26 Beautiful Christmas Wreaths To Decorate Your Front Door

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Are you looking for rustic, elegant and inviting Christmas wreaths that you can hang on your front door this holiday season? If so, we have just the right post for you!

Christmas wreaths are integral to holiday decor because they’re one of the first things that your friends, family and you yourself will see when entering your home. That’s why it’s so important to get a wreath that truly gets you into a festive spirit.

Below, we’re sharing our favorite Christmas wreaths in traditional reds, blacks, greens, pinks and whites that immediately elevate the look of your front porch. There are rustic wreaths, modern hoop wreaths, elegant white wreaths, deco mesh wreaths, crochet wreaths, burlap wreaths and so much more.

We’re sure that you’ll be able to find just the right wreath to decorate your house! So, without further ado, let’s get started with sharing our top finds.

The Best Festive Christmas Wreaths

1. Artisan Wreath

Red and gold flower wreath with gold ribbon for the holidays

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This classic Christmas wreath is perfect for gifting, or adoring your own front door during the holiday season. These merry colors of green, red and gold work against any door color.

If you live in an apartment building and don’t want to hang this outside your door, you can always hang it on the inside of your door.

2. Gold Bells With Velvet Ribbon

Evergreen wreath with Gold Bells With Velvet Ribbon.

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This rustic, cottage-core-inspired wreath is perfect for those who prefer more subdued colors for home interiors and exteriors. It’s not often that we get to see this color palette for holiday decor and so if you want to go for something unique – this is the perfect option.

3. Merry & Bright

Farmhouse Christmas wreath with buffalo plaid

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This wreath is about as “merry and bright” as it gets. We love the combination of the crisp frost-covered branches with the bright red berries as each brings out the beauty of the other.

Typography isn’t for everyone, but if it’s in line with your personal taste – you needn’t look any further!

4. Wooden Door Tag

White wood Christmas door sign.

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This is a bit of a funky take on the classic round wreath shape. The original shape of a wreath is seeped in religious beliefs, but if that isn’t important to you – these door tags are a unique and vintage-inspired alternative.

The bows here veer on belonging to a country aesthetic, which is super in, but it’s worth making sure it is cohesive with your personal style.

5. Cedar Wreath With Bells & Ribbon

Cedar Christmas Wreath With Bells & Ribbon

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Cedar trees naturally have a Christmas tree shape and texture, making them perfect for holiday craft projects and wreaths like this one. This bold door hanger is perfect if you like to go all out during the holidays as it certainly makes a statement.

Though this will look great against any door, we can imagine it’d look super cozy if you have old-school wooden doors.

6. Merry Christmas

Black Merry Christmas Door hanger

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Wooden hangers like this are perfect if you’re looking to bring out the same year after year or cut down on your holiday waste.

This is also great for college students who want to get into the holiday spirit because even artificial wreaths are likely to get squashed when moving dorms and rooms.

7. Rustic Bell Wreath

Rustic Christmas wreath with bells.

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This dainty rustic wreath is so stunning that it almost doesn’t look real.

The addition of the golden berries and leaves makes the natural greenery pop, and the bells strategically placed in the centre mean you’ll hear a twinkle every time someone enters your home.

8. Musical Notes

Cute Christmas wreath with musical note paper, roses and buffalo plaid

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This one makes more sense to hang inside your home, or on the inside edge of your door. Though we’re on the topic of Christmas wreaths, this one could be used at any time, we love the idea of getting this out for a romantic Valentine’s Day season.

9. Deco Mesh Tree

Christmas tree wreath

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If you prefer a wreath or door hanger made from non-natural materials which are more fragile, and will wilt away, this ribbon tree is super adorable – and for those who are dab hands at crafting, you can definitely make this one at home.

10. Silver Bauble Wreath

Silver bauble Christmas wreath

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If your favourite part of Christmas decorating is putting baubles onto the tree, this silver bauble wreath will capture your heart. This would be wonderful to hang above your fireplace, or by your entryway if you don’t wish to hang this outside.

11. XL Nativity Wreath

Extra large Christmas nativity wreath for two doors.

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If you have XL doors, you’ll need an XL wreath, or wreaths if you have double doors like this. Circle wreaths tend to be quite large, so if you have a smaller door frame, going for one of the alternative shapes like tags or Christmas trees will look awesome.

12. Red & Gold Berry Wreath

Red & Gold Berry Wreath.

