50 Most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wreaths For Your Front Door

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Now that Christmas is behind us, it’s time to start decorating for the next big winter holiday: Valentine’s Day! So, if you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day wreaths to decorate your front door, keep reading!

Although Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally a day that we celebrate for a long period, it definitely can be. In recent years, more people have started celebrating the day of love with people other than their romantic partners, whether that’s their girlfriends, their kids, their pets, or their entire family.

Celebrating love in all forms is a wonderful thing, so why not stretch out the use of Valentine’s Day decor for just a little bit longer than one day? One of the ways that you can easily do so is by decorating your front door with a Valentine-themed wreath – it can be a heart-shaped wreath, an elegant tulip wreath, a burlap wreath, or a simple farmhouse wreath – the options really are endless!

In this post, we’ve gathered all of our favorite Valentine’s wreaths and door hangers that are available to be purchased online, so if you see something you like, you can just click over to the retailer’s website. Plus, most of these beautiful items are handmade!

Although the wreaths we’ve featured are Valentine-themed, you can also use them around the year if you wish to do so.

Let’s get started, shall we?

The Best Valentine’s Day Wreaths For The Front Door

1. Hugs and Kisses

Cute XO Valentines Day wreath.

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This creative wreath is perfect for all your Galentines Day plans if they involve watching Gossip Girl, because “XOXO”!

2. Coquette-core

Red Hello Valentine door sign.

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Bows have been huge in fashion trends, and are seeping into interior design too. The pop of fresh greenery makes this perfect for all budding botanists. 

3. Floral Fancy

Pink heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath with roses.

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like fresh roses, and this wreath is the perfect gift if you want to go a bit outside the box.

4. Valentine’s Elf

Cute red gnome wreath for Valentine's Day

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This adorable plushie embellished wreath is great for households with little ones wanting to join the Valentine’s celebrations. This would make a wonderful DIY family project too.

5. Bow on Top

Pink and red peony wreath with a red ribbon.

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This burst of color is great against wooden or dark doors and adds a pop of personality to your interior (or exterior). You can easily switch out these flowers to your favorite one, or replace them completely with greenery instead.

6. Country-core

Wooden Valentine's welcome door sign.

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This rustic, country-style wreath is perfect to match a cozy home aesthetic. If you live in an apartment building, you can always attach the wreath to the inside edge of your door, which means you can enjoy looking at it!

7. Hearts Up

Pink heart wreath for Valentine's Day

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This heart-shaped wreath is perfect for adding some love to the air. These wreaths can also be repurposed as table centerpieces for your Valentine’s Day plans!

8. Ribboned

Red and pink deco mesh Valetine's Day wreath.

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Wreaths don’t have to be made from flowers or plants, and this ribbon wreath proves it! This statement wreath is perfect for all the craft lovers who can’t get enough of their haberdashery supplies!

9. Pink Love

Red heart Valentine's Day wreath

Get this wreath at Williams Sonoma

This plush red floral wreath is a dream for every Valentine’s Day season. This flower is known for its statement red pinky color, and gives the perfect loved-up vibe.

10. Happy and In Love

Wooden Valentine's Day sign.

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This fun smiling heart bow is the perfect addition to the rustic mix of the wooden texture and fresh green arrangement. This would look fabulous again a wooden or white door.

11. Floral Bush

Cute heart wreath with dried flowers

Get the wreath on Williams Sonoma

This pastel springtime dried floral arrangement is totally adorable. Added with the heart-shaped silhouette, it’s a wonder addition to all your Valentine’s Day decor.

12. Love is Sweet

Cute red deco mesh Valentines Day wreath

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This wreath is reminiscent of the classic childhood “love heart” candy. Though we may have grown out of the sweet treat, this is a great nostalgic moment.

13. Hello Valentine

Pink wooden Valentine's Day door hanger

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What better door decor to give a warm welcome than this rustic-style wooden “Hello Valentine” sign? If florals aren’t your aesthetic – this is a great alternative option.  

14. Pretty Pastels

Heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath with eucalyptus.

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Valentine’s Day decor is usually attributed to bold tones of pink and red, but if that doesn’t match your home or personal aesthetic, this pastel floral heart is the “grown-up” way of saying “I love you.”

15. Big Hearted

Cute red heart door hanger for Valentines Day

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Love hearts are the classic Valentine’s Day symbol. Something feels very retro about this bold, no-fuss love heart hanging wreath, and is perfect if you like a Scandinavian minimal vibe.  

16. Totally Tulip

The best Valentine's wreaths - heart shaped wreath, red, white and pink tulip wreath

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Tulips are another popular flower for celebrations. Not only do they symbolize love, but also friendship and well wishes, making it a perfect gift for friends and family too.

