21 Elegant Christmas Centerpieces For Stunning Tablescapes

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Are you looking for beautiful, elegant Christmas centerpieces that will bring joy and harmony to your house? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

Whether you’re the type of person who likes rustic, cozy centerpieces, or something that instantly catches the eye, we have the best ideas for both!

Below, we’ve featured the best holiday centerpieces from our favorite retailers which are sure to make a statement in your home. We’ve also added in some DIY projects for those who are feeling crafty or want to find a fun activity to do with the family. 

If you spot something you love, just click on the links provided to be taken to the retailers’ website or to follow a tutorial to learn more.

Let’s get into them!

The Best Elegant Christmas Centerpieces:

1. Light Rustic Pinecone Candle Holders

Light Rustic Pinecone Candle Holder Christmas Centerpiece

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2. Gold Accents

Rustic Christmas pinecone centerpiece with gold accents

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3. Giant Candle Holder

Rustic Giant Candle Holder Centerpiece

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4. Pinecone Teaholder

Pinecone Teaholder Christmas Centerpiece

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5. Birch Candle Holders

Birch Candle Holder Centerpiece

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6. Bottle Brush Tree centerpiece

Elegant Bottle Brush Tree centerpiece for Christmas

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7. Red Accents

Red Amaryllis Christmas centerpiece decoration

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8. Elegant Light-Up Trees

Elegant light up Christmas tree centerpieces

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9. Rustic Tray

Rustic Christmas centerpiece

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10. Holiday Magnolias

Chic Christmas centerpiece with white magnolia

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11. Faux Frosted Pine Garland

Faux Frosted Pine Garland Christmas centerpiece

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12. Joy Centerpiece

Rustic Christmas centerpiece

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13. Peppermint Accents

Festive peppermint Christmas centerpiece

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14. Snowy Tree Branches

Christmas Centerpiece With Snowy Tree Branches

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15. Rustic Tree Decor

Rustic Christmas centerpiece

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16. Red And White Baubles

Red and white Christmas table centerpiece

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17. DIY Candy Cane Centerpiece

DIY Candy Cane Christmas Centerpiece

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18. Trees On Tray

Elegant Christmas coffee table decor

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19. Modern Hoop Centerpiece

Modern Hoop Centerpiece

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20. Ceramic Trees

Ceramic Christmas Tree Centerpiece

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21. Red Berry Hurricane

Red Berry Hurricane For Christmas Table Decor

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We hope you found some great Christmas centerpiece ideas that will work well for as table decor or living room decor in your home.

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