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Berries and Cream was once a popular TikTok audio, and now it’s reimagined in this wreath with red and cream bowls and *non-edible* berry embellishments. This is a great option if you have a big door frame and need a wreath with volume.

13. Live Citrus Spice Wreath

Live orange and spice Christmas wreath.

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Christmas spice scents are one of the best things about the season, think of cinnamon, nutmeg and circus – not only do they sound delicious but they smell it too! This would also do well if hung in your entryway for guests to pass and smell as they walk in.

14. Snowflake Wreath

Snowflake Christmas Wreath

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This festive snowflake wreath is perfect for hanging from an archway in your home, where you can disguise the wires of the lights with painter’s tape or clear hooks which you can easily find at a local hardware store.

15. Rustic Pinecone Swag

Pinecone wreath with a ribbon.

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Pinecones are another classic Christmas motif and make for a perfect bold and voluminous wreath. You could DIY this at home with artificial greenery and berries, and even pick the pinecones yourself.

16. Gold Berry Wreath

Gold berry Christmas wreath.

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If you like a modern monochrome aesthetic, this golden wreath complete with a shiny golden ribbon would be perfect against a dark blue or black door to really be the star of the show.

17. Holiday Sweets Illuminated Wreath

Luxury Christmas wreath with sweets and a nutcracker.

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For a sparkly and bright wreath option, this bright white nutcracker with all kinds of bon bons and lollipops makes for a bold piece of exterior decor. A great way to amp up your decor would be with some life-sized nutcrackers on either side of your door.

18. Red Queen Rose & Mixed Winter Berry

Luxury Christmas wreath with red roses.

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Roses are red, and so is the color of Christmas, so why not put the two together? This mixed berry wreath with florals and pinecones is a frosty forest dream.

Something about the bright red paired with the bright green is warm and inviting, whilst still being quintessentially Christmas.

19. Red, Pink & Gold

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This cute wreath with pinks of pink, and adorable motifs like knitted mittens and a golden reindeer is perfect for adorning the home or door of a through and through girly girl.

The bow keeps it super on-trend – if you know TikTok, you’ll know all the fashion girlies are currently obsessed with adding bows to everything.

20. Snowflakes

Rustic burlap snowflake Christmas wreath

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This is a super simple DIY wreath to do at home which still looks festive and would make for a wonderful gift for friends, or even neighbours if you know they usually display a wreath every year.

The materials used here are also inexpensive, so you can prepare a bunch and distribute them!

21. Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Lambss ear wreath with ribbon

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The soft cool green tones of this wreath are perfect for those with a subdued cottage-core aesthetic and will work beautifully against a white, or aged rustic wooden door.

You could swap out the greenery for eucalyptus which has a similar look, but a fresh, scent.

22. Boho Christmas Tree Wreath

Boho Christmas Tree Wreath.

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The Christmas tree wreaths were too adorable not to include twice. This one has fun tassels and beads hanging, in a totally boho style.

This would be another fabulous one to DIY at home by starting with a wardrobe tree shape, and then sticking on the greenery with a hot glue gun.

23. Peony Wreath

Elegant Christmas wreath with peony

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This is another great wreath option if you have a wide door frame, or just want a voluminous door hanger to open up your home for the holidays.

This also works year-round, and the florals would make this a great piece to hang on the door for the spring season.

24. Modern Christmas Wreath

Modern Minimalist Wreath For Front Door

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This door hanger would be super easy to recreate at home and could make a great holiday activity with your loved ones. Though these florals are dried, they are likely to be delicate so be sure to store this in a hard-sided container.

25. Rustic Pinecones With Gold

Rustic Pinecone Christmas wreah

Get the wreath at Pottery Barn

Pinecones are another wonderful Christmas-themed decoration, and this one looks beautiful hung in an entryway. If you’d like to amp up the festive cheer, you can display some loose pinecones in a decorative bowl too.

26. Simple Pinecone Wreath

Simple Modern Minimalist Pinecone Wreath

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The pure white bow on top of this simple wreath adds a super chic aspect to this option, and as in this picture, looks beautiful against a dark door color.

The benefit of having this half-floral, half-empty wreath is that it’ll be easier to hang, as the complete circle wreaths can be difficult to balance.

We hope you found the wreath of your dreams! If you found many wreaths that you loved, make sure to save them to your Etsy basket so you can sleep on your decision and think a bit longer.

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