40 Cute Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies That You’ll Want This Year

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Are you looking for cute and tasty decorated Christmas sugar cookies that you can make during the festive season? If so, we have some amazing ideas for you below!

Sugar cookies are always a family favorite and they are so much fun to make! They also make great homemade gifts and you can pass them on to friends if you’re participating in a Christmas cookie exchange this year.

To get started with crafting your own sugar cookies, all you need is a basic cookie recipe, some Christmas themed cookie cutters, royal icing and food coloring to create exactly the colors and cookie shapes that you need. Alternatively, you can simply buy great Christmas-themed sugar cookies from crafty bakers from places like Etsy!

If you need some inspiration to find what designs you’d like to go for, check out the ideas below!  Most of the sugar cookies we’ve included are entirely shoppable, so if you see something that you like and it’s available for purchase, simply click on the link/image to shop them!


The Best Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies:

1. Christmas Cookie Set


Christmas Sugar Cookie Set

‘Get these on Etsy


2. Snowman Friends


Cute snowman Christmas sugar cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


3. Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies


Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


4. Snowmen, Candy Canes & More


Cute Christmas sugar cookies with snowman, candy canes, Christmas trees and snowflakes

‘Get these on Etsy


5. Gingerbread Men Sugar Cookies

Gingerbread Men Christmas Sugar Cookies

Get these on Etsy


6. Mr. & Mrs. Claus


Cute Christmas Sugar Cookies with mr and mrs Claus and Rudolph

‘Get these on Etsy

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7. Gnome Cookies


Cute Gnome Christmas Sugar Cookies

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy


8. 3D Frosted Christmas Trees


3D Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Get these on Etsy


9. Cute Hot Chocolate Cups


Cute Hot Chocolate Christmas Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


10. Simple Gingerbread House Cookies


Simple Christmas Gingerbread House Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


11. Santa Cookies


Cute Santa sugar cookies

Get these cookies on Etsy


12. Grinch Cookies


The Grinch Christmas sugar cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


13. Mittens & Socks


Cute Christmas sugar cookies

‘Get these cookies on Etsy


14. Assorted Mini Cookies


Assorted Mini Sugar Cookies For Christmas

‘Get these on Etsy


15. Melting Snowman


Melting Snowman Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


16. Polar Bear Cookie


Christmas Polar Bear Sugar Cookie

‘Get these on Etsy


17. Cute Gnome

Cute Gnome Sugar Cookie

Get the cookie cutter for this on Etsy


18. Gingerboy


GIngerbread Christmas sugar cookies

Get these on Etsy


19. Merry Grinchmas


Cute Grinch Christmas sugar cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


20. White, Red & Green


Cute assorted Christmas sugar cookies with gingerbread man, snowman, candy cane and more

‘Get these on Etsy


21. Rudolph Cookies


Rudolph Christmas Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


22. Penguin Sugar Cookies


Winter Penguin Sugar Cookies

Get the cookie cutters for these on Etsy


23. Elf Sugar Cookies

Christmas Elf Sugar Cookies

‘Get these cookies on Etsy


24. Gingerbread Couple

Gingerbread Couple Christmas Sugar Cookies

Get these on Etsy


25. Snoopy Cookies

Snoopy Christmas Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


26. Cute Cookie Set


Cute Christmas Sugar Cookie Set

Get these on Etsy


27. Snowman Cookies


Snowman Sugar Cookies

‘Get these on Etsy


28. Snowman & Reindeer Cookies

Snowman & Reindeer Cookies

Get them on Etsy


29. Santa With Coconut Flakes


Santa Sugar Cookies With Coconut Flakes

‘Get these on Etsy


30. Merry Christmas Set

Merry Christmas Sugar Cookies With Santa And Rudolph

Image Via @The Sugar House Bakery


31. Cute Gingerbread & Trees

Cute Gingerbread and Christmas Tree Cookies

Image Via @the_cookie_confectionery


32. Santa Cookie Set

Merry Christmas Santa Cookie Set

Image Via @6bsCreations


33. Red & White Christmas


Red and White Christmas Sugar Cookies

Image Via @Flourcookies


34. Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Image Via @sweetbakeshop


35. Cute Hot Chocolate Cookies


Cute Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Image Via @sarahscookiejar


36. White & Pink Christmas Trees


White & Pink Christmas Tree Cookies

Image Via @inblossom9_woo


37. Cute Rudolph Cookies

Cute Rudolph Reindeer Sugar Cookies
Image Via @kaleidacuts


38. Red & Green Cookies


Red & Green Christmas Sugar Cookies

Image Via @willflowersbakeshoppe


39. Winter Sugar Cookies

Elegant Winter Sugar Cookies With Gold & White

‘Image Via Pinterest


40. Rudolph, Snowman & Santa Cookies


Rudolph Reindeer, Snowman & Santa Cookies

Image Via Pinterest


Which of these cute sugar cookie designs was your favorite? Let us know if you’ll be replacing gingerbread cookies for these this year!

By the way, if you want to see more Christmas desserts, make sure to check out the posts below!


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