowers or vine for a festive look.

27. Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments

Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments

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If you can’t get enough of the macrame ornaments and are looking to add new decorations annually, these make a wonderful addition to any tree, and can brighten up a simple look.

28. Minimalist Boho Tree Poster

Minimalist Boho Christmas Tree Poster

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Like the other wall art we’ve shown, this is a great way to decorate your home for Christmas whilst being easy and cheap to change out.

Wall art is also a wonderful way to decorate your dorm for the holidays!

29. Textured Bobble Stocking

Textured Boho Christmas Stocking

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Stockings come in all different styles and sizes, but this one is perfect for the minimal girlies.

This is a great option if you have a bold interior anyway, and don’t want to add to it l.

30. Chic Boho Baubles

Chic Boho Christmas Baubles

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Boho decorations don’t have to be 100% macrame. These baubles have been covered with the white natural macrame material – and are the best of both worlds.

31. Mixed Boho Ornaments

Beaded Boho Christmas Ornaments

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Boho doesn’t mean not having the traditional holiday motifs you’ve always been used to celebrating with, and these ornaments are the perfect example.

32. Ho Ho Ho Sign

Cute Boho Christmas Sign

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Wall art is always a great way to make your home seasonal. The colors of this are still festive, but don’t look loud or tacky – perfect if your home has clean interiors.

33. Embellished Velvet Stockings

Bohemian Embellished Velvet Stockings

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You either don’t care about stockings at all or it’s one of the best parts of Christmas for you. These embellished stockings can be personalised for all the members of the family too

34. Boho Wall Decor Baskets

Boho Wall Decor Christmas Baskets

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Festive decor doesn’t need to be Christmas. It’s about making your home look brighter and happier for the season, and this wall art is a wonderful example.

35. Macrame Ornaments

Boho Macrame Snowflake and Angel Ornaments

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That being said – we’re back to macrame ornaments. These angel and snowflake decorations are the perfect balance between Christmas and personal aesthetics.

36. Festive Tassel Garland

Boho Festive Tassel Christmas Garland For The Mantel

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This tassel garland is wonderful for decorating any empty space in your home, whether it’s above your fireplace or under an entryway.

37. Boho Candy Canes

Boho Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments

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Candy canes are undoubtedly one of the best parts of Christmas. Though these aren’t real – they certainly rival the real, minty thing!

38. Rustic Star Tree Topper

Rustic Star Christmas Tree Topper

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Are you an angel topper or a star topper? Either way, this glowing rustic star makes a wonderful piece of decor for yourself, or as a gift in a minimal aesthetic home.

39. Beaded Christmas Wreath

Beaded Bohemian Christmas Wreath

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  1. Wreaths are a traditional Christmas decoration which is being interpreted in new and interesting ways. 

This wooden beaded wreath is wonderful for decor inside the home as well as outside.

40. Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments

Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Nothing says Christmas like putting more Christmas trees on your tree. These bright white decorations work with all interiors and Christmas tree colours.

We hope you found your next Christmas decor from this list! Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more Christmas decor inspiration, check the posts down below.

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