40+ Best Unique Kids Halloween Costumes That You Have To See

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Are you looking for creative & fun Halloween costumes that your kids can rock this year? If so, you’re in the right place!

If there’s ever a reason why you should spend a little extra time dressing up your kids, it’s for Halloween! Kids love picking out their own costumes, flaunting them to their friends and seeing who’s costume is able to get them the most amount of candy while trick or treating.

If you’re up for getting really creative this year with your kids and need some ideas, you have see these incredible kids Halloween costumes that will make your neighbours jaw’s drop!


1. Abducted By Aliens



Image Via Costume Works



2. Chewbacca



Get The Costume On Etsy / Similar one also available on Walmart



3. Bat Costume



Get The Tutorial On 5 Minutes For Mom / Buy a similar one on Walmart



4. Judy Hops from Zootopia



Get a similar costume here / Image Via Pinterest



5. Tinkerbell



Get The Tutorial On Sincerely Jean/ Get a similar costume on Etsy



6. Up Costume



Image Via Two Came True / Buzzfeed



7. Day Of The Dead



Image Via Oh Oh Deco



8. Spooky Pennywise Clown



Get the costume here / Get the mask here / Image Via Pinterest



9. Captain Hook Eaten By A Crocodile



Image Via Instructables / Rachel K



10. Snail Costume



Image Via Jason Smith



11. Bath & Bubbles



Image Via Tony Lanz / Today’s Parent



12. Annabelle Costume



Image Via Costume Works



13. Audrey & Marilyn



Get Audrey’s Costume Here / Marilyn’s Wig Here / Image Via Pinterest



14. Harley Quinn & The Joker



Get Harley Quinn’s Costume Here / The Joker’s costume here / Image Via Pinterest



15. DIY Cousin It Pail



Get The Tutorial On DIY Inspired



16. Mummies



Image & Tutorial Via Red Ted Art



17. Pink Flamingo



Image & Tutorial Via Todays Parent



18. Rainbow Child



Get The Rainbow Tutu Here Or Here / Image Via Party Pinching



19. Maleficient Costume



Get a similar costume here / here / Image Via Pinterest



20. Easy Mac & Cheese



Image Via Costume Works



21. Pennywise Clown Costume



Get the costume here / Image Via Pinterest



22. Wilma and Betty



Get Wilma’s costume here / Image Via Pinterest



23. Spooky Makeup 



Image Via Pinterest



24. Suicide Squad’s Joker



Image Via Pebbles House



25. Russel from UP



Image Via Clean Eating With Kids



26. Cotton Candy



Get The Tutorial On Hello, Wonderful



27. Twinning Ghosts



Get a similar costume here / Image Via @Michelle Diltz



28. Raggedy Ann Costume



Get a similar costume & wig here / Image Via Pinterest



29. Wind-Up Doll



Image Via The Johnson’s Journey



30. The Queen & Her Corgi



Image Via This Is Lady Land



31. Napoleon Dynamite



Image Via Costume Works



32. Edward Scissorhands



Get the costume here / Image Via Pinterest



33. Nasa’s Astronaut



Image Via Costume Works



34. Owl Costume



Get a similar one here / Image Via Pinterest



35. DIY Toilet Costume



Image Via Pinterest



36. Annabelle



Image Via Costume Works



37. Two Flamingoes



Get a similar feather skirt here / flamingo costume here / Image Via Pinterest



38. Cruella De Vil & Dalmatian Dog



Get the Cruella De Vil costume here / Dalmatian costume here / Image Via Pinterest



39. Tinkerbell & Cinderella



Image Via @Michelle Diltz



40. Firefighter



Get The Costume On South Of Urban Shop



41. Headless Doctor



Get a similar costume here / Image Via Pinterest



42. Cute DIY Carebear Costume



Image Via The House Of Hood Blog



43. Baseball Besties



Image Via The Sweetest Digs


Which of these costumes was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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