25 Dark Purple Nails That Add A Touch Of Glamour

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Explore bold and beautiful dark purple nail art for a chic and mysterious look.

Dark purple nails may immediately make you think of Halloween, but when done the right way, they can be a chic and versatile choice for any season.

This rich and mysterious hue, often associated with royalty, elegance, and the amethyst gemstone, is a perfect choice if you’re after a darker hue that’s different from a classic black mani. And if you’re attending the Eras tour, it’s of course the perfect color to complete a Midnights-inspired look!

So, whether you want to channel a luxurious vibe, elicit an air of mystery, or you’re simply looking for a chic everyday manicure, these 25 stunning nail art designs offer something for everyone. From shimmering glitter looks to minimalist manicures, these dark purple designs will elevate any outfit.

25 Beautiful Dark Purple Nails

1. Purple glitter ombre

This ombre design is just stunning, with a touch of glitter for a glamorous finish. The nails have a dark purple glittery tip and fade down to a pale pink base to create a striking look!

2. Eggplant Shimmer

Cute short dark purple nails with glitter

Image via @_disharm_nails

We love the eggplant shade of this nail polish that is perfect for the fall season! The index and little fingers are painted with a glossy eggplant-purple polish, while the middle and ring fingers have a similar dark purple polish, but this time with the addition of a little shimmer that sparkles under the light.

3. Star Studded

Go for a fun and playful look with this star-studded NYE manicure. The nails each have a sheer pale pink base and are each finished with a purple glitter French tip and decorated with a lilac star for a statement look and to create an eye-catching manicure.

4. Glitter + French Tips

This manicure is so unique with the glitter polish carefully overlapping the chic French tips. The glossy nude base is finished with a black French tip, then half of the nail is covered in purple glitter, overlapping the French tip, but leaving a black stripe uncovered for a sleek and clean-cut look.

5. Plum Purple + Lilac

Combine your dark purple polish with a lighter purple shade for a contrasting look. Three fingers have been painted with a dark plum purple polish, while the ring finger has a wavy, half plum half lilac French tip, then the little finger is painted with glossy lilac polish – so pretty!

6. Purple chrome

These purple chrome nails are just incredible and totally irresistible! Each of these long nails is coated in a shiny purple chrome, which really shines in the light, sparkling in light purple and blue tones. If you are looking for an attention-grabbing manicure, this purple chrome look is just what you need.

7. Reverse Aura nails

Aura nails are so popular at the moment, which is why we love this unique reverse aura nail design. The usual aura nails have a dense color in the middle which fades to white by the outside edge of the nail, but this reverse aura manicure has a pale lilac tone in the middle which intensifies to a dark purple shade at the outside of the nail.

8. French tips

This purple French tip manicure has a chic and sophisticated look, perfect for everyday wear. Two nails have been painted with a dark purple polish, while the little finger is painted in a lilac shade and the middle and ring fingers have a sheer pink base and are finished with purple French tips.

9. Amethyst glitter

Go for glamour with this amethyst-toned glitter polish! This manicure is a great idea if you have a special event or occasion coming up and you want a sparkling, glam look. Each of the nails has been painted with an amethyst glitter that looks just gorgeous.

10. Rhinestone stars

This rhinestone star nail design has an opulent, striking look with shimmering French tips and stunning embellishments. The nails start with a glossy nude base, then are finished with a shimmering dark purple French tip and decorated with gold stars that have multicolored rhinestones in the center.

11. Fall leaves

If you are looking for your next manicure for the autumn season, look no further than this fall leaves nail design. Three nails have been painted with a dark, rich purple polish and finished with a glossy top coat, while the middle and ring fingers have a natural base and are decorated with dark purple leaves and gold flecks then coated with a matte top coat.

12. Violet sparkles

These twinkling purple nails would be perfect for the festive and New Year’s season because of the glamorous look! All of these nails have been painted with a violet magnetic polish which sparkles in silver under the light. You may also notice that a French tip design has been created where the velvet nails sparkle in different ways.

13. Purple + burgundy

Short dark purple nails

Image via @betina_goldstein

Dark shades are just what you need for the fall and winter months, which is why you need this manicure for the colder months. This manicure is ideal for both long and short nails and combines ultra-glossy maroon shades with dark eggplant purple shades – just beautiful!

14. Waves + Curves

This dark purple manicure has a lighter look, with the glossy nude base and artistic, abstract wave details. Each nail begins with a sheer nude base and is decorated with violet waves and curves along the sides and the tip of the nail, with a different design on each nail.  

15. Leaf silhouettes

We love the color palette and design within this dark purple manicure. Three nails have been painted with a dark purple glitter polish, while the middle and ring fingers have a mauve base and are decorated with white and dark purple leaf designs for an autumnal touch.

16. Florals + Sparkles

We love the mix of floral and sparkly designs within this glamorous manicure. The thumb and index finger both are painted in pink, but one with a glossy and the other with a matte top coat. The middle and little fingers are painted in dark purple, with mini rhinestones and gleaming gold foil, respectively, then the ring finger features a pretty floral design!

17. Iridescent Shimmer

This dark purple shimmer is just incredible! All of the nails are painted with a dark plum iridescent shimmer polish that sparkles under the light in green, blue, and silver shades to create an eye-catching manicure.

18. Dark purple glamour

This nail design has a glamorous look, with dark colors and glittering polishes. Three nails are painted with a dark purple polish, while the index finger features purple and gold flecks of glitter and the ring finger is painted with a purple-red duochrome polish.

19. A touch of silver

This pretty manicure includes two different shades of purple and a touch of silver for a little extra sparkle. Three fingers have been painted with an orchid purple shade and the little finger is painted in dark purple, while the ring finger is the accent nail with a pale pink base and two-tone purple French tip, decorated with silver glitter.

20. Purple + white waves

These purple wave nails are so chic and stylish, with a glittery finish for a glamorous touch. The index and little fingers are painted in a dark purple shade, while the middle finger is covered in dark purple glitter polish and the ring finger has a lilac base and features a purple and white wave design.

21. Embellished flowers

This embellished flower design has a retro, 60s look with bold florals that feature purple-tinted rhinestones in the center. The rest of the nails are painted in glossy purple polish, purple glitter, and a nude and purple French tip design.

22. Pop art nails

These pop art nails are so much fun and totally unique! All the nails are painted with a lilac glitter polish and then feature a dark purple outline and white and purple details to give the nails that pop art aesthetic.

23. Sparkling French tips

Go for an elegant and sophisticated look with these gorgeous, sparkling French tip nails. The nails have been painted with a sheer pink polish and then finished with sparkling glitter French tips. Little specks of glitter feature on the rest of the nail to create a falling glitter look.

24. Festive Reindeers

Get ready for the holiday season with these adorable reindeer nails. Dark purple glitter nails sit alongside pale lavender nails decorated with a cute reindeer face on the middle finger and a love heart on the ring finger.

25. Floral + French tips

If you are looking for a dark purple manicure that is perfect for the spring and summer months, this nail design is just what you need! Each nail begins with a glossy nude base then three fingers are decorated with a French tip, while the other two feature a delicate floral design.

We hope that these ideas prove that dark purple nails are completely fine to rock any time of the year, not just on Halloween!

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