25 Orange Nails That Are Perfect For A Tropical Vibe

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Get ready to add a pop of sunshine to your fingertips with these vibrant orange nails!

If you’re tired of always reaching for the same manicure colors, why not try something bold and bright, like orange? Orange is the color of summer, sunsets, and tropical skies. It’s a hue that radiates warmth and vibrancy, instantly invoking feelings of energy and excitement.

With so many shades and designs to choose from, there’s an orange nail design for any vibe. They look magical on anyone with warmer undertones in their skin, especially those with dark or tanned complexions.

Whether you’re heading to the beach, attending a festival, or just want to brighten up your day, these 25 orange nail designs are the perfect choice to elevate your outfits.

The 25 Best Orange Nail Designs

1. Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form where gold is used to piece together pieces of broken pottery. This hint-of-gold manicure reminds us that even in mistakes, there is a hidden beauty.

2. Orange Aura

Aura nails are all the rage, and are reminiscent of James Turrell’s art [if you know, you know]. The placement of a contrasting color in the center of the nail creates a stunning 3D effect.

3. Sunset ombre

There is no better summer combination than pink and orange. A beautiful way to blend these colors through your nail art is to create a mix of both in your middle nail, which then tapers into the two separate colors on your other nails.

4. Orange you glad it’s summer?

Summer and citrus go together like, well, summer and citrus! Whether it’s in a drink or on your nails, this is a nail art design that will be sure to bring some joy to your outfits.

5. Hint of glitter

Glitter is unrivaled in the nail art game. It’s a foolproof option if you want to add something extra without your nails looking too busy.

6. Celestial claws

Celestial nail art designs are always popular, whether it’s constellation-inspired intricate nail art, or simple stars like these. Designs like these work any time of year, whether summer or the festive season!

7. Make you look

This funky nail art design is perfect if you like to go out of the box with your manicures. This also works against any base color, but given that it’s funky, looks best with bright colors.

8. Chocolate orange

Not only is chocolate and orange a yummy flavor combination, but it’s also a fantastic manicure color combo. If you’re unsure, go for a gradient like this with the best of both worlds.

9. pinky peach

Pink and peach is an uncommon color combination for obvious reasons. At first thought, it would seem that it’s too busy, but a sparse design like this is a great way to incorporate multiple colors into this.

10. Reverse aura

Similar to the aura nails, rather than going for a neutral color in the center of the nail, you can instead opt for a bright color in the center.

11. sparkle season

Sparkle season is every season, but particularly in the winter months, there’s nothing more festive than adding some sparkle to your look.

12. ombre tips

Think your classic French tip, but orange, but ombre. Keep the base color pinky in order to blend with the warm tones of the orange.

13. Funky french

French manicures don’t have to be boring, and orange is anything but. Cuticle nail art details are also a great way to add an eye-catching aspect.

14. summer Sunset

Orange and pink ombre nails, like a summer sunset, are a great vacation nail design choice. An easy way to do an ombre design at home is with a makeup sponge to blend both colors together.

15. 60s Psychedelic

Swirly nails like these are super easy to achieve with a watercoloring technique. Simply drop your favorite nail polish colors into some room-temperature water, drag out the edges, and dip your fingers in!

16. Floral fancy

Flowers are the perfect fuss-free nail art design. You can go for any color, but a firey orange and red combination will be great for the fall season.

17. Margarita mani

A margarita is the ultimate summer drink and now the ultimate manicure inspiration.

18. Orange tips

A slight orange French tip on a short, neutral base is the perfect pumpkin-inspired manicure. If it feels too plain, add some orange nails like the above for a mix-and-matched look.

19. coral creams

Coral is another shade of orange, between a pink and a peach, usually with white undertones. It lends itself to a girly, summery manicure like this.

20. Chromatic

Orange chrome has gold undertones and is perfect for warming up your look during the colder months. You can leave it as is, or top up with gold glitter for an even more glamorous look.

21. Ombre skies

Orange and pink is clearly the reigning color combination in our list. Fun designs like this flower combination, or an ombre French tip are a fantastic on-trend way to do this.

22. tangerine tips

Tangerine is a bright, creamy tone of orange, perfect for a vacation manicure like this orange French top.

23. Oranges and cream

Oranges are a super fun fruit-inspired nail design, especially when paired with another fun color like this gorgeous lilac shade. In order to not be too much, opt for this design on an accent nail.

24. Dainty daisy

Dotted flowers like these are a simple and effective way to add some color to your manicure. Even if you opted for a neutral base on all nails, you can incorporate any color with this design.

25. creamsicle

This swirly white and orange design with accents of green is perfect for a vacation. It’s warm but still stays true to the vibe of the season.

We hope you found your next favorite nail design in this post!

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