50 Scary-Good Halloween Nails We’re Taking Straight To The Salon

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Get spooktacular with your Halloween nails! Discover creepy, cute, and creative nail art ideas for the ultimate haunted manicure.

One of the easiest ways to get into the Halloween spirit is by incorporating cute, Halloween-inspired nail art ideas into your everyday. This year, we’ve found  SO many cool Halloween-themed nails that are easy to recreate at your local salon; there are cute options fit for the girl next door, as well as pretty gruesome designs with creepy details.

Whichever your preference may be, check out these amazing nail designs that will instantly get you in the mood for Halloween! 

The Best Creepy & Cute Halloween Nails:

1. Carved Pumpkins

These cute carved pumpkin nails are a classic option that is so much fun for the Halloween season! The striped orange background has been decorated with different little black carved faces – you can go as spooky or cute as you would like with these faces.

2. Spooky French Tips

Play around with your traditional French tip designs with this adorable ghostly French tip design. The end of each nail has been decorated with a little ghost, with a draped fabric body and little black eyes – we love all the detail in these nails.

3. Black & Red

Go for a more subtle but just as spooky Halloween look with these black and red nails. The base and tip have a blackened edge, while the center sparkles in deep red glitter for an eye-catching look.

4. Cute Skulls

This skull design is so cute, while the pastel color palette gives a brighter, happier Halloween aesthetic! The thumb and ring finger are left natural and decorated with little black and white skulls and tiny stars, while the rest of the nails are painted in pastel green and orange tones.

5. Candy Corn Ghosts

We love this super sweet Halloween manicure, with vibrant colors and candy corn ghosts. The index and little fingers are painted bright orange, while the middle two nails have a nude base and feature little white candy corn ghosts and a wave of white, orange, and yellow tones.

6. Black Bat Tips

This eerie black bat design is perfect for Halloween and would perfectly suit any dark and creepy Halloween costumes you are planning this year. The pale pink nails are decorated with detailed little black bats with sheer black wings.

7. All White

If you love neutral tones, then this all-white Halloween manicure is perfect for you! The glossy bare nails are decorated with white pumpkins, ghosts, gleaming gold bats, and a gold cobweb – you can play around with these designs to make the manicure your own.

8. No, You Hang Up

For a more subtle Halloween look, opt for this shimmering pink design, featuring Ghostface from the Scream films. Each of the nails has been decorated with pink French tips, apart from the ring finger, which features a ghost face in a pink hood.

9. Silver + White

These sparkling silver and white nails really sparkle in the light and the range of designs ensures an attention-grabbing look. Each nail begins with a sparkling silver glitter base and then is decorated with a white design – including ghosts, cobwebs, and mummies.

10. Dripping Blood

This gory manicure is perfect for the Halloween season. The glossy nude nails have been decorated with dripping red polish to look like dripping blood, while the index and little fingers are covered in rich red polish – so spooky!

11. Cute Ghost

These adorable ghost nails are ideal if you are looking for something dark but not too scary! The black nails are decorated with pink and purple details, including stars, a crescent moon, a flower with a skull in the center, and a blushing little ghost on the middle finger. The detail in this manicure is just incredible!

12. Retro Groove

We love this 70s-inspired nail design, with a black, brown, and white color palette and retro designs. The glossy hickory brown nails sit alongside wavy black and white checkerboard designs, black, brown, and white waves, and white ghosts decorated with tiny flowers.

13. Ghostly Tips

Add a little shimmer and sparkle to your ghostly Halloween nails with this irresistible manicure. The glossy natural nails have been decorated with little white ghosts at the tip and silver and gold stars on the rest of the nails for a glittering finish.

14. Lovesick

This pink lovesick manicure is such a fun and unique take on Halloween nails. The nails feature a range of different designs, with a pink, red, black, and white color palette. The designs include evil eyes, flames, and plenty of hearts – just so stunning!

15. Spider Webs

These shimmering blue and navy spider web nails are so striking and exactly what you need for this Halloween season. Each stiletto-shaped nail features a navy blue French tip and a shimmering blue spider web as the base of the nails for that spooky Halloween touch.

