21 Eye-Catching Black And Gold Nails For Your Next Mani

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Elevate your nail game with these stunning black and gold nail designs, perfect for the party season.

If you’re looking to add a dramatic touch to your outfit, nothing beats a black and gold manicure. This classic color combination creates a glamorous look that’s a crowd favorite, particularly during the festive season.

Whether you prefer a classic, timeless aesthetic perfect for a New Year’s Eve mani, or something a bit more daring and avant-garde, these 21 black and gold nail designs offer endless possibilities. Screenshot yours for later!

The Best Black & Gold Nails

1. Gold mine

Short black nails with gold foil flakes.

via @safinailstudio

Just like finding a glimmer of gold in a dark mine, this manicure features splodges of gold against a shiny black base color.

2. Heart of gold

Maybe not quite a heart of gold, but a black heart doesn’t sound as romantic. This black and gold nail art design would also make a great accent nail for those who aren’t experimental with their nail art.

3. Gold Strike

This is a classic black and gold nail art design that you’ve probably seen on Pinterest at some point. This features a couple of accent nails with an exposed nail bed and gold outline to show the contrast between the black polish.

4. Black French

Rather than a basic black French tip, a great way to glam it up is with crystals and gold metallic nail art like this.

5. Gold star

Stars are a great fall and winter nail art design, not least because the weather gets colder, the skies get darker, and the actual stars seem to get brighter.

6. Dipped in gold

Cute short black and gold nails

via @safinailstudio

This abstract nail art is one for all the minimalist girlies. It toes the line between beauty and jewelry and will look particularly great if you’re one for gold-tone jewelry.

7. Gatsby Girl

Something about the combination of black, white, and gold feels particularly Gatsby-esque. The design doesn’t need to be too bold. A fresh take on the French manicure is all you need!

8. sparkle sandwich

A sparkle sandwich is reminiscent of a halo eyeshadow look, featuring a matter shadow either side of the eye, with a glitter or metallic shadow in the middle.

9. gold river

This bright gold manicure is great for a special event or party, as it blends in for an evening look as well as the daytime. To amp up the glam factor, add the gold detailing on all nails.

10. gold spill

This gold spill nail art design would be an easy at-home manicure. Simply swipe some black polish on a French manicure and add some splodges of gold on the edge of the manicure.

11. path of gold

This manicure is like the reverse of a French tip. Rather than the crescent of polish being at the top of the nail, here it’s at the base.

12. Yin and Yang

This manicure reminds us of Yin and Yang, being the values of positive and negative. In the same way, black and gold represent opposites, dark and light.

13. abstract path

Mix & match nail art like this is great if you’re indecisive, or just like to have fun with your nails.

14. gold tips

It’s not often you’ll see metallic or glitter French tips, but mixing them up with a neutral color like black could just be the ticket to perfect party paws!

15. reverse french

This reverse French manicure is a spooky season dream. Rather than having the classic pink tone base color, go for a black base and a metallic tip.

16. technologique

This intricate nail design feels very technological, but in tones of black and gold appears to be very chic.

17. Bold Baroque

This design is a Versace lover’s dream, and in black and gold, it is great for the fall-winter season. It also works great as an accent nail design.

18. Checkmate

A checkerboard design in black and metallic is very ‘high fashion’ and works for any time of year. Swap out the white for metallic gold and you’ll get the perfect party nails.

19. Ombre Sparkle

Ombre sparkle nails are the perfect at-home design for when you can’t make it to the salon. Simply use a makeup sponge with your favorite glitter and keep dabbing onto a neutral base color.

20. Spotted

This fun, minimal design is great for those who work in a professional environment and can’t have crazy nail designs. Whilst still fun, it looks clean.

21. Rippled

A ripple effect nail art like this works well on long nails that can show the curves of the design. Depending on how statement you like your nails to be, you can opt for gold or black base nails as the overpowering color.

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