36 Cute Easter Nails You Need To Try This Spring

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Get ready for Easter with these adorable nail art ideas! From pastel bunnies to colorful eggs, these Easter nails will add a festive touch to your holiday look.

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season than by opting for a season-appropriate mani? While overly festive Easter nail motifs can often feel a bit cheesy, tastefully done nail art can add just the right amount of charm to your overall look.

Whether you’re planning to attend an Easter egg hunt or gather with family for a festive brunch, these cute nail art ideas will help you elevate any Easter outfit. From dreamy pastel hues to adorable bunny accents and delicate floral patterns, these 36 nail designs are the perfect way to add a festive touch to your fingertips.

The Best Easter Nails To Try This Spring:

1. Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny isn’t only a famed OPI nail color but also a great take on Easter nail art. This works as a cute accent nail and will look perfect against any base color.

2. All the pastels

Spring is the perfect season to start adding colors to your outfits. To stagger the transition, go for nails in a pastel color.

3. Egg-cellent

If the first thing on your mind when Easter rolls around is a chocolate egg, this fun manicure might be the perfect one for you.

4. Baby bunny

3D nail art is still making its way into mainstream nail trends, however, after seeing this adorable bunny nail art against a pink base color, we’re sure it’ll be top of the trends in 2024.

5. spring chick

Yellow for spring has always been a trending color, symbolizing the return of the warmer weather and bright colors.

6. bunny ears

If a full rabbit nail art feels immature or overboard, going for a motif like these ears is perfect for work-appropriate nails which still celebrate this time of year.

7. Sound asleep

Cute bunny nails - Pink easter nails

via @stil_ru

In the same breath, this uber-cute sleeping bunny is sure to put you in the Easter spirit.

8. Chocolate eggs

Speckled egg Easter nails.
via @iecsc

Take inspiration from your favorite candy bar or sweet treat for your Easter nails this year. This speckled manicure pays homage to the British classic Easter treat; Mini Eggs!

9. Spring clean

“Clean’ manicures don’t have to be boring, and this multicolor mani is a perfect example of this. Keeping some element of your base color exposed keeps the manicure looking elegant.

10. Bugs Bunny

White bunny nails - white Easter nails with bunny

via @nailniloufar

This nail art is far cuter than Bugs Bunny (sorry to all the cartoon fans). Going for subdued colors means you can experiment with nail art while being appropriate for every day.

11. Feelin’ blue

Blue is an underrated color when it comes to nail art. Trends are currently pointed towards more neutral base colors, but if you feel like experimenting, this is a fantastic option.

12. Speckled egg

This speckled manicure is super easy to do at home. Paint on your base color(s) and wait for them to dry. Using black nail polish and a brush, fan the edges of the brush to create an irregular pattern on your nails. Wait for this to dry before adding a top coat.

13. spring blooms

Dainty manicures like this are perfect for every day, especially if you don’t usually go for nail art.

14. easter bunny

It wouldn’t be Easter without the Easter Bunny! This cute manicure looks super playful on long nails, but could look just as cute on an accent nail for a short manicure.

15. spring colors

Doing a different color on each nail is a difficult manicure to navigate, particularly for those who are used to sticking to one color. A great way to ease into this is with pastels, or chromes, or both like in this design!

16. chocolate latte

Brown nails are a huge trend, and it continues with this milky brown color, similar to a latte – perfect for all the coffee fanatics.

17. pastel french

Nothing says spring like pastel colors, and this pastel French tip is the cutest way to incorporate color into a basic manicure.

17. bunny one, bunny two

Pink bunny nail art - bunny Easter nails

via @galina_schastlivceva

This white and black bunny will work against any base color and is also a fab choice if you want a matching manicure with your bestie.

19. spring Showers

This sprinkle of glitter look is a super cute manicure for the spring season. You can do any base color, but a neutral pink is a timeless option.

20. spring is sweet

This sweet floral manicure is the perfect way to incorporate all the things we love about Easter: the blooming flowers, the pastel colors, and our favorite candy!

21. Square and sweet

A square-edge nail is coming back into fashion after being considered old-fashioned for a number of years. This shape looks not only clean but can be more practical than super long nails.

23. sunny forecast

While pastels are super popular for spring, brighter colors like this can be perfect for a French manicure.

23. fresh as a spring daisy

Flowers bloom during the spring months, so why not emulate that with a stunning floral daisy manicure?

24. divine wine

Wine-colored manicures are favored during the fall and winter months, but you can still incorporate that into your manicure by mixing it with lighter tones.

25. Mini eggs

If you haven’t had the opportunity to savor these sweet treats, Mini Eggs are a classic British Easter chocolate, consisting of a chocolate-shaped mini egg covered in a speckled shell. Not only are they delicious, but they also make fantastic nail art.

26. Got your ear!

If intricate nail art isn’t your thing, and having a whole rabbit on your manicure just doesn’t feel in line with your style, this is a cute way to add subtle bunny nail art to your manicure.

27. Speckled sandwich

Speckled nails are clearly a popular option, but while being bold, they just aren’t an option for everyone. This minimal manicure is the perfect way to incorporate it into your nail art.

28. good enough to eat

Inspired by the famed British Mini Egg candies, this manicure is truly good enough to eat!

29. bunny beauty

Cute Easter nails - pink bunny nails for spring

via @ann_ko90

What could be cuter than a baby pink bunny? This manicure. Though the nail art is bold, keeping the tones similar to the base color means it doesn’t jump out at you.

30. neutral nails

Cute Easter nails with pink bunny nails

via @nailsbyic

While spring fashions and manicures focus on colors, it is possible to pay homage to the season with neutral tones, like this pink and taupe manicure.

31. Spring Yellows

This is a perfect example of incorporating a statement color into your manicure while still being subdued.

32. Going for glitter

Cute Easter nails with bunny nail art

via @nailsbyjema

Spring manicures are usually quite clean-looking and minimal. This bunny manicure doesn’t appear to be a typical spring nail art option, but it shows that anything can be adjusted to suit your personal style.

33. An Artists stroke

Abstract nail art is big in the fashion community. It serves as the perfect aesthetic to suit any style.

34. Minimal mani

Cute Easter nail idea with cracks

via @majamarkowicz 

Something as subdued as a milky beige base color with a glitter top coat is perfect for lightening up your style for the start of the warmer months.

35. pot of gold

Pink bunny nail art - cute Easter nails

via @karissabianco

Gold is one of the few shades that works all year round, including spring. This is perfect if you’re heading on a spring break vacation and want something to stand out from the crowd.

36. all the colors

Colorful Easter nails with bunny nail art

via @karissabianco

As we’ve mentioned, if you can’t decide on a color, why not go for them all? This manicure has a bit of everything, but keeping the colors in the same family means it still works.

Which of these nails are you going to try this Easter? Let us know in the comments!

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