30 Decorated Christmas Cookies That You’ll Want To Try

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Looking for cute and tasty decorated Christmas cookies that you can make during the festive season? If so, we have some amazing ideas for you below!

Decorated cookies are always a family favorite and they are so much fun to make! They also make great homemade gifts and you can pass them on to friends if you’re participating in a Christmas cookie exchange this year.

If you need some inspiration to find what designs you’d like to go for, keep scrolling.  While most of the ideas that we’ve featured are sugar cookie designs, we’ve also included a few recipes that we think are worth checking out.

The Best Decorated Christmas Cookies

1. White & Pink Christmas Trees

White & Pink Christmas Tree Cookies

via @inblossom9_woo

Who said Christmas can’t match your personal aesthetic? If you’re more coquette / cottage-core than bold and colorful – this is the perfect project for you.

A great way to get your friends and family involved is to host a cookie-decorating party, complete with hot chocolate.

2. Snowman Friends

Snowman Sugar Cookies

Get the recipe on Sweetopia

This simple cookie silhouette is a Christmas classic and wonderful for a holiday party or to gift to neighbours as a sweet treat on a cold winter’s night.

3. Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Get the recipe on Dessert For Two

Christmas tree-themed cookies can be super fun for a sweet treat with a cup of hot cocoa or tea at the end of a holiday dinner. If you don’t have a tree-shaped cookie cutter then you can pipe on a tree to any cookie.

4. Gnome Cookies

Cute Gnome Christmas Sugar Cookies

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy

Gnomes aren’t a super popular Christmas figure, but something about the whimsical theme fits with the holiday season. Adding a Santa hat ties it into the theme perfectly.

5. Gingerbread Men Sugar Cookies

Gingerbread Men Christmas Sugar Cookies

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Gingerbread is wonderful around the holiday period as the warm spiced flavor combats the chilly weather. The gingerbread man shape is a cute way to make this cookie aesthetically pleasing too.

6. M&M Christmas Tree Cookies

M&M Christmas Tree Cookies

Get the recipe on Eat The Love

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy all your favourite treats with friends and family. The M&M’s in this double as baubles on the Christmas tree.

7. Cute Rudolph Cookies

Cute Rudolph Reindeer Sugar Cookies

via @kaleidacuts

Rudolph is a Christmas tune that no matter your age, is a classic one to belt out. In this case, Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very tasty nose!

8. Blue & White Cookies With Trees

Easy Decorated Christmas Cookies

Get the recipe on The Cafe Sucre Farine

Rather than the classic blue and red icing on Christmas cookies, a white and blue theme is a unique take – and perfect if you have Disney Frozen fans in the family.

9. Cute Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookies

Cute Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookies With Candy Canes

Get the recipe on Evermine

This gingerbread man cookie makes a perfect gift for neighbours or as a party favor. It’s also a great project to get little ones involved with.

10. Santa Cookies

Cute Santa sugar cookies

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Santa-shaped cookies are another wonderful way to incorporate your cookies into your holiday party decor. You can have these stationed by your front door, or on your kitchen counter for your guests to take on their way out.

11. Grinch Cookies

The Grinch Christmas sugar cookies

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Grinchmas doesn’t have to be all bad. These fun Grinch-themed cookies are wonderful for a holiday movie night where the Grinch doesn’t ruin Christmas, and instead makes it even sweeter!

12. Cute Gnome

Cute Gnome Sugar Cookie

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy

Whimsical characters are wonderful themes to play into around the holiday period, given that this time of year itself is often magical for those celebrating. You can also do a cookie decorating party and keep out different colors of icing and candy to decorate.

13. Penguin Sugar Cookies

Winter Penguin Sugar Cookies

Get the cookie cutters for these on Etsy

These penguins are cute additions to your dessert selection at holiday dinners or sleepovers, made even cuter with the addition of knitted hats and scarves!

14. Elf Sugar Cookies

Christmas Elf Sugar Cookies

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“Elf on the shelf” is a phenomenon for little children all over the world. Parents are roped into creating practical jokes with these mischievous characters – speaking of which, these cookies look like they’re up to mischief too!

