25 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Indoors & Outdoors

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Are you looking for easy DIY Halloween decorations that you can recreate for a spook-tacular Halloween party? If so, we have tons of creative ideas to share with you that are guaranteed to make your Halloween home unforgettable.

Halloween season is ust around the corner and we’re sure that you’ve started looking for decorations and party ideas to set the mood. There’s something magical about getting into the spirit of Halloween, dressing up yourself and hearing the laughter of kids as they come trick or treating.

While many choose to decorate their house with store-bought decorations, the holiday offers plenty of opportunities to create custom-made DIY decorations for your home. Anyone who is willing to set aside a little bit of extra time can make their house look scarily boujee on a budget.

Whether you want those decorations to be truly scary or you’re looking for easy craft ideas to do with kids, you’ll find the best ideas here.

25 Best Easy DIY Halloween Decorations:

1. Burning Hand Candles

DIY Burning Hand Candle Halloween craft

Found on Instructables

This is a perfect decor, or gift idea, for all the candle lovers like us. Candle wax beads are easily available from craft stores. Simply stretch a rubber glove over a heat proof glass, melt the beads, add candle wicks into the fingers, and pour the wax in – follow the steps on the back of the packet to ensure you stay safe.

Allow to harden overnight and carefully cut the glove away to reveal a spooky candle in the shade of a hand. Cut the bottom off to stand it upright.

2. Venus Fly Trap Pumpkin Candy Holder

DIY Venus Fly Trap Pumpkin Candy Holder Halloween craft

Get the tutorial on The Paper Mama

If you still have leftover pumpkins from Halloween activites, now is the time to use them up during spooky season. For a mess-free DIY project, use a foam pumpkin.

Simply draw out your Venus fly trap design, paint the interior and exterior of the pumpkin, and fill with candy for trick or treaters.

3. Halloween Milk Jugs

DIY Halloween Milk Jugs Halloween craft

Found on eighteen25.com

Recycling fiends rejoice! This DIY project is a wonderful way to amp up your home halloween decor at a low cost, and with little impact on the environment.

Use a thick black marker to sketch on funny expressions to the outside of your milk jugs (make sure they are empty and washed). Stuff several non-heat lights into the jug and watch them light up the night.

4. Felt Bats Decor

DIY Halloween bat decorations

Make these from paper or buy them straight from Grandin Road

This project is for those who are a little more creatively inclined, though we aren’t saying you need to be a Picasso.

Simply sketch out a bat shape onto felt or black paper (a hack for a symmetrical bat is to fold your material in half and sketch one half of it). Cut it out and stick it onto any surface in your home for a spooky embellishment.

5. Glowing Plastic Jack O’ Lantern Totem

DIY Glowing Plastic Jack O’ Lantern Totem Halloween Craft

Get the tutorial on Scratch & Stitch

These Jack O’ Lantern buckets are everywhere during the months leading up to Halloween, but can be repurposed for a statement decoration.

This requires a handyman more than a crafty hand, but results in a wonderful look that you can reuse annually.

6. Outdoor Cobweb Decor

DIY cobweb decoration for Halloween

Get the materials on Etsy

This is like an intentional teepeeing situation. These cobwebs are easy and effective at creating a spooky look outside or inside your home. Make it look extra creepy with these fake spiders.

It’s not recommended to use this if it’s likely to rain where you are, but these will still look fabulous indoors.

7. DIY Skull

Elegant black DIY skull

Found on Persia Lou

Foam shapes are an easy way to get a spooky look at Halloween with little effort. 

Though these skulls have been painted with charcoal paint, a fun idea could be to do a painting party with your girlfriends.

8. Wicked Witch Legs

DIY Wicked Witch legs Halloween craft

Found on Grillo-Designs, by Barbie Mills Sparks

If Halloween is your favourite holiday of the year, this DIY project is the perfect one to go all-in on.  You could even add a comical twist to the project by adding your own shoes on the witches legs.

9. Cheesecloth Ghost

DIY glowing cheesecloth ghost Halloween decor

Get the tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks

A white sheet ghost is one of the most quintessential Halloween symbols, but for the effort it gives a huge impact.

As pictured, this would make a great Halloween dinner party centrepiece, or entryway sideboard piece to give your guests the fright of their night!

10. DIY Tombstone

DIY Halloween tombstone decor for outdoors

Get the tutorial on Craftivity Designs

If you’re having an adults-only Halloween party, this tombstone is a comical way to make your guests giggle without being too scary.

You could even fill your garden with one for every guest, as a party favour to take home – if they dare to take it out of the ground.

11. DIY Halloween Door Mat

DIY Halloween Door Mat craft

Get the tutorial on House On Longwood Lane | Browse pre-made mats on Etsy

Seasonal doormats are a fuss free way to be house proud, though depending on your aesthetic you may not be able to find one for you.

