40 Beautiful Easter Decorations That Will Transform Your Home

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Are you looking for beautiful Easter decorations for the home that will set the scene for the season ahead? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

The best way to get into the spirit of Easter is by decorating your house with all things eggs, bunnies, flowers & light colors. Whether that means hanging an Easter-inspired wreath on your door, decking the house out with multiple Easter crafts, or decorating your home with beautiful Easter centerpieces, we’re all after a few special items to welcome spring into our homes. 

To help you beautify your home this season, we’ve compiled a list of the best Easter decorations from our favorite retailers in this post – hopefully you’ll find just the perfect item!


The Cutest Easter Decorations For The Home:

1. Handcrafted Bunny Sculptures


Handcrafted Bunny Sculptures for Easter

Get these on Pottery Barn


2. Live Carror Wreath


Carrot wreath made from wheat

Get this at Williams Sonoma


3. Baby Chick Table Decor


Baby Chick Easter Table Decor

Get these on Etsy


4. Wooden Mini Carrots


Wooden Mini Carrots for Easter decor

Get these on Etsy


5. Decorative Eggs


Decorative Easter eggs

Get these on Etsy


6. Bunny Plates


Pastel bunny plates for Easter

Get these at Williams Sonoma


7. Easter Table Decor


Pretty Easter table decor with napkin holder

Get this at Pottery Barn


8. Happy Easter Banner


Happy Easter Banner Decoration

Get this on Etsy


9. Wooden Bunny Sign


Wooden white bunny Easter porch decor

Get this on Etsy


10. Easter Bunny with Live Ivy & Moss


Easter bunny topiary with live ivy and moss

Get this at Williams Sonoma


11. Pastel Easter Tree


Pastel Easter Tree

Get this on Wayfair


12. Live Bunny Wreath


Live bunny wreath

Get this at Williams Sonoma




Bunny Shaped Sherpa Pillow for Easter decor

Get this at Pottery Barn


14. Stone Bunny Figurines


White Stone Bunny Figurines

Get these on Pottery Barn


15. Christian Tray Decor


Christian Tiered Tray Decor for Easter

Get this on Etsy


16. Easter Bunny Towel


Easter bunny kitchen towel

Get this at Williams Sonoma


17. Tulip Door Hanger


Easter Tulip Carrot Door Hanger

Get this on Grandin Road


18. Chick & Bunny Garland


Chick & Bunny Easter Garland Decoration

Get this on Etsy


19. Easter Tiered Tray Decor


Easter Christian Tiered Tray Decor

Get this on Etsy


20. Modern Bunny Decoration


Modern bunny Easter decoration

Get this at Bergdorf Goodman


21. Bunny Pillow


Cute Easter Bunny Pillow

Get this on Pottery Barn


22. Easter Mason Jars


Easter Mason Jar Centerpieces

Get this on Etsy


23. Easter Canvas Sign


Easter Canvas Sign

Get this on Grandin Road


24. Farmhouse fabric bunnies


Farmhouse fabric Easter bunnies

Get these on Etsy


25. Paper Egg Decorations


Easter Tree Paper Egg Decorations

Get these on Etsy


26. Golden Pre-Lit Easter Eggs


Golden Pre-Lit Easter Eggs

Get these on Grandin Road


27. Personalized Easter Basket


Burlap Personalized Easter Basket

Get this on Etsy


28. Farmhouse Easter Wreath


Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath

Get this on Etsy


29. Wooden Bunnies


White Wooden Easter Bunnies Decoratiom

Get these on Etsy


30. Easter Lumbar Pillow


Easter Bunny Lumbar Pillow

Get this on Pottery Barn


31. Bunny Garland


Easter Bunny Garland

Get this on Etsy


32. Bunny Tiered Tray Decor


Easter Bunny Tiered Tray Decor

Get this on Etsy


33. Wooden Table Decor


Wooden Easter Table Decor

Get these on Wayfair


34. fabric Easter carrots


Farmhouse fabric Easter carrots decorations

Get these on Etsy


35. Woven Easter Bunny Basket


Woven Easter Bunny Basket

Get this on Crate & Barrel


36. Rattan Bunnies


Rattan bunnies for Easter decor

Get these at Pottery Barn


37. Chinoiserie Eggs


Chinoiserie Easter eggs

Get these on Etsy


38. Baby Bunnies


Wooden Baby Bunny Easter decoration

Get these on Etsy


39. Garden Eggs


Easter garden egg decorations

Get these on Grandin Road


40.  Easter Garland


Get It on Etsy


Which of these Easter decorations will you have in your home this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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