42 Best Christmas Dessert Recipes Perfect To Entertain A Crowd

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Are you looking for the best Christmas desserts for a crowd that look amazing and taste delicious? If so, you’ll love these creative ideas!

The holiday season is officially the time that we can all forget about healthy eating and diets. If there’s any time that we can let loose and just enjoy great food, it’s now. After all, it’s going to be very difficult to say no to all those cupcakes at Christmas parties, and certainly not fun.

If you’re planning to host a few Christmas parties yourself or if you’re looking for the best Christmas desserts to serve to your family after Christmas dinner, here are some of the best-tasting (and cutest!) recipes that we’ve found online.

We’ve featured everything from cakes to cupcakes, cookies to popsicles, pies to brownies, and so much more. There are plenty of options for both adults and kids, ranging from easy to impressive recipes. If you’re having a hard time picking out a recipe to try, we don’t blame you – they all look amazing!

To get the full recipe with step-by-step instructions, simply click on the link below the images.

The Best Christmas Desserts For A Crowd

1. Gingerbread Cupcakes With Cinnamon & Buttercream

Best Christmas desserts: Gingerbread Cupcakes With Cinnamon & Buttercream

Get the recipe on Half Baked Harvest

Nothing says the holidays like the spiced flavors of cinnamon paired with the sweetness of buttercream. Decorated with a gingerbread man adds another treat to savor!

2. No Bake Chocolate Orange Cake

Easy Christmas dessert ideas: No Bake Chocolate Orange Cake

Get the recipe on Taming Twins

No bake cheesecakes are great to prep ahead for dinner parties, especially at the holidays when it can get hectic – and chocolate orange is a wonderful combination to suit everyone’s tastes.

3. Easy Reindeer Cupcakes

Best Christmas desserts: Easy Reindeer Cupcakes

Get the recipe on Jenny Cookies

You can either make these cupcakes, or decorate pre-made cakes (we won’t tell). If you are buying pre-made cakes, making your own buttercream will elevate the taste and look!

4. Snowman Cake Pops

Best Christmas desserts: Snowman Cake Pops

Get the recipe on Tasty Kitchen

Cake pops are great to either serve at a holiday party, or give as favors to your guests to enjoy on the way home. These adorable snowmen are almost too cute to eat.

5. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie Trifle

Best Christmas trifles: Salted Caramel and Chocolate Brownie Trifle

Get the recipe on Bigger Bolder Baking

Like no-bake cheesecakes, layered desserts like this look great but require little effort. You can use a pre-made sponge or make it yourself – whichever you prefer.

6. Christmas Cranberry Macarons

Best Christmas desserts: Christmas Cranberry Macarons

Get the recipe on Holicoffee

Macarons can be tricky to make at home, though if you aren’t gifted with baking genes you can use pre-made ones from your local patisserie, and simply pipe on Christmas-themed decor.

7. Peppermint Brownie Trifle

Christmas Peppermint Brownie Trifle

Get the recipe on Inside Bru Crew Life

This no-bake peppermint and brownie layered cake is great for Christmas parties, as it is a classic flavor (think of Candy Canes). This would be wonderful if paired with a creamy hot chocolate.

8. Snickers Brownies

Snickers Brownies

Get the recipe on Baked By An Introvert

These brownies are perfect for candy bar lovers, especially those who love the rich nutty flavors of Snickers. These can be prepped ahead of time and served at your party or gifted to guests on their way out.

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree Idea

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree Idea

Get the recipe on Home Stories A To Z

Tree decorations like this take inspiration from the French dessert Croquembouche – a pyramid of profiteroles. These are easy to prepare, but will add a wow factor to your dessert table.

10. Caramel Pecan Brownie Trifles

Caramel Pecan Brownie Trifles

Get the recipe on Celebrating Sweets

Trifles are great to prepare if you want a no-fuss dessert to serve at your holiday dinner. You can prep this during the day and leave in the fridge until serving.

11. Pumpkin Butterscotch Spice Cake Trifle

Best Christmas Trifles: Pumpkin Butterscotch Spice Cake Trifle

Get the recipe on The Gold Lining Girl

Speaking of trifles, this trifle is a classic concept with flavors were used to seeing around the holiday season (PSL anyone?)

12. Quick and Easy Snowy Chocolate Pinecones

Best Christmas desserts: Quick and Easy Snowy Chocolate Pinecones

Get the recipe on Handmade Charlotte

Chocolate pinecones make a wonderful dessert, or prank for those who have the sense of humour to fit. These also act as a wonderful bit of edible decor.

13. Turtle Cheesecake Trifle

Turtle Cheesecake Trifle

Get the recipe on Mom on Timeout

Don’t worry, this isn’t actually a turtle cheesecake. It’s named after a candy which was popular in the 20s – with flavors of caramel, chocolate and nuts.

Best Christmas desserts: Sugar Cookie Truffles

Get the recipe on I Heart Naptime

Sugar cookies are great, and even better in the form of bite-sized truffles. You can have fun with these and decorate them as you like.

15. Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Get the recipe on One Little Project

These brownies can be recreated with homemade, or store bought brownies – though between us these are super easy to make!

16. Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Get the recipe on Roxana’s Home Baking

These roll cakes can be made in any flavor, but vanilla is a great simple treat to have after a rich Christmas dinner, you can also replace the inner icing with ice cream to create an ice cream cake.

17. Rum Spiked Eggnog Cake

Rum Spiked Eggnog Cake

Get the recipe on Liv For Cake

If you’re having a daytime Christmas get together, nothing beats a homemade cake – though this one is only for the grown ups.

18. Reindeer Rice Krispies Recipe

Reindeer Rice Krispies Recipe

Get the recipe on Thirty Handmade Days

Rice Krispie treats are easy to make as well as decorate for a fun kid-friendly dessert. This would also make a wonderful DIY project for little ones too.

