15 Gorgeous Sweater Nails For The Cold Season

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Looking for a season-appropriate nail design? Check out sweater nails – these 3D nails are perfect for colder months and the holiday season!

As the temperature drops and cozy sweaters make their way out of your wardrobe, it’s time for a matching manicure. Sweater nails are the perfect way to subtly incorporate the warmth of your favorite knits into your beauty routine.

With endless design possibilities and a nod to winter fashion, sweater nails stand out from other winter nail designs thanks to their 3D textured effect that mimics the intricate patterns of your most beloved sweater. Whether your style leans towards classic cable knits or you prefer bold, contemporary designs, there’s a sweater nail look that is just right for you.

Below, we’re sharing 15 chic cable knit nail designs to try before the cold season ends. From elegant and sophisticated to playful and adventurous, these eye-catching manicures offer a warm embrace to frigid temperatures, and are sure to keep your fingertips looking stylish all season long.

The Best Sweater Nails For Fall & Winter

1. Snowflakes & Glitter

Pair your cable knit sweater nails with pale pink nails decorated with sparkling gold glitter and little white snowflakes to create the perfect manicure for the winter season. We love the matte texture of the cable knit paired with the glossy glittery nails.

2. Snowy White

For a chic and sophisticated manicure add a sweater accent nail to a classic French tip design. Three fingers have a pale pink and white French tip design, while the middle finger is half decorated with a cable knit design and half decorated with snowflakes and the ring finger features the sweater pattern – so cute!

3. Taupe & Rose Gold

This cozy taupe and rose gold nail look is exactly what you need for the fall season. The thumb and little finger are covered entirely in rose gold glitter, while the rest of the nails are painted with taupe nail polish and then finished with a glossy top coat, a touch of rose gold at the base, and a cable knit design on the ring finger.

4. Sage Green

This sage green, leafy manicure is just gorgeous! The glossy green nails sit alongside matte middle and ring fingers that are decorated with a textured sweater design, and 3D leaves to create a stunning manicure that is just irresistible.

5. Checks & Cable Knit

Go for a cute and cozy look, with this beautiful pink manicure that pairs sweater designs with checks and snowflake motifs. Each nail is painted in a different pink tone and then some are decorated with sparkling glitter, a little white snowflake, a cable knit pattern, or a pink and silver check design – so pretty!

6. Winter Details

This nail design is exactly what you need during the winter months! We love the baby blue nails paired with pink shimmery iridescent polish that sparkles in blue and gold tones under the light. Two nails are decorated with intricate, detailed snowflakes, while the middle finger features a sweater pattern.

7. Fall Tones

Cute brown and burnt orange ombre sweater nails

via @denasnails

This manicure has the ultimate fall look, with the cozy textured sweater design and gorgeous fall colors. The nails start black on the thumb and then lighten as you move down the hand to a camel beige shade on the little finger. Each finger is then decorated with a cable knit pattern with a textured finish to achieve that soft and cozy look.

8. Rose Gold & Green

Since pink and green are opposites on the color wheel, they make an excellent color combination for a manicure, as you can see from this nail design. Three nails are painted with a rose gold glitter polish for a glam look, while the middle and ring fingers are painted with a rich, dark green polish and decorated with a cable knit design and white snowflakes.

9. Festive Red

Deep red plaid sweater nails

via @nailedbymal

We absolutely love this festive red manicure, just what you need for the holiday season. Glossy red and gold glitter nails sit alongside a middle finger decorated with a cable knit design and a ring finger that is decorated with two different check patterns for a comfy, festive look.

10. Sparkling Snowflakes

The cable knit design paired with snowflakes creates the perfect winter nails. The thumb and little finger are painted with an icy blue polish, while the rest of the nails have a sheer white base and are decorated with a sweater design or a snowflake with a sparkling rhinestone sitting in the center.

11. Dark Brown & Gold

Go for a dark glamour look with these dark brown and gold nails! This manicure has a striking look since it includes several different nail designs, including a dark brown cable knit design, a matte brown decorated with gold beads, a gold glitter nail, and a pale pink nail decorated with a textured check pattern – the combination of these designs creates an eye-catching manicure.

12. Cable Knits & Glitter

The color palette on these Christmas nails is just gorgeous, while the different designs and embellishments create a stunning look. The nails are painted in rusty red, rosy pink, and peach tones and then decorated with check patterns or mini rhinestones. The ring finger features a white cable knit pattern while the nails are finished with a gold glitter little finger.

13. Multicolored

This manicure features a mix of colors and sweater patterns to create a fun mix-and-match, multicolored design that you can play around with a little to make into your own nail design. Each nail has a nude base then the rest of the nail is painted with a bright polish and decorated with a sweater pattern, with a stripe of gold glitter added for a glam touch.

14. Minimalist neutrals

If you love a neutral manicure, then these sweater nails are just perfect for you! All of the nails are painted with a taupe shade then the index and middle fingers are decorated with a sweater pattern to create these cute and cozy nails.

15. Holly leaves

Go all out Christmas with these festive cable knit nails. All the nails start with a matte nude base and then feature a cable knit white French tip, which is framed with a series of mini holly leaves with red holly berries to create this stunning festive manicure you need for the holiday season.

We hope you found this list helpful and inspiring! If you’re still looking for more nail inspiration, check the posts down below.

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