17. Wrapped Up

Red Valentine's Day wreath with ribbons

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This ribbon-overload wreath is perfect for people who love the wrapping aspect of gift-giving. You could even DIY this wreath with leftover pieces of ribbon from your previous gift-packing projects.

18. Clear Aura

White and red heart shaped wreath with berries

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“Aura” art and beauty is still trending, and this wreath is reminiscent of that. The ombre effect of the white surrounding the red heart is calming and serene, and is exactly what a “white aura” represents.

19. Country Gingham

Cute wooden Valentine's Day door hanger

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Nothing says county fair like gingham. If you’re having a party for friends or family over Valentine’s Day, why not try something laidback like a daytime gathering with decor to match.

20. Falling for You

Heart-shaped boxwood wreath for Valentine's Day.

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Leaves fall, just like we fall in love. This heart fashioned from leaves is perfect for those who don’t like the (sometimes) garish tones of pink and red associated with Valentine’s Day.

21. Lavender Fields

Heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath with lavender.

Get this wreath at Williams Sonoma

Lavender is one of the most pungent-smelling herbs (yes, it isn’t considered a flower). That being said, it’s certainly a beautiful shade for a herb – whether dried or fresh. This would make a beautiful wall decoration inside your home too, and act as a natural home fragrance.

22. Country Roses

Dried flower heart wreath

Get this wreath at Pottery Barn

Country roses in shades of light pink are an unrated shade of flower. Somehow they feel more romantic and feminine than bright red roses – and make a wonderful gift for someone special.

23. An ode to Christmas

Elegant eucalyptus xoxo wreath.

Get the wreath on Etsy

For those who can’t let go of the Christmas season, this is the perfect in-between the festive season and Valentine’s Day. The red bow says Christmas, but the “xoxo” is the perfect quirky Valentine’s Day typography.

24. Playing Heart To get

Red heart shaped wreath with berries

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This dried grapevine heart wreath is perfect to keep on your door year-round. It’s subtle enough to not be only suitable for Valentine’s Day, and the heart shape and festive color mean it can work for many occasions.

25. Heart-core

Cute pink hearts Valentine's Day door hanger

Get this door hanger on Etsy

If you’re hardcore about hearts – you must be “heart-core”. This fun door hanger is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decor, particularly if you have little ones in the household.

26. Do you beleaf in love?

Red heart Valentine's Day wreath

Get the wreath at Olive & Cocoa

If you prefer plants over flowers, this is the wreath for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. This preserved leaf wreath won’t wilt over time, and so means less waste!

27. love you a lily more

Peach and rose Valentine's Day wreath with hydrangea

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Okay so these aren’t lilies – but flowers are wonderful decor for the Valentine’s Day season. This hydrangea wreath is a wonderful voluminous wreath for those with a larger doorway to fill.

28. love is unbe-leaf-able

Eucalyptus wreath with pink roses.

Get the wreath on Etsy

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a large wreath without many flowers, this abstract leaf wreath is perfect. The longer style with flower persuading from the bottom will look fabulous on a large door.

29. Oakily in Love

Wooden pink Valentine's Day welcome sign.

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We’re totally (or oakily) in love with the wooden plaque. The fun bold typography paired with the colorful ribbon is youthful, whereas the added greenery on top tones it down.

30. love is tree-mendous

Heart-shaped boxwood Valentine's Day wreath.

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Those with colored doorframes should pay attention to keeping colored wreaths to a minimum, to not overpower it. This simple leaf wreath with a red hanging ribbon is the perfect compromise.

31. Wild About You

Red and pink hydrangea Valentine's Day wreath

Get this wreath on Etsy

A bold wreath like this pink and red hydrangea arrangement is wonderful for floral lovers. This also makes a wonderful table centerpiece with candles in the center, if you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day dinner party.

32. Bloom where you’re planted

Hot pink heart shaped tulip wreath for Valentine's Day

Get the wreath on Etsy

This bright pink tulip wreath reminds us of the floral decorations we’re used to seeing on beachy vacations. The white ribbon keeps it toned down and adds a level of elegance to your exterior decor.

33. Rooting for You

Wooden and red Valentine's Day sign.

Get this door hanger on Etsy

This bold door hanger board is wonderful if you want your decor to literally say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. The greenery on top amps up the volume, and works wonderfully if you have other plants close to your front door.

34. Made my daisy

Cute Valentine's Day wreath with roses and grapevine

Get this wreath on Etsy

This wreath is a little different from what you may expect, but makes a huge impact. This is also a wonderful piece of decor for an entryway or wall inside your home. After all, if it’s on your front door, your neighbors get to enjoy it more than you will.

