50 Cute Best Friend Halloween Costumes To Double The Fun

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Are you looking for cute best friend Halloween costumes that you can pull off with one or two of your girlfriends? If so, these fun and creative ideas are perfect for you!

From cute & easy costume ideas to funny and memorable ones, we have the best Halloween costume ideas that are sure to make you feel special and look great in photos.

To get inspired, scroll through these looks and then copy the one that you like the best. Most of these costumes are simple to copy and add your own flavor. Plus, we’ve also included shoppable links to many of the costumes that we’ve featured.

quick list of the best places to get Halloween Costumes:

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the costumes!

50 Cute Halloween Costumes For Best Friends:

1. Boxing Babes By Linda

Cute boxing BFF Halloween costume for 2

Image & costumes via @xolindaa

2. Rave Kittens

Cute LED cat Halloween masks for best friends

Get these masks on Etsy

3. The Sims

Sims Halloween costumes for 2 best friends

Get these headbands on Etsy

4. Cheshire Cat & White Rabbit

Cheshire Cat & White Rabbit Halloween costume for 2 best friends

Get these costumes on Etsy: Cheshire Cat | White Rabbit

5. Mortal Kombat

Cute best friend Halloween costume for 3 with Barbie, bunny, and Jade Mortal Kombat Costume

Get the middle costume on Etsy

6. Fairytale Baddies

7. Bubble Bath by Brit Lopez

Bubble Bath Halloween Costume for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @lopezbrit

8. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Easy Peanut butter & Jelly Halloween costumes for 2

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9. Disco Babes

Sequin disco Halloween costumes for 2 bffs

Get these pants on Etsy

10. Mia Thermopolis by Marina Grace

Unique and cute Princess Diaries Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costume via @marinagracee

11. Blair & Serena by Dede Raad

Cute Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl best friend Halloween costume

Image and costume via @dressupbuttercup & @champagneandchanel

12. Teletubbies

Cute Teletubbies Halloween costumes for 4 best friends

Get these costumes on Etsy

13. Holiday Barbies

14. Sailor Moon by Gita W.

Sailor Moon Halloween Costumes for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @mimiandchichi

15. Ring Leader & Lion

Hot ringleader and lion Halloween costumes for 2 best friends

Get these costumes on Yandy: Ring Leader | Lion

16. Romy & Michele

Cute Romy & Michele best friend costume

Get these costumes on Etsy

17. Mermaids By Taylor

Cute and easy mermaid Halloween costumes for besties

Image Source: @Taylor_Peterson

18. Loofahs

19. Holographic Aliens

Cute holographic aliens for 2 best friends

Get these outfits on Etsy

20. Mario & Princess Peach by Ysabelle Caparas

Mario and Princess Peach bff Halloween costume

Image and costume via @closethipsta

21. Angel & Devil By Ellie O.

Hot BFF Halloween costumes - Angel And Devil costumes for girls

Image and costumes via @MissEllie_O & @DaiseyODonnell

22. M&M Girls

Cute trio Halloween costumes for best friends

Get these costumes on Etsy

23. Space Cowgirls by Brittany Styacich

Best friend Halloween costumes with Space Cowgirls theme

Image and costume via @brittanystyacich

24. Cosmo & Wanda

25. Tequila, Lime & Salt

Tequila, lime and salt Halloween costume for 3

Get these costumes on Etsy

26. Black & White Swan

27. Hot Nurses

Hot bff nurse Halloween costumes for 2

Get these outfits on Yandy: Black Nurse costume | White nurse costume (similar)

28. Kit Kat Girls By Julia Stulac

Cute BFF Halloween costumes - Kit Kat costume

Image and costumes via @JuliaStulac

29. Carebears

30. Powerpuff Girls by Brit Lopez

Powerpuff girls Halloween costumes for 3 best friends

Image & costumes by @lopezbrit

31. Sorority Girls

Cute sorority Halloween outfits for best friends

Get these t-shirts on Etsy

32. Chucky & Chucky’s Bride

33. Clueless By Natalie Zacek

Cher and Dion Clueless Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costumes via @NatalieZacek

34. Alice & Queen Of Hearts

Best friend Alice & Queen Of Hearts Halloween costumes for 2

Get Alice’s costume on Etsy

35. Peace & Love By Maia S.

Bff Hippie Halloween costumes for 2

Image and costumes via @maiaschwinghammer

36. Woody & Buzz

37. White Claw Babes by Anna Sweeney

White claw Halloween Costume for 2 Best Friends

Image and costume via @annasweeeney

38. Mario & Luigi 

Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes for 2 best friends

Get these costumes on Etsy

39. Britney’s Different Eras

@elysiummccranie it’s our little, bitch! #biglittlereveal ♬ Gimme More – Britney Spears

40. Baseball Besties

41. Spring Breakers

42. Simple Witches

Easy witch Halloween costume for 2 bffs

Get these witch hats on Etsy

43. Strawberry Shortcake & Friends

44. Aerobics Queens By Jaclyn Ram

Cute BFF Halloween costumes for girls - 80s aerobics costumes

Image and costumes via @MyViewInHeels

45. Firefighters

46. Devil & Angel By Natalie King

Hot devil and angel Halloween costumes for women

Image and costumes via @InatalieKing

47. Pirates

48. Victoria’s Secret Angels

49. Bring It On by Cecile A La Mode

Bring It On Cheerleader Halloween costume for 2 best friends

Image via @cecilealamode

50. Sun & Stars

Which of these cute BFF Halloween costumes was your favorite? Mine has got to be the BFF grannies costume and the Starbucks costume – they’re both so cute and unique!

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  1. the chucky one is too creepy and the costume is ugly tbh

    1. Shut up Sopia says:

      FIRST OF they probably worked rlly hard on that costume, so you have no right to come online here well you’re probably just eating snacks doing nothing and trash them when you’re probably eating food, lounging around and doing absolutely nothing, SECOND what kind of name is SOPIA so shut up clown

      1. it is fine that she said one was creepy but they probably did work hard on it but you have no right to trash her like that and make fun of her name you probably know someone who has a unique name but do you make fun of it probably not and you made someone else feel bad just to make yourself feel good and i thought that the chucky one was creepy too and i bet you they want it to be creepy so it is a complement for someone to call it creepy so you have no right to call someone out like that you are probably around a teenage age so you should know how to be nice so stop being a total jerk

        1. Ok I get where everyone is coming from and on Sopias defense everyone can have a opinion and doesn’t have to like everything everyone else has

          1. U go gurl

        2. I agree with none of your beeswax totally and completely

        3. EWW NUN OF YOUR BEEZWAx says:

          SHE DID SAY IT WAS UGLY soooooo you don’t need to come at her and Sopia is a weird name and oh freaking well if they are teenagers it don’t really matter because if they are your being immature because if you are a adult you are just arguing with teenagers.

      2. dont be so mean#benice says:

        damn girl that was just upright mean, like I get that your kinda mad, but you don’t need to make fun of her name, cause that’s just straight up RUDE. And second, idk maybe you’re doing the same thing? not hating but you know..

      3. Literally yeah you should
        And fyi sopia, those costumes are the bomb so watch it.

  2. Emma Grace says:

    Sopia, don’t come online and just totally trash costumes, if you have a problem then leave!

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