40 Whimsical Boho Christmas Decor Ideas For A Chic Holiday Vibe

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Craving a bohemian yet chic Christmas? If so, you’ll love these whimsical boho Christmas decor finds that you can use to create your own peaceful haven at home.

We love all things boho: fashion, home decor, even the lifestyle itself! If you’re a free-spirited person who wants to incorporate the bohemian aesthetic into your life even during the holiday season, we got you!

Bohemian Christmas decor is simply gorgeous: it is minimalistic, contemporary, and at the same time, pretty understated (at least when it comes to the color. palette!). Like the bohemian lifestyle itself, boho decor is carefree, hippy, and natural. Boho decor makes use of wooden beads or wooden shapes, macrame (which is a form of textile using knotting techniques), fabric tassels, dried flowers and grass, feathers, and more. 

However, you don’t have to be a bohemian enthusiast to have your own boho-themed Christmas! If you’re looking to switch it up this holiday season, we suggest giving this aesthetic a try. It’s always fun to have different Christmas themes or aesthetics every year, and it’s even better especially if it’s something out of your comfort zone. And who knows? You might end up falling in love with it!

We’ve already fallen in love with the whimsical boho Christmas decor we found online, so we’re sharing them with you! Below are the best boho Christmas decor ideas that you should definitely check out. All of the products and items below are entirely shoppable, so if a thing (or two) has caught your eye, just click on the picture and it will take you right on the website to order!

Let’s get started!


The Best Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Boho Stockings


Boho Christmas Stockings


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2. Macrame Ornaments


Macrame Christmas Ornaments


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3. Tassel Tree Posters


Boho tassel Christmas Tree posters


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4. Wooden & Gold Beaded Ornaments


Wooden & Gold Beaded Christmas Ornaments


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5. Wool Tree Skirt


Boho Wool Christmas Tree Skirt


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6. Minimalist Boho Prints


Minimalist Boho Christmas Prints With Gnome Gonk


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7. Yarn Boho Trees


Yarn White and cream Boho Christmas Trees


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8. Birch Angel Tree Topper


Boho Birch Angel Christmas Tree Topper


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9. Boho Christmas Prints


Boho Christmas Prints


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10. Cute Macrame Ornaments


Cute Macrame Christmas Ornaments


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11. Colorful Boho Tree Ornaments


Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments


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12. Beaded Christmas Wreath


Beaded Bohemian Christmas Wreath


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13. Boho Christmas Village


Ceramic Boho Christmas Village


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14. Boho Farmhouse Ornaments


Boho Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments


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15. Boho Trees


Boho Christmas Tree Posters


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16. Boho Wooden Floral Ornament


Boho Wooden Floral Christmas Ornaments


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17. Merry Christmas Sign


Wooden Red Merry Christmas Sign


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18. Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments


Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments


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19. Dried Flower Baubles


Dried Flower Christmas Baubles


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20. Pampas Wreath


Boho pampas Christmas wreath for front door


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21. Minimalist Boho Tree Poster


Minimalist Boho Christmas Tree Poster


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22. Sun Catcher


Bohemian Christmas Sun Catcher


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23. Macrame Snowflake Ornaments


Macrame Snowflake Christmas Ornaments


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24. Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Art


Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Art


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25. Dried Orange Slice Ornaments


Dried Orange Christmas ornaments


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26. Pom Pom Snowflake Tree Topper


Pom Pom Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper


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27. Macrame Garland


Macrame Christmas Tree Garland


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28. Chunky Knit Tree Collar


Boho Chunky Knit Christmas Tree Collar


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29. Textured Bobble Stocking


Textured Boho Christmas Stocking


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30. Chic Boho Baubles


Chic Boho Christmas Baubles


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31. Mixed Boho Ornaments


Beaded Boho Christmas Ornaments


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32. Ho Ho Ho Sign


Cute Boho Christmas Sign


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33. Christmas Mudcloth Stockings


Boho Christmas Mudcloth Stockings For Mantel


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34. Boho Wall Decor Baskets


Boho Wall Decor Christmas Baskets


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35. Macrame Ornaments


Boho Macrame Snowflake and Angel Ornaments


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36. Festive Tassel Garland


Boho Festive Tassel Christmas Garland For The Mantel


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37. Boho Candy Canes


Boho Candy Cane Christmas Ornaments


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38. Wood Painted Flocked Tree


Wood Painted Boho Christmas Tree Sign


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39. Green Leaves Macrame Wall Art


Green Leaves Boho Macrame Christmas Wall Art


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40. Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments


Boho Macrame Christmas Tree Ornaments


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We hope you found your next Christmas decor from this list! Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more Christmas decor inspiration, check the posts down below.


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