52 Gorgeous Fall Nails To Inspire Your Next Mani

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Are you looking for cute and unique fall nail designs that you can recreate at home or at the nail salon? If so, you’re in the right place!

Fall is known for muted colors, cozy sweaters, falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and spending time at home. The color schemes are usually a mix of burnt orange, browns, nudes, golds, and even muted greens and blues. If you want to see the best fall nail ideas and nail art using these color schemes, keep on reading!

The Best Fall Nail Designs

1. End Of Summer

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of florals, try an accent nail or fall colors like brown and dark red.

2. Chrome

Chrome is the ultimate fall party-girl manicure. It’s more toned down than glitter and still looks cool during the daytime.

3. Fall Flowers

Florals in fall tones; oranges, dark greens and reds, are perfect when the temperature drops.

4. Snakeskin

Cute short fall nails with gold chrome effect and sage green tips
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Fall also means the start of the spooky season – Halloween! These snake detail nails are perfect for Halloween as well as every day.

5. Hot Chocolate

Nothing says fall like a cup of hot cocoa, and why not reflect this on your nails too?

6. Fall Gradient

Gradient nails are one of the easiest ways to achieve a stunning manicure! All you need is 5 different shades of nail polish in your favorite fall hues – so simple!

7. Friendly Ghost

For a quirky nail art design, this ghost nail design is cuter than it is scary.

8. Retro Flowers

Retro designs like these flowers work perfectly against a gradient of brown shades – perfect if you need something subdued but still fun.

9. Burgundy & Burnt Orange

Burgundy has been the it-color of this year, and we don’t see the trend slowing down any time soon. Pair it with minimalist fall florals and the perfect shade of burnt orange for a chic fall manicure.

10. Olive Green

If you’re a martini girl, why not go for an olive manicure in an ode to your favorite garnish?

 11. Golden Tips

Gold tips look super chic and sleek. They are the perfect cool-girl look, no matter what metallic shade you like.

12. Mauve Mood

Mauve is an underrated nail shade, but with undertones of red, brown and pink, it’s the perfect pinky shade for fall.

13. Sage Green

Green can be an odd color to find cute shades in. Sage is a stunning shade perfect for a dainty fall manicure.

14. Burgundy

Burgundy is a classic fall manicure, and it always looks polished (no pun intended!)

15. Forest Green

If a colored manicure feels like too much of an experiment, a French manicure with a fall color like this forest green is a great in-between option.

16. Retro Flowers

Long brown swirl nails with flowers for fall

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Retro designs like these flowers work perfectly for a bold nail design that is still appropriate for every day.

17. Metallic

If you’re getting into the festive mood early, a metallic manicure with both chrome and glitter elements is perfect.

18. Touch Of Glitter

Short white and silver fall nails with glitter

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Going for accent glitter nails is perfect if a full glitter manicure feels like overkill.

19. Burnt Orange

Red and oranges work perfectly for fall, and this stunning hybrid shade is a gorgeous option. If you’re a bit extra, try some gold glitter accents.

20. Retro Groove

For a bold, quirky manicure, go for a combination like this flower and checkerboard design.

21. Dotted

Brown dotted French tip nails

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This is a design we have seen Kylie Jenner rocking multiple times.

22. Glam Neutrals 

Neutral fall nails can be boring, but some nail art can add an eye-catching aspect.

23. Muted Tones

Matte neutral fall nails with dark green leaves

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As fun as nail art can be, it isn’t always the most appropriate for a professional look. If you do wish to add some nail art into your life, go for a muted base color like this stunning taupe.

24. Amethyst

Crystals are said to have good energy, and why not bring some of that energy into your look with stunning amethyst-inspired nails?

25. Matte Mood

Fall is a great time to experiment with different nail textures. A velvety matte finish like this works perfectly for the colder months.

26. Touch Of Gold

The fall months usually mean more socializing and parties as we lead up to the holiday season. Funky gold nail details can pack a punch to a plain outfit.