35. A peony for your thoughts

Elegant pink and white XO tulip wreath.

Get the wreath on Etsy

A wreath doesn’t need to be in a traditional hollow circle shape to look good. This “XO” or “kisses and hugs” wreath is perfect if you’re having a party or Galentine’s Day get-together with your friends – because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples.

36. Buddies forever

White and red hydrangea wreaths, White and Red Valentine's day wreaths for front door

Get the wreath on Etsy

Flower buds are symbolic of love and friendship, starting as closed buds, and as your relationship progresses, they open their petals and bloom into a beautiful vibrant flower. If you have no idea what to gift your special someone for Valentine’s Day, and don’t want to do a traditional bouquet – why not a wreath?

37. Ruffled Feathers

Red heart-shaped burlap wreath.

Get this door hanger on Etsy

This burlap ruffle heart wreath is perfect if you don’t want to do a fresh flower or plant arrangement, particularly if you live somewhere where the weather isn’t great, this is a low-maintenance way to get into the loved-up season.

38. Flushed Pink

Pink and white live wreath with English rose.

Get the wreath at Williams Sonoma

This creamy, dreamy arrangement of florals is wonderful for the cottage-core girlies. The tones of this work well for those with white or natural wood doors as the tones will blend together beautifully.

39. Love yours-elf

Pink gnome wreath for Valentine's Day

Get the wreath on Etsy

This cute Valentine’s Day elf is the perfect addition to child-friendly decor. Though Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally celebrated with children in mind, it’s a great time to start early in teaching them how to show love and appreciation to the people around us.

40. Pining for You

Pinecone heart shaped wreath

Get the wreath on Etsy

This unique pinecone heart wreath is wonderful if Valentine’s Day is still winter weather in your city. It plays off the classic silhouette of the day, but isn’t garishly bright or animated – a great grown-up option.

41. A Simple Love

White wooden Valentine's Day sign.

Get this wreath on Etsy

Sometimes the simple love is the best love, and the simple wreath is the best one! This wooden paneled plaque with cursive typography is perfect to get out annually to celebrate this time of year.

42. Take a Bow

Red burlap heart shaped wreath

Get the wreath on Etsy

Bows are everywhere, and soon they’ll be at (or on) your front door. The ruffled burlap helps create a defined shape of the heart, and the bow amps it up to add volume. This looks wonderful against a rustic style door as it is in complete contrast.

43. Everybody In Love

Pink heart shaped wreath

Get the wreath on Etsy

This bold baby-pink heart is wonderful for all the Galentine’s Day plans. A wonderful way to celebrate the day with your friends is with a girly sleepover, complete with pyjama party and rom-com movies.

44. The Big Question

Pink deco mesh Valentine's wreaths for front door

Get the wreath on Etsy

If you want to find a way to pop the big question, there’s no more romantic way than putting this on the front door of your special someone along with a fabulous bunch of flowers it’ll be the easiest “yes” they ever say.

45. An Old Love

Wooden heart-shaped Valentine's sign.

Get the wreath on Etsy

This rustic door hanger feels old and rustic, but as they say – an old love is the best love. This is wonderful if you have a more traditional aesthetic for your home, and want decor to match.

46. Wood you be my Valentine

White heart shaped wreath

Get the wreath on Etsy

This material is dried grapevine, and it’s natural dark color works wonderfully against wooden textures. Though it might easily blend, the bold white tips and statement heart shape mean it’ll still make an impact to your decor.

47. Gift Yourself

Pretty deco mesh red and white Valentines Day wreath

Get this wreath on Etsy

If you love a gift wrapped up in a ribbon, why not gift yourself a ribbon wreath on your Valentine’s Day? They say the best relationship you’ll have is with yourself, and so a Valentine’s Day gift should be one we all give ourselves.

48. Abstract Heart

Cute red heart Valentines Day wreath

Get the door hanger on Etsy

This retro abstract wreath feels like a piece of artwork, and it’ll work on your door year-round if you like. A great way to amp this up will be to add a bow to tie onto the door in your favorite color.

49. Carved Out

Wooden red monogram door hanger for Valentine's Day with hearts

Get this door hanger on Etsy

This wonderful personalized door hanger is perfect for including your family surname if you like with family, or your own first initial if you live alone. It’ll also make a wonderful gift to your family or friends.

50. A Piece Of Your Heart 

Minimalist Valentine's Day hoop wreath

Get the wreath on Etsy

This unique door hanger is like no other. It feels almost Scandinavian with the cream bow, and fresh greenery creeping up the sides. If you’ve already given someone a “piece of your heart” why not give them this to represent it?

Which of these Valentine’s wreaths was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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The best Valentine's Day wreaths for front the door.

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