16. Mix & Match

Who says you have to stick to just one design?! Why not mix and match your Halloween designs to create something distinctive and individual? This manicure is the perfect example, with bats, devil tails, pumpkins, ghosts, mummies, and more decorating the nude nails – play around with the designs and make this manicure your own.

17. Bewitched

This black and bronze manicure has a witch aesthetic that we just adore! The nails feature a shimmering bronze French tip and are decorated with a range of detailed black designs, including crescent moons, spiders, cobwebs, vines, and little stars.

18. Friendly Ghost

Keep the color palette simple and play around with designs, sparkles, matte, and glossy finishes to create a striking manicure. These pale pink and caramel brown nails feature little floral ghosts, spider webs, drip designs, and a glittery polish on the little finger and then are finished with matte and glossy topcoats to make each design really stand out.

19. Pastel Ghosts + Spiders

Go for a cuter look by pairing your Halloween designs with pastel tones. These light purple nailsl are decorated with white spider webs, while the ghosts really pop against the sparkly purple base.

20. Halloween Heroes

These matte Halloween nails have a sketched look, with a range of designs featuring across the nails for a striking look. Pumpkins, spider webs, black cats, and skeletons sit alongside French tip nails for a classic Halloween look.

21. 3D Pumpkins

These 3D pumpkin tips are just incredible and really make a statement! The glossy nude nails feature black French tips which are decorated with 3D orange pumpkins with a range of carved faces – so spooky!

22. Pastel Ghosts

These shimmering pastel nails have been decorated with little white ghosts to add a fun Halloween touch. The sparkling base moves between pale pink and light blue for a striking look, while the white ghosts look like they are floating around the nails.

23. Curious Mummies

The mummy designs on these nails are super cute and glam too, with the addition of silver glitter! Begin with a black base then add stripes of silver glitter to look like the bandages of a mummy, and finish with black and white eyes, gazing around for a curious look.

24. Dripping Blood

Dripping blood nails are a classic for Halloween, so why not opt for a chrome finish for a unique and eye-catching look? Each nail has a reflective dark grey chrome base and then is decorated with red chrome drips that look like blood to create a striking Halloween look.

25. Eyes in the dark

This eyes in the dark manicure is simple but effective – ideal if you want something cute and minimalist for Halloween. The glossy black nails are decorated with little white eyes that peek out from the darkness – just so cute!

26. Elegant Spider Nails

Keep it simple, sophisticated, and elegant with this black and nude manicure. The glossy black nails sit alongside nude nails, decorated with a dainty black spider and mini spider web at the tip of the nail – such a polished and refined Halloween look.

27. Neutral

If you love a classic pink manicure, then why not add a little Halloween touch like this stunning manicure? Each pink nail is decorated with a different design, such as ‘Boo’, spiders, ghosts, Dracula teeth, and drip designs.

28. Floral Ghosties

Mix floral designs with ghosts to create an adorable Halloween manicure. Three fingers feature pink French tips, while the middle and ring fingers are decorated with tiny ghosts and pink flowers for a super sweet look!

29. Classy Ghosties

Add a subtle Halloween touch to your nails with these little ghost designs. The ghostly French tips blend in perfectly with the white French tips to give your nails an understated Halloween look. We love the sparkling champagne base that really shimmers in the light.

30. Creepy Plants

This creepy plant manicure is such a fun, playful, and unique way to add a touch of Halloween to your nails. The matte purple base is decorated with black plants that grow, eyeballs, skulls, and candy corn – impressive!

31. Fall Florals

Pair your Halloween designs with fall flowers to create a beautiful manicure that will take you from Halloween through the fall months. The index and middle fingers are decorated with flowers in orange, white, and burgundy tones, while the ring finger features a ghost design for a stunning look.

32. Trippy

There is so much detail in these incredible nails that they are bound to become a talking point! The nails either feature a block color or ombre base, for an eye-catching look, and are decorated with a repeating pattern of little ghosts, mushrooms, and bats, then bold skeletons, skulls, and spider webs – just astonishing!

33. Bloody French Tips

The dripping blood on these gory Halloween nails looks so realistic! The matte natural nails each feature red polish dripped from the tip, with light and shadow detail added for a realistic look. Go for a sharper nail shape for a striking look.