27. Ice, Ice Baby

Icy blue nails will keep you looking extra cool for fall, even if the weather may already be cold!

28. Brown Leaves

For those who like a more subdued design, a sheer pink base with a rose gold metallic leaf motif can be a great statement while sticking to your personal style.

29. Brown Marble

Long brown marble nails for fall

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Marbled nail designs like this gorgeous orangey-brown one are perfect if you like a funky design to show off in all your Insta posts!

30. Nature-Inspired

If there’s one thing we can say about fall, it’s that across the world, it brings some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. To celebrate this, a nature-inspired manicure makes a stunning look.

31. Mixed Bunch

Gen-Z loves a mismatched nail design. If you’re confused about which motifs to include, use this funky fall assortment as inspo!

32. Retro Swirls

For all the groovy chicks, a retro flower and swirly pattern is the perfect cross between new and old.

33. Golden & Green Swirls

Neutral gold and dark green swirl nails

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Random swirly designs are all the rage, and are great if you don’t want to spend excessive money on having your nail art professionally done. You can create this look with a thin paint or makeup brush!

34. White & Gray

For an icy look, a mix of grey and white gradients will look elegant. You can add extra embellishments to amp up the look too.

35. Spooky Season

This dainty Halloween manicure is perfect for celebrating the season whilst still being chic and minimal.

36. Pink Color Palette

Nothing beats a girly pink manicure. A gradient one like this with glitter detailing looks festive and eye-catching.

37. Wine At Night

Aura-style manicures are extremely popular but can be difficult to do. With magnetic nail polish, you can get the same look in the comfort of your own home.

38. Minimalist Vibe

Sometimes, minimal really is best. A brown and white manicure on a clear base makes the perfect accompaniment to your cozy winter looks, but also works well as a Thanksgiving mani.

39. Starry Night

Stars have been a classic nail art staple for years, not only are they easy to do, they are fun and dainty. You can either have these done at your favorite salon, or buy nail decals like these from Etsy to do at home.

40. Fall Foliage

The neutral colors of plants and leaves lend themselves to a fall manicure.

41. Blackout

Black and gold is a classic color combination. For your best Gatsby-inspired party look, this pair will do you no wrong.

42. Sweet As Candy

Pastels are not a color often associated with fall, but when done correctly in fall colors, make the most perfect dainty manicures.

43. Modern French

A clean-girl French manicure on short nails is perfect if you like a clean look for fall. To incorporate the fall trend, go for a brown shade.

44. Draw The Line

Vertical lines in nails can give the illusion of longer nails and hands, great if you aren’t blessed with elegant fingers!

45. Shades Of Orange

If you can’t decide on one stunning shade of orange for your next manicure, why not go for all of them?

46. Earth Tones

The most beautiful colors do truly come from Earth’s natural beauty. Using this design as inspiration will definitely ensure a stunning manicure.

6. Dotted Flowers

Dotted fall nails with flowers.

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If you’re looking to experiment with nail art at home, this is the perfect easy option for you. Use a bobby pin and your favorite fall nail shades.

48. Short & Sweet

Long nails can sometimes look unintentionally tacky. Short nails are also great options if you’d like to experiment with a bold color or design.

49. White & Taupe

Shades of creamy whites and warm taupes make a dreamy picture-perfect combination.

50. Brown Claws

Brown doesn’t get enough credit for its ability to look chic on every skin tone. Pay attention that the shade isn’t too similar to your skin tone, though, if you do have brown-toned skin.

51. Checkmate

Checkerboard is a statement nail art option, but a nude and brown mix such as this keeps it easy on the eyes.

52. Muted Hues

There’s nothing worse than a good nail design that doesn’t go with anything in your closet. Sticking to muted tones means you’ll never have that problem.

Which of these fall nails was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to save your favorites on Pinterest!

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