 15. Gingerbread Couple

Gingerbread Couple Christmas Sugar Cookies

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For all the lovebirds around the holiday season, this pair of loved-up gingerbread cookies is the sweetest thing we’ve seen (and probably tasted too!)

Cute Christmas Sugar Cookie Set

Get these on Etsy

What says Christmas better than candy canes, snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees? These sweet cookies are embellished with colored icing and make wonderful decoration ideas as well as a wonderful after-dinner treat.

Hot Chocolate Christmas Cookie Cups

Get the recipe on The Gunny Sack 

Cookie cups were popularised by fashionable bakeries in London serving an even more fashionable crowd – but they are even easier to make at home!

18. Snowman & Reindeer Cookies

Snowman & Reindeer Cookies

Get them on Etsy

If you’re all about aesthetics, this cubed mix of classic Christmas designs will take your fancy. They look just as cute individually as they do together, and make a statement piece of edible decor for your holiday party.

19. Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

Get the recipe on Crumbs & Corkscrews

Meringue is making a comeback in a big way, and this fancy mint green meringue leaves no guesses as to why. It’ll look and taste wonderful on its own, or on top of a cake or ice cream sundae.

20. Merry Christmas Set

Merry Christmas Sugar Cookies With Santa And Rudolph

via @thesugarhousebakery

This classic Christmas set of cookies is perfect for all the big kids who (secretly) still get super excited for the holidays. The minimal designs make these elevated and easy to create at home.

21. Cute Gingerbread & Trees

Cute Gingerbread and Christmas Tree Cookies

via @the_cookie_confectionery

These cute kawaii characters are almost too adorable to eat. These make great party favors for a children’s holiday party, as well as great gifts to hand around to your neighbours.

Merry Christmas Santa Cookie Set

via @6bscreations

This set of festive cookies though all different, have common themes like the big glossy eyes. These are more intermediate than some of the other designs we’ve featured, but if you have a steady hand, give them a go!

23. Red & White Christmas

Red and White Christmas Sugar Cookies

via @flourcookies

You’ve heard of a white Christmas, now you’ve seen a red and white one! This set of cookies would be a great holiday gift if you’re attending a holiday party pot luck, and are sure to impress the other guests.

24. Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

via @sweetbakeshop

For all the Barbie-core girlies, these pink tree cookies truly feel like something the blonde-haired character herself would have at the holidays. To make it even more pink, you could add coloring to the cookie dough before baking.

25. Cute Hot Chocolate Cookies

Cute Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookies

via @sarahscookiejar

Hot chocolate is a big-time holiday drink. Though it’s not traditional. something about the cold weather and dark nights makes us want to curl up by a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa (and the fireplace is optional!)

26. Cute Holiday Themed Sugar Cookies

Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies

Get the recipe on Sweetopia

Theres no need to feel you have to choose between your favorite Christmas holiday silhouettes. These cookies prove you can have it all, and it still looks fabulous!

27. Red & Green Cookies

Red & Green Christmas Sugar Cookies

via @willflowersbakeshoppe

These intricate paired cookies look like a work of art, but actually aren’t too complicated to create at home, even if you are lacking any artistic skills.

28. Winter Sugar Cookies

Santa sugar cookie

Get these on Etsy

The sugar sprinkled over Santa’s beard here truly looks as though fresh fluffy snow has fallen from the sky, and what better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than this touch of magic?

29. Winter Accessory Cookies

Cute winter themed Christmas sugar cookies

Get these on Etsy

There are no rules when it comes to Christmas desserts, so what better way to bring in the season than with your favorite winter accessories, including everyone’s favorite – UGG’s!

30. Grinch Cookies

Get the recipe on The Recipe Critic

Cookies don’t need to be decorated with lashings of icing to look Christmas-appropriate, These cookies have been embellished with red and green M&Ms and had green coloring mixed into the icing to create a wonderfully festive look.

Which of these cute sugar cookie designs was your favorite? Let us know if you’ll be replacing gingerbread cookies for these this year!

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