Instead, spray on a pun or spooky saying with a stencil.

12. Creepy Toilet Decor

Easy and Creepy Halloween Toilet Decor

Image Via Parties For Pennies

If you have a guest or household member to likes to leave the toilet seat up, no matter how much you plead them not to – you’ll love this DIY idea.

Use a cleanable red marker to scribble on a few choice spooky words – the messier the better.

13. Spooky DIY House Decor

Spooky DIY Halloween Outdoor Decor

Get the tutorial on Craftibilities

Another project for those who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, and have some power tools at their disposal.

Once the power tools portion is done, this is a great opportunity to get any small hands involved in the decoration, and your whole street can see their handiwork.

14. Mummy Jam Jar Lanterns

DIY Mummy Jam Jar Lanterns for Halloween

Get the tutorial on Blissful Domestication

Another great decoration idea for any halloween house parties. Simply wrap white tape or masking tape around a clean, empty jar – leaving space to glue on googley eyes.

If you have jars of all different sizes and shapes, it’ll look even better!

15. Halloween Yarn Garland

Easy DIY Halloween Yarn Garland

Get the tutorial on Growing Up Gabel

If you tried, and failed, at taking up knitting as a hobby and have lots of wool lying around collecting dust – this is the decor option for you. 

Though the instructions specify for particular colors, there’s no reason you can’t experiment.

16. Trail Of Spiders

Easy and creepy Halloween decor with spiders

Get the tutorial on Delia Creates

These teeny tiny plastic spiders are an easy, low cost way to decorate for thanksgiving – though aren’t recommended if you have small children or pets at home.

You can use these to decorate a table, or use blue tack to stick onto walls and doors.

17. Skull Sunflowers

DIY Skull Sunflower Halloween craft

Get the tutorial on Crafty Morning (Don’t feel like making them? Buy the same set on Etsy instead!)

If you have green fingers, you’ll appreciate this eye-catching DIY project. Simply take a sturdy sunflower and stick a lightweight plastic or foam skull onto the flower head.

To amp it up, add fake moss into the skull mouth as if the sunflower is growing through the skull.

18. Spider Mason Jar

Creepy Halloween Spider Mason Jar

Get the tutorial on Mom Dot

Another DIY project for all the jar-collectors. With this project you can also reuse your jars after Halloween is over – granted your guests don’t swipe them.

Place plastic spiders, cotton and lights into a mason jar to emulate a spiders web – bonus points if you dim the rest of the room.

19. Floating Witch Hats

DIY Floating Witch Hats Halloween decor

Get the tutorial on Polka Dot Chair

If you have a front porch, or a low-ceiling entryway, this is a wonderful decor option for your guests.

These black plastic witches hats are available in every halloween costume section for a few dollars, hang them with a fishing wire, with an led light stick or glow stick inside and watch them light up the street.

20. Halloween Wreath With Cupcake Wrappers

DIY Halloween Wreath With Cupcake Wrappers

Get the tutorial on Mom Dot

Wreaths are a popular decor option for more occasions than Christmas, like Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

For a fun DIY project, and to use up those cupcake wrappers that you bought for your failed baking project, this wreath is perfect.

21. Easy Mason Jar Craft

Easy mason jar Halloween craft

Get the tutorial on Happiest Camper

In keeping with the mason jar craft projects, this is a great way to get your friends and family involved with your decoration.

If you plan on filling these with candy, ensure you use food-safe paint or only fill these with wrapped candy bars.

22. Witches Cauldron

DIY Witches Cauldron Halloween craft

Get the tutorial on Skeleton Foundry

This realistic witches cauldron is a wonderful way to spook your guests, and doubles as some mood lighting.

You can choose to leave it empty, fill with candy, or with fairy lights or glow sticks to create some alfresco ambience.

23. DIY Skull Candle Holder

DIY Skull Candle Holder

Get the tutorial on Endlessly Inspired

If you overdid the foam skull shopping and are looking for a way to incorporate these into your other Halloween decor – look no further than this gothic-inspired candle holder.

If you like a more glam than scary look, use glitter over the paint to add some sparkle.

24. Upcycled Cricut Jars

Upcycled Halloween cricut jars

Get the tutorial on Thirty Something Super Mom

This is another fun way to up-cycle your jars with paint and spooky motifs. These Halloween themed jars are also wonderful for repurposing as party favours by filling them with candy for your guests – whether young or old(er)!

25. Jack Skellington Christmas Tree Decor

Nightmare Before Christmas tree decor

Get the tutorial on Homemade Heather

Either you’re decorating for Christmas early, or you’re not ready to give up on spooky season just yet – or maybe its both.

Either way, who said your Christmas tree needs to be filled with shades of red and green? This monochrome range of black and white decorations if perfect for those who have a minimal aesthetic. 

Which of these easy DIY Halloween decorations & ideas are you going to duplicate this year? Let us know in the comments!

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