35 Beautiful Easter Decorations That Will Transform Your Home

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Are you looking for beautiful Easter decorations for the home that will set the scene for the season ahead? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

The best way to get into the spirit of Easter is by decorating your house with all things eggs, bunnies, flowers & light colors. Whether that means hanging an Easter-inspired wreath on your door, decking the house out with multiple Easter crafts, or decorating your home with beautiful Easter centerpieces, we’re all after a few special items to welcome spring into our homes.

To help you beautify your home this season, we’ve compiled a list of the best Easter decorations from our favorite retailers in this post – hopefully you’ll find just the perfect item!

The Cutest Easter Decorations For The Home:

1. Happy easter Garland

Easter garland.

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With this sweet pastel Easter bunting, being festive can fit in with your personal, and interior, aesthetic.

Those with a white or natural color fireplace or wall treatments should definitely try this out for the holiday!

2. Handcrafted Bunny Sculptures

Handcrafted Bunny Sculptures for Easter

Get these on Pottery Barn

If you aren’t a direct descendant of Michelangelo, you might find these difficult to make yourself. Luckily Pottery Barn has you covered. These can be used to decorate an entryway table, or fireplace, or even act as a table centerpiece.

3. Live Carror Wreath

Carrot wreath made from wheat

Get this at Williams Sonoma

Carrots are indirectly related to Easter by way of bunny rabbits, and their favorite snack! We’ve previously covered wreaths which are fast becoming popular Valentine’s Day decor as well as other holidays.

4. Baby Chick Table Decor

Baby Chick Easter Table Decor

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These cute chicks not only act as table decor and make place holders, but can also be taken home by your guests as a holiday gift.

5. Wooden Mini Carrots

Wooden Mini Carrots for Easter decor

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For all the budding lumberjacks, these rustic wooden carrots are wonderful for any outdoor egg hunts which may end with an evening bonfire.

6. Decorative Eggs

Decorative Easter eggs

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Speaking of eggs. These speckled eggs play off the classic British holiday candy, Mini Eggs. Though these aren’t edible – they can be used in an outdoor Easter egg hunt – and isn’t that kind of more fun?

7. Bunny Plates

Pastel bunny plates for Easter

Get these at Williams Sonoma

Something about Easter feels kitschy and fun. These plates are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, and would be perfect for a picnic or Easter afternoon tea.

8. Easter Table Decor

Pretty Easter table decor with napkin holder

Get this at Pottery Barn

These Easter-themed napkins could technically be used year-round by any animal lovers. Otherwise, they’ll look wonderful with your regular tablescape – and mean you don’t need to buy a whole new set of everything!

9. Embroidered Bunny Pillow

Easter pillow with embroidery.

Get this on Pottery Barn

Pillows are a great way to incorporate holiday decor into your interiors if you don’t have lots of space to store decor between seasons. And do you need any more convincing for this adorable blush pink cushion? 

10. Wooden Bunny Sign

Wooden white bunny Easter porch decor

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If you’re into going all out for holidays, particularly when it comes to your exterior decor, this wooden OVERSIZED bunny sign is the stuff of dreams!

11. Easter Bunny with Live Ivy & Moss

Easter bunny topiary with live ivy and moss

Get this at Williams Sonoma

Because Easter egg hunts usually take place outside – it’s a good idea to focus on getting statement exterior decor to amp up the Easter vibes.

12. Farmhouse Easter Wreath

Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath

Get this on Etsy

Wreaths are making a comeback for holidays in a big way. Gone are the days when these were only appropriate for Christmas. Now you’ll see these used for Easter decor too like this wonderful rustic theme piece.

13. Stone Bunny Figurines

White Stone Bunny Figurines

Get these on Pottery Barn

These stone bunny figurines are perfect for decorating essentially anything in your home for Easter. The natural texture would complement other natural textures like greenery or wooden elements.

14. Christian Tray Decor

Christian Tiered Tray Decor for Easter

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Not forgetting that many celebrate Easter and the surrounding events for their religious beliefs. In this case, this tired tray makes a perfect simple way to decor.

15. Easter Bunny Towel

Easter bunny kitchen towel

Get this at Williams Sonoma

Towels much like cushions are an easy, low-commitment way to decorate for the holidays, and are practical too. These can be used purely as decorative objects, and put on display when you have guests round.

16. Tulip Door Hanger

Easter Tulip Carrot Door Hanger

Get this on Grandin Road

If you’re talented with floristry or know someone who is, you could try your hand at fashioning a carrot from flowers to hang on your front door or wall.

