52 Cute Best Friend Halloween Costumes To Double The Fun

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Are you looking for cute best friend Halloween costumes that you can pull off with one or two of your girlfriends? If so, these fun and creative ideas are perfect for you!

From cute & easy costume ideas to funny and memorable ones, we have the best Halloween costume ideas that are sure to make you feel special and look great in photos.

To get inspired, scroll through these looks and then copy the one that you like the best. Most of these costumes are simple to copy and add your own flavor. Plus, we’ve also included shoppable links to many of the costumes that we’ve featured.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the costumes!

52 Cute Halloween Costumes For Best Friends:

1. Wilma & Betty

These Flintstone-inspired Halloween costumes have a cut vintage look and are easy to recreate with your best friend. Just grab a white dress and a blue dress, ideally with a distressed or fayed hem, and a couple of wigs to get that Wilma and Betty look.

2. Boxing Babes by Linda

Cute boxing BFF Halloween costume for 2

Image & costumes via @xolindaa

We love this girly boxing look that you can recreate using items you probably already have in your home. Pick out a cute bralette and a little pair of shorts and finish with matching boxing gloves – you may already have these lying around from workout classes at the gym!

3. The Shining

Any horror film fans will just adore these Halloween costumes, pulled straight from The Shining! Grab your best friend and dress up in matching little blue dresses, with a pink bow at the waist and black Mary Jane shoes. You can complete the look with some fake blood for a true horror finish.

4. The Sims

Sims Halloween costumes for 2 best friends

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This Sims look is so much fun and means you can wear items already in your wardrobe to make your Sim come to life.

Any fun and colorful outfit would work, just make sure to finish the outfit with a diamond, or a Plumbob as it is known in The Sims, above your head (you can find loads of diamond headbands online).

5. Fairytale Baddies

This Disney Princess look is so clever and it means you can include your whole friendship group in this Halloween look. There are loads of different Disney princesses you can choose from, so you just need to make your own arrest boards to transform these princesses into girls gone wild!

6. Bratz

We love a throwback look, like this Bratz-themed Halloween costume! Find yourself a Bratz top and pull out a matching skirt from your wardrobe then add some sparkling eye makeup and bold lipstick to complete the look.

7. Pirates

A pirate costume is a perfect costume for you and your best friends! Pick out a white flouncy shirt, black corset, and a black skirt, then you can use a scarf to create a bandana around your head and add lots of gold jewelry. You can play around with your makeup in this costume too – opting for a subtle or really gory look.

8. Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Halloween Costume for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @lopezbrit

This adorable bubble look is so much fun and really unique – grab two of the cute costumes and finish with a white wig, sparkling tights, and lots of glitter. Don’t forget to bring bubble machines as your most essential accessories!

9. Mad Scientists

The Mad Scientists costume is not only so entertaining and playful but is easy to create with items you can find at home and some safety goggles from your local hardware store.

Pick out some smart pants and a button-up shirt and throw a long white jacket over the top. Washing-up gloves, goggles, and a couple of beakers are just the accessories you need!

10. Shego & Kim Possible

Old-school TV shows are always excellent inspirations for Halloween costumes, just like this early 2000s Kim Possible look! Grab some cargo pants, cargo boots, and a black top to be Kim Possible, and seek out a black and green catsuit to create the Shego look. Add a couple of wigs to complete the costume!

11. Blair & Serena

Cute Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl best friend Halloween costume

Image and costume via @dressupbuttercup & @champagneandchanel

Calling any Gossip Girl fans! Serena and Blair make the perfect costume for this season’s Halloween parties! You could go for a high school look like you see in the image above, or any other of the amazing outfits in this iconic series, just make sure you include a Blair Wardolf headband and Serena’s immaculate blonde hair.

12. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Halloween Costumes for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @mimiandchichi

If you are a Manga fan, why don’t you go for this adorable Sailor Moon look alongside your best friend?! There are loads of different Sailor Moon costumes available online, for the wide variety of characters in the series, just make sure you have your brightly colored wigs on hand!

