6 Best Shoes To Wear With A Sequin Dress (& Look Stylish)

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Sequin dresses are a party staple, which is why you should choose the best shoes to complete your look. If you’re still looking for the perfect pair to complete your outfit, check out our quick guide on the best shoes to wear with a sequin dress.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration for your next party, look no further! A sequin dress is the perfect party staple, and there are tons of possibilities on how to style it. For example, you can throw on a leather jacket, a faux fur bolero, a lace shawl, to name a few garments.

Sequined dresses are a great choice for special occasions where you want to be the star of the show, like your own birthday party. It’s a show-stopper dress that will definitely make you feel like a celebrity.

When you’re just about done with your usual little black dress for holiday parties or cocktail parties, swap it out with a gold, silver, or metallic sequin dress. Alternatively, you can instead go for a sequin skirt instead of a dress, and choose a top that matches your mood and personality.

Cute short backless green sequin dress
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If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a sequin dress, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you six of our favorite shoes to wear with this type of dress. Sequin pieces are all about glamour, so ditch the flat sandals and the sneakers, and go for heels and other statement shoes!

Pst – some of the dresses and all of the shoes down below are entirely shoppable, so if you see something that you like, just click on the photo and it will take you to the retailer’s website for easy purchase.

What Shoes To Wear With Sequin Dress

1. Stilettos

What shoes to wear with rose gold sequin dress: gold stilettos
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Nude snake print stilettos with gold chain strap
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If you’re looking for a glam and elegant look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of stilettos. This is a classic combo that will never go out of style.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off your legs! Just make sure to avoid any shoes with too much embellishment, as this can look too “busy” when paired with a sequin dress.

As for the perfect shoe color, it’s better to go for solid colors like black, white, and nude shoes, depending on the hue of your dress.

However, you can also go for a monochrome look if you’re wearing metallic colors – for example, pair your silver sequin dress with silver shoes, or your gold sequin dress with gold shoes!

2. Pumps

What Shoes To Wear With Dark Red Sequin Dress: Orange Pumps
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Orange pumps
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If you want a more sophisticated look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of pumps. Pumps are a great and versatile shoe style, and they will definitely complement your dress,

They are also a good choice because they tend to be more comfortable than stilettos. You’ll also have no problem finding the perfect color or style of pump to match your dress since they come in such a wide variety of options.

If you have a black sequin dress, your safest choice is to go for silver or gold shoes for added glam. You can also experiment with other colors like orange or blue. But if you want to keep things sleek and sophisticated, a classic pair of black heels will do the job just fine.

3. Knee-High Boots

What Shoes To Wear With Sequin Multicolor sequin dresses: Nude knee-high boots
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Nude knee high boots
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For a more unique and edgy look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of knee-high boots. This is a great option for colder weather, as it will keep your legs warm. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your curves!

Knee-high boots are also ideal for those who want their legs to appear slimmer. If you have wide calves, go for a pair of boots that come with adjustable straps so you can achieve the perfect fit.

If you’re wearing a silver sequin dress or a multicolor one, it’s best to go with a pair of black suede boots (or any other color you prefer). The suede texture will bring balance to the dress sparkles. Leather will also do the job!

4. Block Heels

Nude block heels
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Want to be a little bit more subtle and safe? For a comfortable and chic look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of block heels. This is a great option if you’re going to be on your feet all night. Plus, it’s a great way to add some height to your entire look without sacrificing comfort.

When choosing block heels, make sure to pick a pair that’s snug-fitting so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off while you’re dancing the night away!

Be sure to accessorize with gold pendant earrings or silver drop earrings.

5. Platforms

What shoes to wear with sequin dresses: black platform heels
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Black platform heels
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Platforms + party dresses? Always a great choice and a classic combination. For a fun and flirty look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of platforms. This is an especially trendy look, as platforms were everywhere on the 2022 catwalks!

This is a great option if you want to add some extra height while still feeling comfortable – platforms are designed to support the ball of your foot, so they are more comfortable than stilettos and pumps.

You can go with classic black shoes, or you can also opt for white shoes instead.

6. Glitter Shoes

Silver glitter block heels
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The holiday season is the perfect time to break out your most festive footwear! You’re already wearing a sequin dress; so why not go all the way? For a fun and festive look, pair your sequin dress with a pair of metallic or glitter shoes.

This is a great option for New Year’s Eve, and any other holiday or cocktail party. Plus, it’s a great way to add a whole lot more sparkle to your outfit!

These are just some of our favorite shoes to wear with a sequin dress! Remember, what’s important is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own outfit, so you can definitely play around with more styles of footwear if you want to!

We hope you found this style guide helpful! Let us know if we missed anything. If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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