17. Chick & Bunny Garland

Chick & Bunny Easter Garland Decoration

Get this on Etsy

If you’re hosting little ones at Easter, this bunny and rabbit bunting is a wonderful way to make the holiday more magical, and FUN!

18. Easter Tiered Tray Decor

Easter Christian Tiered Tray Decor

Get this on Etsy

This tiered decor is a great piece to put on your entryway table or kitchen counter. You can fill it with holiday-related pieces to suit your preference and switch them out depending on the holidays.

19. Modern Bunny Decoration

Modern bunny Easter decoration

Get this at Bergdorf Goodman

Keeping with the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic, this fun and preppy bunny is perfect if you have an “out there” aesthetic.

20. Easter Mason Jars

Easter Mason Jar Centerpieces

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These mason jar decorations make the perfect DIY project to get your friend and family involved with leading up to the Easter holiday. You could even host an Easter-DIY party for Easter!

21. Easter Canvas Sign

Easter Canvas Sign

Get this on Grandin Road

Canvas signs like these are great if you have lots of bare wall space, and don’t like trinkets cluttering up your space. These are also great to DIY if you have a steady hand for painting.

22. Farmhouse fabric bunnies

Farmhouse fabric Easter bunnies

Get these on Etsy

These rustic, fabric bunnies are wonderful to give as Easter egg hunt prizes, or to decorate a table for an outdoor party where delicate pieces may be likely to fall over.

23. Paper Egg Decorations

Easter Tree Paper Egg Decorations

Get these on Etsy

Accordion paper eggs and spheres like these make wonderful decor and can be recycled after the holidays. Perfect for low-waste warriors who still want in on the holiday fun.

24. Golden Pre-Lit Easter Eggs

Golden Pre-Lit Easter Eggs

Get these on Grandin Road

Easter wouldn’t be the same without plenty of egg decor. These golden eggs are perfect for glamming up your table decor, especially if you like metallics.

25. Personalized Easter Basket

Burlap Personalized Easter Basket

Get this on Etsy

An Easter egg hunt calls for eggs, and also a basket to store them in. This personalised basket can also be taken home as a gift, and is the perfect way to keep all your hidden eggs, hidden away!

26. Wooden Bunnies

White Wooden Easter Bunnies Decoratiom

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These wooden bunnies don’t look like much, but if glammed up with a ribbon bow (TikTok bow girlies, we’re looking at you) these will make super decor for an entryway or window sill.

27. Bunny Garland

Easter Bunny Garland

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Garlands and bunting are always popular ways to easily decorate a space without having to put too much effort. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can hang this on your stairs, above a door or even above your sofa.

28. Bunny Tiered Tray Decor

Easter Bunny Tiered Tray Decor

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The tiered tray saga continues. This time in a more festive form. This would be great for an outdoor party, or to display rules for your Easter egg hunt!

29. Wooden Table Decor

Wooden Easter Table Decor

Get these on Wayfair

Wooden table decor is underrated. The sturdiness means you’ll be able to use the same pieces year after year, making it sustainable and cost-efficient.

30. fabric Easter carrots

Farmhouse fabric Easter carrots decorations

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These fabric Easter egg carrots can be great if used in place of eggs in an Easter egg hunt as real chocolate eggs may not be appropriate to be left in a field or garden on a warm day.

31. Woven Easter Bunny Basket

Woven Easter Bunny Basket

Get this on Crate & Barrel

This woven basket bag is perfect for collecting eggs in an easter egg hunt, or can be filled with candies for an Easter picnic or party.

32. Rattan Bunnies

Rattan bunnies for Easter decor

Get these at Pottery Barn

The recurring theme with Easter decor is most of it is appropriate for indoor as well as exterior design. There is no reason these couldn’t be kept in your garden or porch year-round.

33. Chinoiserie Eggs

Chinoiserie Easter eggs

Get these on Etsy

These eggs make wonderful decor for the Easter season and are the perfect opportunity to do a DIY project. You could paint onto foam eggs with your friends and family – and the prize for the winner is a chocolate version!

34. Baby Bunnies

Wooden Baby Bunny Easter decoration

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These adorable baby bunnies are almost too cute to store away outside the Easter season. You could add tags to these for an Easter dinner party, and give them to your guests to add some festive energy to their homes.

35. Garden Eggs

Easter garden egg decorations

Get these on Grandin Road

These oversized garden eggs are perfect for decorating the exterior of your home for an easter party. These would be a cool creative project – and easy to do if you’re a dab hand at paper mache!

Which of these Easter decorations will you have in your home this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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