13. Austin Powers’ Girls

These Austin Powers costumes are super cute and so much fun – plus they’re not too difficult to create! You will need a pink, babydoll mini dress, ideal with a faux fur trim, some white or pink gloves, sparkly tights, and white heels – just gorgeous!

14. Daphne & Velma

Daphne and Velma are iconic characters that make perfect Halloween costumes for any upcoming parties.

The bold colors that are associated with each of these characters make it easy to recreate these outfits, you just need a red skirt, an orange top, and tights for Velma and a purple dress and green scarf for Daphne, you may already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe!

15. Winx Club

Anyone who used to watch Nickelodeon growing up, you may remember Winx Club and these fairies make excellent Halloween costumes! There are plenty of Winx Club fairies to dress up as so you can include your whole friendship group, just grab your sparkliest dresses and a pair of wings and your set.

16. Mermaids

Cute and easy mermaid Halloween costumes for besties

Image Source: @taylor_peterson

We love these adorable Mermaid costumes that are ideal for twinning with your best friend at the next Halloween party.

You can really make your mermaids unique and individual with your own bralette-style tops and iridescent blue skirts to represent a tail. The addition of lots of blue glitter and shell accessories really adds to that under-the-sea aesthetic.  

17. Loofahs

Fun DIY Loofah Halloween costume
via @merrittandstyle | DIY tutorial on Meritt & Style

If you are your best friend are willing to go for something a little quirky as your Halloween costume, then these loofah outfits are exactly what you need!

This is such a fun costume idea that no one else will come dressed as, and there is a DIY tutorial on how to make this look on the Merritt & Style site.

18. Holographic Aliens

Cute holographic aliens for 2 best friends

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These alien outfits are just stunning and will really make a statement for Halloween! You can pull iridescent and holographic pieces from your wardrobe or pick up these costumes from Etsy – make sure to finish off with some silver glitter and an antennae-inspired headband.

19. Mario & Princess Peach

Mario and Princess Peach bff Halloween costume

Image and costume via @closethipsta

These Mario and Princess Peach costumes are easy to recreate at home and are characters everyone will recognize. You could even rope in more friends to dress up as more characters to create the whole Mario and Luigi world!

20. M&M Girls

M&M Halloween costume for 2 best friends
via @tallblondebell | Get similar t-shirts on Etsy

Best friends with a sweet tooth should really dress up as these cute M&M girls as their Halloween costumes! You can pick similar shirts from Etsy or you can craft your own at home – just make sure to have lots of M&M on hand at all times!

21. Space Cowgirls

Best friend Halloween costumes with Space Cowgirls theme

Image and costume via @brittanystyacich

Put a twist on a traditional cowboy Halloween costume with this striking Space Cowgirl look. Opt for a holographic leotard or bodysuit, and match with cowboy boots, lots of fringing, and a silver cowboy hat – so much fun!

22. Cosmo & Wanda

If Fairly Odd Parents was a favorite show growing up, then Cosmo and Wanda would make the perfect Halloween costumes for you and your bestie!

These costumes are actually pretty simple to create at home – you just need a pink and a green wig, a white and a yellow top, and two pairs of black pants. Add some wings and wands and you’re done!

23. Tequila, Lime & Salt

Tequila, lime and salt Halloween costume for 3

Get these costumes on Etsy

Grab two of your best friends and dress up in these incredible tequila shot costumes! These tequila, salt, and lime costumes would be ideal for any college Halloween party and the outfits are available on Etsy to make things even easier.

24. Black & White Swan

Make a statement with these amazing black and white Swan costumes. These costumes look really striking and just require a corset top, tulle skirts, and two pairs of wings to recreate at home. Pick out black and white heels, respectively, and go all out with your makeup looks too!

25. Grannies

For a totally quirky and playful Halloween look, we love these Granny costumes! Head to your local thrift store to find some dainty floral night dresses, then add some comfy slippers, stockings, and a cane to complete your look. The slippers also mean you will be comfy enough to dance all night!