34. Swirly Ghosts

We just adore these swirly, pastel-toned ghosts – so cute! The glossy nude nails are decorated with pink and purple swirly ghosts, finished with little black faces, while the rest of the nails feature glittering gold stars and sparkles.

35. Halloween Ombre

Ombre nails always look so striking, particularly this black and white Halloween ombre with red drip details. The nails start as white at the base and transition to black by the tip, then each tip is decorated with red chrome drips that really shine in the light.

36. Stitched French Tips

Add a Halloween touch to your classic French tip manicure with an extra stitched detail. Begin with natural, glossy nails, finished with a curved white French tip, then add a black link and little stitches where the nude nail meets the white tip.

37. Peeking Cats

If you are a cat owner, then this black cat manicure will be perfect for the Halloween season. Three nails are painted with glossy black polish, while the index and ring fingers have a nude base and a little cat face features at the tip or base of the nail, finished with a matte topcoat.

38. Boo!

Play around wit ghost designs, just like in this cute Halloween manicure. Begin with a pale pink, glittering base, and then decorate each nail with a little white ghost with different expressions or props, like a pumpkin or devil horns and tail!

39. Orange & Black

Stick to a black, white, orange, and yellow color palette for a classic Halloween look, and then have fun with the designs on each nail. This manicure features a checkerboard design, concentric hearts, ghosts, pumpkins, and spider webs, but you can mix and match your own design to make this manicure unique.

40. Textured Flowers

This fall, the floral manicure has been given a Halloween touch with the addition of a little white ghost! The nails have been left with a natural base and then decorated with flowers in earthy tones, while the accent nails feature a ghost surrounded by flowers – just adorable!

41. Green & Purple Tips

These nails really make a statement and are the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume. The nails have a nude base and a glittering French tip, alternating between purple and green, and then are finished with black spider webs. Add a 3D spider to your accent nails for a true Halloween finish.

42. Simple Spiders

Keep it simple yet spooky with these creepy, crawly spider nails. Opt for a neutral base to really make the spiders stand out, and play around with the position and legs on the spiders so it looks like they are crawling over the nails.

43. Rebirth

These nails are so unique and attention-grabbing – just what you need for the Halloween season. The beige nails are decorated with skeleton hands for a spooky look, while the middle two nails each feature butterfly nail art to create this incredible rebirth design – just stunning!

44. Shades Of Purple

This manicure has a minimalist color palette, of just lilac and sparkly purple, to really let the Halloween designs pop! Each nail features a different design, including ghosts, bats, pumpkins, cobwebs, and snakes.

45. Not So Spooky

This nail design has a classic Halloween look, with a neutral color palette and clean, sleek designs. The nails begin with a glossy pale pink base and then are decorated with stars, a ghost, a mummy, and spider webs in white and black for a stunning Halloween look that will pair perfectly with any costume.

46. Short & Spooky

We love the mixture of designs in these Halloween nails! On one hand, the nails feature stitched-on orange French tips, while the other hand is decorated with spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts sitting atop orange and glossy nude bases creating a cute yet spooky design.

47. A pop of pink

Halloween nails don’t always have to be dark colors, so why not add a pop of shocking pink to your Halloween manicure? These nails feature a nude base, then are decorated with cobwebs, ghosts, and a drip motif in white, black, and bright pink tones.

48. Pastel Fantasy

This adorable Halloween design is one of our favorites, with pastel tones and floral designs. This manicure features white ghosts decorated with tiny flowers, ditsy floral patterns, purple, pink, and orange waves, and white tips that curve round to the side of the nail, decorated with red flowers – so cute!

49. Checkerboards

These black and white checkerboard patterns have been paired with classic Halloween designs, including ghosts, pumpkins, a witch’s hat, and a crescent moon with a smiley face to create a stunning Halloween manicure.

50. Mini Ghosts

This Mini Ghosts manicure is just so adorable! The brown and orange color scheme and cute little flowers perfectly suit the fall aesthetic of October, while the mini ghosts bring a Halloween touch to this adorable manicure.

Which of these was your favorite Halloween-inspired nail design? Let us know in the comments!

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