19. Christmas Cake Batter Truffles

Christmas Cake Batter Truffles

Get the recipe on Lauren’s Latest

Christmas dinners often don’t leave lots of room for dessert, so truffles can be a wonderful sweet treat. If you have little ones, you can get them involved with the decoration too.

20. Gingerbread Poke Cake

Gingerbread Poke Cake

Get the recipe on Crafty Morning

Poke cake is also known as milk cake in parts of the world and is a wonderful dessert if you don’t like anything too sweet.

21. Christmas Spice Cake With Eggnog Buttercream

Christmas Spice Cake With Eggnog Buttercream

Get the recipe on Hunger Thirst Play

Baking cakes might seem daunting however as long as you follow a recipe, not much can go wrong. Put your skills to the test with this spiced cake.

22. Candy Cane Pie

Christmas Candy Cane Pie

Get the recipe on OMG Chocolate Desserts

Nothing says the holidays like a pie and with crushed Candy Canes in the filling, it’s the perfect flavor.

23. Marshmallow Brownies

Marshmallow Brownies

Get the recipe on The Loopy Whisk

This elevated dessert combination of brownie cake and marshmallow is the perfect holiday treat when you feel like indulging.

24. Oreo Ball Truffles

Best Christmas desserts: Oreo Ball Truffles

Get the recipe on The Cozy Cook

Back on the truffle train with these classic Oreo truffles. The rich flavor of chocolate cookies with a chocolate shell makes a wonderful accompaniment with an after-dinner coffee.

25. Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Get the recipe on Foodal

These cookies incorporate the flavors of brownies with the crisp of a cookie. You can pair this with a hot tea or coffee, or wrap up and give them to your guests for the journey home.

26. Santa Oreos

Santa Oreos

Get the recipe on PositivelySplendid

Decorating Oreos with icing is a popular way to make a statement dessert with very little effort. If you like it extra sweet, go for double-stuffed!

27. Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake With Christmas Tree Decor

Get the recipe on Sprinkles For Breakfast

This winter wonderland themed cake is perfect for someone who has a birthday around Christmas, as it takes the best of both the events.

28. Melted Snowman Cookies

Best Christmas desserts: Melted Snowmen Cookies

Get the recipe on Home Is Where The Boat Is

Many of the desserts we’ve shown require a steady hand for piping icing, this one requires the opposite. In fact, the more random the cookies look, the better the effect.

29. Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Get the recipe on The Slow Roasted Italian

Close to the holiday season you’ll be used to seeing pinwheel cookies like these in every local bakery, but this recipe proves they are easier (and usually better) when made at home.

30. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies

Get the recipe on  Cooking Classy

Sticking on the topic of cookies, these chewy chocolate cookies combined with the fresh flavor of peppermint are the perfect way to end a holiday dinner.

31. Rudolph Christmas Brownies

Rudolph Christmas Brownies

Get the recipe on Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Brownies are a great way to end a holiday dinner as even a small piece will satisfy that need for something sweet after a meal. 

32. Easy Gingerbread Christmas Brownies

Easy Gingerbread Christmas Brownies

Get the recipe on Plated Cravings

Brownies and gingerbread are a great combination for the holiday season, and can be a great way to jazz up a boxed brownie mix.

33. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Brownies

Best Christmas desserts: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Brownies

Get the recipe on Your Cup of Cake

Speaking of brownies, they make the easiest base to decorate for the holiday theme. A great way to get guests involved is to have a decorating competition.

34. Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

Best Christmas trifles: Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

Get the recipe on Life Love & Sugar

This trifle is a great dessert for Oreo lovers as the cream breaks it up from being too sweet, but still has the rich chocolate flavor of the cookie.

35. Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti

Get the recipe on Back for Seconds

If you like doing as the Europeans do and having a coffee after dinner, this chocolate and peppermint biscotti is the perfect sweet accompaniment.

36. Homemade Peppermint Patties

Homemade Peppermint Patties

Get the recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

These peppermint patties are an artisanal take on the classic treat. These also make a great gift to take to neighbours around the holiday season.

37. Candy Cane Brownies

Candy Cane Brownies

Get the recipe on Just So Tasty

These rich chocolate brownies paired with the fresh peppermint topping and crushed Candy Canes make a wonderful after-dinner treat.

38. Christmas Pretzel Rods

Christmas Pretzel Rods

Get the recipe on Premeditated Leftovers

Pretzel rods are easy to decorate to look elevated, and are perfect for a girly sleepover, or as a holiday party snack.

39. Peppermint Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Best Christmas desserts: Peppermint Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

Get the recipe on Baking Beauty

The same goes for these Candy Cane marshmallows which can be placed out for your guests to enjoy throughout the evening.

40. Gingerbread Amaretto Chocolate Tart

Gingerbread Amaretto Chocolate Tart

Get the recipe on Lazy Cat Kitchen

Amaretto is a wonderful flavor for desserts round the holiday season. The warming flavors ( as well as the warming effect of alcohol) make for a perfect dessert on a chilly night.

41. Santa Hat Cupcakes

Santa Hat Cupcakes

Get the recipe on Midget Momma

Back to the cupcakes for this festive vanilla cupcake, topped with a buttercream Santa hat. This is great for a party at any time of day- perhaps even a Christmas brunch.

42. Easy Reindeer & Snowman Christmas Treats

Easy Reindeer & Snowman Christmas Treats

Get the recipe on The 36th Avenue

Decorating pre-made treats takes the pressure off the host to create a dessert – which most people are usually too full to enjoy fully.

Which of these Christmas dessert ideas for a crowd was your favorite? And are you going to try and make multiple desserts this year, or stick to one? Let us know in the comments below!

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