26. Kit Kat Girls

Cute BFF Halloween costumes - Kit Kat costume

Image and costumes via @juliastulac

We love this matching Kit Kat look that would be ideal for any upcoming Halloween parties. The costume is available online, and you just need to finish with white knee-high socks and white sneakers to recreate these super adorable Kit Kat costumes.

27. Britney & Christina

You and your bestie should really dress up as pop best friends Britney and Christina for Halloween this year!

There are plenty of Britney and Christina moments you can pick from, but some of our favorites include this red catsuit from Oops! I Did It Again, and the stripe bikini and leather pants from Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty.

28. Mia Thermopolis & Lilly Moscovitz

Unique and cute Princess Diaries Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costume via @marinagracee

How can you resist these adorable Mia Thermopolis and Lilly Moscovitz costumes from the iconic film, The Princess Diaries?! This costume just requires a plaid skirt, blue shirt, knee-high socks, and black shoes, then you can curl your hair and add glasses as Mia and go for a half-up do and add a rabbit soft toy to transform into Lilly.

29. Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff girls Halloween costumes for 3 best friends

Image & costumes by @lopezbrit

The Powerpuff Girls are the perfect costumes for you and your two best friends! You will need a tank top, black belt, tutu, and black shoes in pink to be Blossom, blue to be Bubbles, and green to be Buttercup – so cute!

30. Tiffany & Chucky

Chucky and Tiffany is a great costume idea if you want to opt for something a little more scary and spooky.

Chucky is an iconic Halloween character with red hair, dungarees, a striped top, and scratches all over his face, while Tiffany is the bride of Chucky and wears a white satin dress and a black leather jacket.

31. Clueless

Cher and Dion Clueless Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costumes via @nataliezacek

Clueless is one of the best films of the 1990s and Cher and Dionne from the movie make excellent characters to dress up as for Halloween. They each have an instantly recognizable matching checked blazer and skirt, finished with knee-high socks, and there are plenty of recreations of these costumes online to choose from!

32. The Purge

These looks inspired by the horror film, The Purge, are an excellent costume choice if you want something more gory. Cover a white button-up shirt in fake blood and throw it on over a black leather top and shorts. Make sure to finish with fake knives to get that full The Purge look!

33. Dance barbies

Seek inspiration from Barbie for this year’s Halloween look with this fun and playful retro Dance Barbie costume! Go all out 80s with a bright leotard, contrasting belt, and tights underneath. You can finish off with knee-high boots or legwarmers for the true 80s aesthetic!

34. Peace & Love

Bff Hippie Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costumes via @maiaschwinghammer

You may already have a tie-dye t-shirt in your wardrobe already, in which case this Peace and Love costume is easy for you to recreate if you’re short on time. Just pair this tie-dye tee with a flower crown, peace symbol jewelry, and round, 60s-inspired sunglasses.

35. Woody & Buzz

Why don’t you and your best friend dress and famous cartoon besties, Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story?!

There are plenty of Buzz and Woody costumes online, and you just need to finish with a white skirt and white boots for Buzz and a denim skirt, a cowboy hat, and boots for Woody – just perfect!

36. White Claw Babes

White claw Halloween Costume for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @annasweeeney

If you are often seen with a White Claw in hand, then a White Claw costume may just be perfect for you! Just pair your White Claw t-shirt with shimmering silver shorts, long white socks, and white sneakers – plus a can of your favorite flavor White Claw in your hand.

37. Scarecrows

A scarecrow is a classic Halloween costume that always looks fantastic. Dungarees are so on trend right now, you may already own a pair, in which case you just need to finish with a flannel shirt and straw hat.

You can go all out on your makeup for a scary look, or add some freckles and go for more of a cute scarecrow look.

38. Britney’s Different Eras

@elysiummccranie it’s our little, bitch! #biglittlereveal ♬ Gimme More – Britney Spears

There have been so many different Britney Spears looks over the years that this pop princess provides lots of excellent costume ideas all on her own!

You and your friends could recreate the looks from iconic music videos and red carpet outfits too so there are plenty of outfits to choose from.  

39. Goofy Goober SpongeBob & Patrick

SpongeBob and Patrick continue to be two of the best TV characters you can dress up as for Halloween, but why don’t you play around a little and choose one of the crazy costumes SpongeBob wears during the series – Goofy Goober SpongeBob, like the image you see above, or Roman Emperor SpongeBob are just two options you could go for.

40. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Easy Peanut butter & Jelly Halloween costumes for 2

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We love this low-key, peanut butter and jelly Halloween costume that is ideal for a day at school or college. These t-shirts are available on Etsy, and you can pair them with any shorts, jeans, or skirt that suits your style.

41. Gladiators

These gladiator costumes are so much fun and ideal if you and your group of friends want to do a matching look.

You just need a brown crop top or bralette, brown leather shorts or a mini skirt, and then lots of gold jewelry and props – including a shield and miniature sword.

42. Strawberry Shortcake & Friends

These Strawberry Shortcake and Friends costumes are so adorable! The costumes are easy to DIY at home as well and you can make it into a fund craft night with all your friends – you need to each pick fruit and a pastel colored dress that matches the fruit and then grab some of the iron-on fruit patches and decorate the dresses!

43. Aerobics Queens

Cute BFF Halloween costumes for girls - 80s aerobics costumes

Image and costumes via @myviewinheels

Make a neon statement with these retro aerobics costumes! Go on a hunt for the brightest leotards, leggings, tights, and leg warmers you can find in local stores and any thrift store to create this incredible 80s look!

44. Firefighters

A firefighter is a classic Halloween costume that you can recreate in a variety of different ways. You could search online for firefighter Halloween costumes, or find some red leather or PVC bodysuits, crop tops, and skirts, then just add a high-vis jacket and a firefighter hat – so simple!

45. Devil & Angel

Hot devil and angel Halloween costumes for women

Image and costumes via @inatalieking

Any Halloween costume list has to include an angel and devil best friend look! This is a favorite costume that is easy for you and your bestie to create out of items you probably already own.

You will just need a white and a red dress or skirt and top and some matching heels, so you can play around a little and make the angel and devil suit your style!

46. Lilo & Stitch

These are the best costumes for any Disney fans! Lilo and Stitch are iconic Disney characters that make excellent Halloween costumes that many people won’t think to go for. A leafy skirt is key to each of these costumes then just finish with wavy hair and a flower crown for Lilo and some big blue ears for Stitch.

47. 3 Blind Mice

If you and your friends have left your Halloween costume to the last minute, then these Three Blind Mice costumes are just what you need! All you need to do is pull an all-black outfit from your wardrobe and add black sunglasses and black ears – so simple!

48. Bring it on by

Bring It On Cheerleader Halloween costume for 2 best friends

Image via @cecilealamode

Dress up a classic cheerleader costume by recreating the Bring It On cheerleader looks! You could go as just Torrance and her rival Isis, or you can create both the Toros and the Clovers team with your whole friendship group!

49. Sun & Stars

The Sun and Stars costumes are such a fun idea that you can play around with and really make your own. Just stick to a color palette and add lots of glitter and sparkles and it’s bound to go down a treat at any Halloween party!

50. Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is another great film from which you can seek inspiration for your next Halloween look. These costumes are easy to recreate as long as you have a bikini, sweatpants, and a balaclava lying around.

51. Disco Babes

Sequin disco Halloween costumes for 2 bffs

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We love ‘Disco Babes’ as a costume idea as you can really play around and make it your own. Of course, flares, platform heels, and lots of sequins are a must, but after that, you can add your own top and accessories, and have fun with your hair and makeup!

52. Harley Quinn & The Joker

Harley Quinn and The Joker is a matching Halloween costume that never gets old! Getting the outfits right is important, but the hair and makeup are key too – so make sure to leave a little extra time when you’re getting ready to perfect the red and blue eye makeup for Harley Quinn and lots of dark eyeliner and red lips for The Joker.

Which of these cute best friend Halloween costumes was your favorite? We love the Bratz costume and the Scarecrow costumes, but there are too many good ones to choose from!

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